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Leaked Secret (6) – unedited

“I want to marry the Crown Prince.”

Evan and Leon were guarding the sides of Aris’ bed, waiting for her to wake up.

But when Aris opened her eyes, she looked at Evan and Leon’s faces, and her words were a declaration to marry the Crown Prince.

“Sister, are you serious”


“You want to see me commit treason”


Aris was tired.

She could not let their relationship become known.

The reason her older brother, famous for being an ascetic duke, wasn’t interested in other girls was because he slept with his younger sister at home, and his reputation would go down.

There would rumors that Leon is dissatisfied with courtesans, and wallowed in bed with his older sister.

Even a threesome with the siblings.

It was a story that everyone from commoners to nobles would be interested in.

It must have been a story that would continue to be handed down in the social world as long as the ‘Verdick’ family existed.

She thought if there was a problem with only her, she would somehow survive it, but she couldn’t make her older brother and younger brother go down the hard road.

It just needed her sacrifice to marry the Crown Prince.



“What did the Crown Prince say”

Aris bit her lips at Evan’s question.

Rather, this reassured Evan.

Again, he wondered what happened with the Crown Prince.

“Tell me, what did he say”

“…… To get married.”


“To get along well when we get married.”

Although the Crown Prince had said ‘get along well’, he was not speaking to Aris, but to her older brother, Evan, and her young brother, Leon.

“So, why do you want to get married”

Evan wanted to find the answer.

She couldn’t have suddenly wanted to get married.

She didn’t even have a single piece of favor for the Crown Prince.

So there must be some reason for her.

There must be.

If the Crown Prince wants to become an Emperor, there must be an Empire to exist.

“We can’t keep doing this.

When Older Brother and Leon get married, then what do I do”

“Who am I going to marry but you”

“Sister, if I propose to you, will you accept it”

Is such a thing possible between siblings

Still, a smile spread across Aris’s lips, knowing that she wasn’t the only one who liked them.

“Sister, don’t try to change it with a smile.

Will you accept it”

“Aris, that guy is a Knight Commander He has no title, no power, no money.”

“It’s enough to feed you! His Majesty the Emperor said he would give me a title!”

“Yes, as a Marquis.”

“Stop it.

After all, I will become Crown Prince’s concubine.

Even the Duke has a lower status than the concubine.”

At Aris’ words, the air inside froze.

There was no way that the brothers could not feel the strangeness in her words as if she continued to cry.

“…… Sister, if you keep doing it, I think I will want to cut off the Crown Prince’s head.”

“Do, don’t! It’s dangerous! The Crown Prince said that he will strengthen security around him!!”

“How do you know that”

Aris was momentarily lost at Evan’s question.

But she couldn’t even pick up the words she wanted to utter.

“…… The Crown Prince told me.”

“Why did he say he was strengthening it”

Aris’ silence was the answer to them.

The reason why the Crown Prince strengthens the security is that there are people who want his life.

And it has to do with Aris.

So he must have told her that.

It was related to Aris and related to themselves.

Evan and Leon’s eyes met.

There seemed to be many conversations to share.


You must be tired, so rest, Sister.”

When Leon pulled Evan out with a chin gesture, he got up from his seat, apparently thinking the same thing.

Then Aris grabbed Leon and Evan respectively with her hands.

“…… are you going”

“…… ”

Aris wanted to end her own anxiety in some way.

She thought no one would know about this relationship, but it was just a wish, and the Crown Prince already knew.

Unless he wants to lose his support, he will let no one else know.

He won’t be able to use them as support the moment the rumors spread.

“Can I give you an arm pillow”

Aris shook her head sharply.

Leon asked, thinking she might just want her to be with him, but that’s not what she wanted.

Aris grabbed her hands that were holding them with a little force, and the brothers sat down next to her right away.

“Don’t you not like doing it with us”

She couldn’t dislike it.

She actually thought she wanted this to continue, even if she was anxious.

So, when Leon said he wanted to kill the Crown Prince, she almost welcomed it and asked ‘will you’.

But it could be dangerous for Leon, so she tolerated it.

“…… hold me.”

Leon and Evan faithfully followed her small but clear words.

They untied the ribbon of her dress, swallowing her lips.

Aris had always followed their hand, and today she also untied the cravat from their necks.

She knew that it could not be like this forever.

The Crown Prince said he would occasionally send her to her parental home, but she did not know when that would be.

Besides, she couldn’t forget the look in his eyes that looked at her and treated her as dirty.

Perhaps he would look at her with those eyes every time she goes to Verdick.

Maybe that’s how he looked at her normally.

Even if she got married, she wanted to go straight to the duke’s residence and never come out again.


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