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“No way, what happened” Hang Yangju couldnt believe what happened, his sword shattered into pieces.

“Is that all you can do ” Ye Chen said to Hang Yangju.

“you .



” Hang Yangju looked at Ye Chen, it seemed that his sword was smashed by Ye Chen.

“Why are you surprised, arent you much stronger than that” Ye Chen said to Hang Yangju.

Ye Chen questioned Hang Yangjus strength, to be honest he questioned Hang Yangjus strength.

,m “who are you really” Hang Yangju asked Ye Chen, he wanted to know who Ye Chen was.

“You dont need to know who I am, lets end this quickly” Ye Chen said to Hang Yangju.

Ye Chen went straight for it, he directly attacked Hang Yangju and broke his arms and legs.

“cracked .


.” a cracking sound resounded loudly, Hang Yangju didnt even know when Ye Chen attacked him.



.” Hang Yangju screamed, he screamed when he received the attack from Ye Chen.

“Damn, this hurts so bad” Hang Yangju complained, he complained when he received Ye Chens attack, this was very painful, his arm and leg bones were completely crushed by Ye Chen.

Hang Yangju could no longer resist, he no longer had the strength to fight against Ye Chen, Ye Chen had completely crippled Hang Yangju.

“Okay, now its your turn” Ye Chen said to Hang Yangju, himself said that it was Ran Gikus turn.

Ran Giku was quite scared, he was quite scared when he saw Ye Chen being able to defeat Hang Yangju so easily.

Ye Chen only needed a few seconds to defeat Hang Yangju, this was hard to for Ran Giku

“no .


.” Ran Giku ran away, he was trying to run away from Ye Chen, he couldnt stay here any longer.

“want to run away, cant” Ye Chen would not let Rak Giku escape, he used his wind power to drag Ran Giku back.

“no I dont want to, let me go quickly” Ran Giku tried to escape from Ye Chen, he wanted to escape from Ye Chens evil grip.

Ye Chen would not let Ran Giku run away, he would make this person regret it.

“It seems that last time was not enough for you, now is the time you to feel more terrible than before” Ye Chen will no longer be kind to Ran Giku, its time for Ye Chen to teach Ran Giku a lesson.

“let go of me, otherwise my father will make you regret it” Ran Giku said to Ye Chen.

“Do you think Im afraid, Im not afraid of what you say, a bully like you should get a proper lesson” Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen started to destroy the meridians in Rak Giku, he would no longer let this guy make trouble.

Ye Chen was quite ruthless, he was fed up with Ran Giku who was always looking for trouble and wanted to kill him.

“Arghhh .


.” Ran Giku had a seizure, he had a seizure when he received punishment from Ye Chen.

In the eyes of outsiders, Ye Chen only strangled Ran Giku, but in fact he gave Ran Giku a harsh punishment.

After finishing, Ye Chen directly threw Ran Giku, he threw Ran Giku away.

Ran Giku was convulsing and also unconscious, he looked quite hurt from what Ye Chen did.

“wasting time, lets go” Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, Ling Yin and Su Mengxin, Ye Chen took the three of them away from this place.

Ran Giku had wasted quite a lot of Ye Chens time, this of course made Ye Chen feel unhappy Ye Chen was unhappy when someone disturbed him who was busy.

Ling Yin clapped her hands, she was mesmerized by what done , what Ye Chen had done was such a great thing for Ling Yin.

Ye Chen, Lin Rouxi, Ling Yin and Su Mengxin left the airport, they headed towards the group Jinz to settle their affairs.

Since the Jinz group was quite famous right now, Ye Chen should be able to find them very easily.

“lets see if we can talk to them or not” Ye Chen wanted to know if they could talk to the Jinz group or not.

“I hope this goes smoothly, otherwise its impossible for us to fight, the earth is now a cultivator, everything is usually solved by force” Lin Rouxi said to Ye Chen.

“Hopefully they can listen to us, then we wont have to bother too much,” Su Mengxin said to Lin Rouxi.

“You two, dont be too conspicuous and dont use too much of your strength, if the enemy is nearby, they might find you guys and throw this place into chaos, I dont want to involve the earth too much in our affairs” Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi and Su Mengxin.

“we understand, we will try to restrain ourselves” Lin Rouxi and Su Mengxin.

Understand, they will try to restrain themselves.

“very good, lets go” Ye Chen was happy, Lin Rouxi and Su Mengxin listened to him quite well.

The four of them headed towards the Jinz Group, this was one of those big corporations founded by lots of big families, that meant it wasnt owned by an individual.

“what do you need” when Ye Chen was about to enter, he was stopped, he was stopped by the security guard.

“I want to talk to your boss, so dont I walk” Ye Chen said to the security guard.

“do you have an appointment, otherwise I will not let you guys in” the security guards refused to let Ye Chen in, they would not allow strangers to come inside.

“this is so troublesome” this situation was a bit troublesome, maybe they should enter by sneaking.

“Okay we will go” Ye Chen said to the security guard, Ye Chen invited Ling Yin, Lin Rouxi and Su Mengxin to go.

“Why are you leaving” Lin Rouxi asked Ye Chen, she asked why Ye Chen was leaving.

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“It will be troublesome if we make a fuss, so we better sneak in” Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, he announced that they were going to sneak in.

“Rouxi, I leave Ling Yin to you” Ye Chen said to Lin Rouxi, himself telling Lin Rouxi to take care of Ling Yin.

“Mengxin, you come with me to sneak in,” Ye Chen said to Su Mengxin.

“ok” Su Mengxin and Lin Rouxi nodded, the two of them divided the tasks.

Ye Chen and Su Mengxin would enter, meanwhile Lin Rouxi would look after Ling Yin and show her around this place.

Ye Chen and Su Mengxin didnt waste any more time, the two went straight inside, they used the window to enter.

“They use an Array to restrain intruders.” Su Mengxin said to Ye Chen, she told Ye Chen that the Jinz Group had an Array to prevent others from entering.

“This is so easy to deal with, neither of us will get caught,” Ye Chen said to Su Mengxin.

To Ye Chen this was just a childs toy, so he could easily break through.

Ye Chen only needed a few seconds to carry out the hack, he made this Array his own and could change its function.

“Husband, you is really great” Su Mengxin said to Ye Chen, she saw that Ye Chen was really great.

“hehehe, thank you very much, lets go in, I dont want to waste any more time” Ye Chen said to Su Mengxin.

Ye Chen and Su Mengxin entered the building and immediately went to find the Ceo in charge of managing everything.

The Ceos room should be at the very top, they should be able to easily find the Ceo in charge of this place.

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