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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 11 - Bear-san Becomes Rank E

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Chapter 11 – Bear-san Becomes Rank E

After returning to the town, I headed directly towards the guild.

Again, my head was patted by the elderly gatekeeper.

Id like it if he stopped treating me like a child.

Upon entering the guild, the gazes of every adventurer in the room turned towards me.

They averted their gazes when I looked at them.

Nobody said anything, so I went towards the reception desk.

「Yuna-san, what business do you have with us today」

「I defeated some wolves in the forest, what should I do in this situation If there are jobs on the commission board, for example, can I accept them and immediately turn them in」

「If the commission is just to defeat monsters, you can immediately turn it in as long as you bring the magic stones as proof you defeated them. However, the magic stones must be turned in within a certain period of time.」

「Within a certain period of time」

「It would be problematic if you were to bring in magic stones obtained a month ago, even though the commission was just put out today.」

「You can distinguish between them」

「Yes, we are able to.」

They can do that, huh.

As expected of a different world.

「Wolf subjugation is a permanent commission, so normally you can accept it at any time. However, we need the meat and pelts as well. The meat can be sold to restaurants and normal households as food. Its one of the main food sources for this town. The pelts can be used for clothing and such, so the guild has a permanent subjugation order up for wolves.」

「In that case, can you take that commission for me」

「Yes, F-rank subjugation will be for one wolf. E-rank subjugation will be for 3 wolves.」

「Oh Didnt you say that defeating a wolf would be equivalent to E-rank in power 」

「Yes, my apologies. To be accurate, you need to be able to defeat more than three wolves, as defeating one wolf would not suffice to demonstrate your ability.」

「Is that so. Well, for now, I have 40 so can you turn them in for me」

「.............um, Yuna-san. What did you say just now」

「I have around 40 or so, can you turn them in for me」

As I say that, I begin to hear whispering behind me. Things like:

「40 wolves, she said.」

「Its probably a joke.」

「How on earth would a single person be able to defeat that many」

「But that bear is, you know, THAT bear.」

「Its that bear, you know.」

「In that case its possible, isnt it」

「If its that bear its possible.」

「I didnt see that bear fight, though.」

「I saw it. Dont go against that bear.」

「I fought that bear. Stop it or youll die.」

and such.

「Excuse me, but where would the wolves be Just magic stones would not be enough to qualify for the commission.」

「I didnt dismantle them, but I put them properly inside of my item box.」

「You had an item box Not only that, but one large enough to fit in 40 wolves Well then, if you could please come to the building next door.」

Helen led me towards the neighboring building.

Several men followed behind us.

Theyre probably spectators.

The place she brought me to is the same place where I sold the wolf materials with Fina.

I dont see Gentz-san. A different man greeted us.

From here, I cant tell if Gentz-san is out today or if hes deeper inside.

「Whats wrong, Helen-san」

The male staff member came toward us once he notices Helen.

「I brought some wolves, is that alright」

「No problem. Nothings being dismantled at the warehouse right now.」

「Then, Yuna-san, please come over here」

I brought out a wolf corpse from the kuma-box.

I understood one thing; even without reaching into the white bears mouth, I can bring items out.

I raised the white bear hand over the countertop, and the items that I want to release (wolves) came out once I brought them to mind.

This is convenient, Im glad I dont have to touch them.

From the back, I hear:

「There really are 40 wolves.」

「As expected from the bear.」

「If you get involved with that bear, youll become like those wolves.」

「I want her to hit me.」

「I want to be stepped on by her.」

Lets do our best to ignore those last words.

「That should be all of them.」

「Yu-Yuna-san, did you really defeat all of these by yourself」

「It just happened while I was practicing my magic.」

「Haa, just happened, huh That comes to 42 wolves total.」

「It looks like the condition of both the meat and the fur are good. Next will be the magic stones, is it okay if we purchase those as well」

「I dont mind, but is there any use for magic stones from wolves」

「Yes, they dont have much power, but they are useful in various ways.」

In the game, there was pretty much no use for magic stones outside of those dropped by high-level monsters and bosses, so I dont recall ever selling magic stones from low-level monsters.

「Well then, I will be continuing with the procedures, so please return to the guild building for now.」

When I turned around, the group of adventurers were still making a fuss. Since there were perverts among them, I ignored them and entered the guild.

「Ok, so, I will be processing this job as an E-rank commission, so please let me see your guild card.」

I handed over my card.

Helen, who received my card, looked over at me once again.

「May I ask one thing」

「What is it」

「Those wolves, did you defeat them one at a time」

「There was a pack of them, so I defeated them.」

「A pack of 40....in that case, it would be a D-rank commission. Please wait for a moment. I will discuss this with the guildmaster.」

Helen went inside, and returned shortly afterwards.

「I processed your wolf subjugation as 14 E-rank commissions, meaning Yuna-san is now an E-rank.」

「Is it okay to do it that easily」

「I received permission from the guildmaster. You were able to clear a D-rank commission by yourself, so you are more than qualified for it.」

「D rank」

「Yes, subjugation of packs of 30 or more monsters are considered D-rank commissions. 50 or more is considered low C-rank.」

「Well, I have no reason to refuse if youd like to raise my rank, so Im okay with it.」

「Then I will continue with the proceedings.」

Helen seems to be operating something within the counter.

「First, this is your reward for this commission. This is for 42 wolf meats, pelts, and magic stones. However, since the wolves were not dismantled, there is a 20% reduction.」

Fina mentioned this before.

Adventurers will normally dismantle the corpses before turning it in.

The 20% is for operational expenses to dismantle the corpses.

Since I already heard about it from Fina beforehand, I nod in response to Helens words and place the money pouch I received inside of the kuma-box.

Finally, since the process was finished, I put my guild card in there as well.

「With this, Yuna-san is now E-rank, so please do your best.」


I returned to the inn, ate a late lunch, and returned to my room.

Since I defeated those wolves, I summoned my status screen.

Name: Yuna

Age: 15

Level: 13

Skills: Language from a Different World, Letters from a Different World, Dimensional Box of the Bear, Observing Eyes of the Bear

Magic: Bear Light, Bears Body Enhancement, Bears Fire Element Magic, Bears Water Element Magic, Bears Wind Element Magic, Bears Earth Element Magic


Black Bears Hand (Non-transferable)

White Bears Hand (Non-transferable)

Black Bears Foot (Non-transferable)

White Bears Foot (Non-transferable)

Bear Suit (Non-transferable)

Bear Underwear (Non-transferable)

My skills increased by one.

Bears Detection:

Able to detect nearby monsters through the use of ursine intuition.

Shows location of nearby monsters and stealthed units.

If I remember correctly, this was a skill in the game used for detecting thieves/robbers.

To think that this bear equipment could even learn this kind of skill.

However, this will make it a lot easier to find monsters.


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