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The Jiang clans Demi-Saint, Huang Quan, and the Five Decays of Heaven and Man were still in battle…

Rao Yaoyao, Xu Xiaoshou, and the Jiang clans Demi-Saints clone were still confronting each other in front of the Void Gate…

There were still some major baffling questions about the Stowaways scattered among the Water Balls.

Basically the few of them who were able to survive until now were at the Cutting Path Stage and were well-known in the Five Regions but were willing to give up their lives at the Higher Void Level, just for this opportunity and Xu Xiaoshous head…

Xiu Yuanke was also shocked.

With this move, he knew how big and powerful the collaboration between his Teacher and this Master of Water-type Upanishad was after all!

One of them summoned Sky City.

One of them imprisoned the Higher Void Levels from the Five Regions and even a Demi-Saint in the Deep Sea world.

The two of them together were a world-destruction combination!

When he put himself in the other persons shoes, Xiu Yuanke believed that no matter how much he cultivated, he would never be able to come up with this incredible idea of trying to overturn the entire world.

With his ability… if even he had thought about it, he would never be able to do it.

However, his Teacher and the Golden Beast Mask Man not only had such an idea when they were below the cultivation level of a Demi-Saint, but they managed to carry it out.

The key point was that they succeeded!

“As expected of Teacher…”

Xiu Yuanke stole a glance at Bazhunans well-defined facial lines, and his eyes sparkled like stars.

With this, he could be regarded as having witnessed history, right

In the future, there would be four people in the historical records of the incident that took place at the Lone Cliff.

They would be Bazhunan, Golden Beast Mask Man, Senior Cen Qiaofu, and Xiu Yuanke.

“Me and Teacher as well as Saint Servant Boss led a massacre on the Lone Cliff.

My Teacher and Saint Servant Boss are responsible for the killing, and I am responsible for theindiscriminate killing…”

While he was deep in thought, Water Ghost had already condensed the power of the Deep Sea world to the extreme.

Without any hesitation, he poured all the infinite energy he had plundered into the Void Gate.


“Void Gate, open!”

He formed a seal with his hands, and the Deep Sea world hummed.

The surging power burst forth, and a strange phenomena immediately appeared inside.

Deep Sea, in front of the Void Gate.

Rao Yaoyao, who was still confronting Yama Huang Quan, and accepting Demi-Saint Jiang Buyis excuses, was no longer thinking about the current situation.

Her thoughts were in total disorder at this moment.

What was clearly agreed on was that the situation on the Lone Cliff was created by Yama, Water Ghost and the overall situation was also brought about by this person.

But why…

Why was the name on the shocking Holy Emperors Gold EdictBazhunan


“Didnt this fellow just run into the Deep Sea some time ago and accuse Demi-Saint Jiang Buyi and Yama of being involved in the overall scheme”

“How could he, with just a twist of his head, head out of the Deep Sea to summon Sky City”

Rao Yaoyao believed that even if she wasnt the most intelligent person in the world, she should be one of those who stood out among the crowd in the Spiritual Cultivation world.

However, her own guesses and deductions were repeatedly overturned by the current situation…

She felt like she was about to explode!


“It was clearly not the same person…”

Rao Yaoyaos eyes were bloodshot, and there was shock and confusion in her eyes.

Her current state was very similar to that of the Red Cloth team leader Lan Ling, whose state of mind was ruined by Xu Xiaoshou in the White Cave.

“Whats going on here”

“Was Water Ghost Yama or a Saint Servant”

“Yama and the Jiang clans Demi-Saint were working together to plot against the Lei Familys eyes and the Holy Emperors identity…”

“Or did the Saint Servant also get involved in this and used the names of the two clans to accomplish his bigger scheme”

Rao Yaoyao thought about it and subconsciously held her head with her hands.

She couldnt arrive at an effective conclusion at all!

“Huang Quan is Huang Quan, Water Ghost is Water Ghost, Bazhunan is Bazhunan, the Jiang clans Demi-Saint is also only the Jiang clans Demi-Saint…”

“But why were there so many strange identities and ridiculous combinations when these people came together”

“There should be another Black Hand among them that is driving the development of the situation…”

“Who could it be”

Rao Yaoyaos head was about to explode.

She was clearly in the game and she was still controlling the situation from the perspective of God.

She was a pure chess player.

However, unknowingly, everything that happened here and outside had turned her into a chess piece that was at the mercy of others.

“I was here.

I saw everything, but I dont know anything.

I… am like a good-for-nothing!”

Rao Yaoyao felt frustrated and her state of mind exploded.

She originally thought that she could control the chaotic situation, but at the same time, she could no longer control it.

She was like a ball of thread that had unraveled and was in complete mess.

The Holy Emperors Golden Edict had defeated her to the point of collapse.

“I, have been played…”

At this moment, the door of the Void Gate behind them hummed, and a rush of power surged out.

The door of the Void Gate actually opened without anyone pushing it!

“Sword Deity Rao…”

“Sword Deity Rao…”

“Rao Yaoyao! ! !”

Teng Shanhai shouted three times, before Rao Yaoyaos attention snapped back from her chaotic state of mind.

He was a little confused.

Before the Holy Emperors Golden Edict came out, Rao Yaoyao still seemed like a wise woman.

When the Demi-Saint Jiang Buyis plot to become the Holy Emperor was exposed, the person who reported it should be overjoyed.

What was going on…

Suddenly, he felt that Rao Yaoyaos state of Enlightenment had completely disappeared.

She looked like a person who was about to go berserk

“Sword Deity Rao, the Void Gate has opened by itself.

What should we do” Teng Shanhai asked worriedly.

“Thats great…”

Rao Yaoyao looked at the vibrating Void Gate which had opened by itself, and then glanced at Teng Shanhai, Ye Xiao, and the other Higher Void level cultivators trapped in the Water Ball.

She sighed.

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