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Roella Brietta.

She was the ducal lady of House Brietta, and she was a saintess from birth due to an oracle.

To be exact, she was a saintess… who was mistakenly chosen.

When the real saintess, ‘Sylvia Astian,’ had appeared, Roella Brietta turned out to be nothing more than a fake saintess who was the villainess.

After the truth was straightened out, Roella was given quite the shock.

‘What’re you saying, I’m a fake saintess!’

She lived her whole life thinking that she was the real saintess, but she turned out to be a fake.

It’s almost as shocking as thinking that she’s been ‘eating wild ginseng all this time, but it turns out, it’s just a regular mountain herb.’

So surprised that she turned around 359 degrees, Roella began to harass Sylvia because of her blazing jealousy.

And then, she did something that she shouldn’t have done…

That is, she drugged the real saintess’, Sylvia’s, food.

‘But I just wanted her to have a stomachache…’

Turns out, the medicine she put into the food was poison.

The novel’s Roella was such a foolish villainess.

How could she possibly have confused poison with medicine to cause a stomachache

“That’s a false accusation! I was just trying to get her into a little trouble with laxatives! I didn’t do it on purpose… I just confused the two bottles!”

Of course, people didn’t believe this ridiculous excuse, even if it was the truth.

At this time, they all just thought about how to get rid of the wicked villainess, Roella, as they would say, ’That’s what you get’.

Fortunately though, because Sylvia received the female lead buff properly, she didn’t die, and so Roella was only imprisoned for the attempted murder of the saintess.

She continued to deny this and say that this was unjust, but no one would listen to her.

But as she was here now, she lived a long time after that in a constant tantrum while clamoring against this injustice.

Roella, who was in prison like that…

‘That’s when the male lead goes crazy because of the curse and starts going on a rampage.

Along with many other people, she got pummeled as well.’

…Yep, that’s how Roella—who I had reincarnated as—met her demise.





Waking up to the vivid morning sunlight, I ran straight to the mirror and checked my appearance.

Brilliant pink hair.

Bright blue eyes.

Dreamily superb features that would make anyone swoon in admiration.


Still Roella today, I see.’

Right, well, it’s been about a week, so what am I expecting.

I’ve been doing the same routine for a week straight.

After I died from overwork, I opened my eyes again and found that I had possessed Roella’s body.

I denied reality for a while.

I also died early in my previous life, so what’s the point of reincarnating as a character who’s destined to die young again

Especially in this crazily ridiculous novel.

But despair was only for a moment.

After a day or two, and then a week, I just accepted reality.

‘Sure, okay.

I’m Roella, ehe.’

To be honest though, I’m glad I died and got to live again.

I worked like a dog desperately following after a trail of money, but I couldn’t even spend any of it.

Then, one week after I became Roella.

That’s when I became ready to humbly accept all of this as reality, and I calmly grasped my current situation.

‘I haven’t passed my nineteenth birthday yet, so Sylvia hasn’t appeared yet.’

Not bad, this situation.

If she reincarnated after she had already poisoned Sylvia, then she wouldn’t have been able to do anything but rot in prison as Roella.

Before Sylvia appears, Roella was still a redeemable villainess.

She’s a villainess, but, like, only a petit villainess.

Since her wickedness was only to this degree, there’s still some room left to let her start her life anew.


I just need to avoid being aggressive as much as I can, and I have to live a good, quiet life.’

And after Sylvia finally appears and is proclaimed to be the real saintess, then I’ll just quickly acquiesce and give up my position to her.

—You’re the real saintess, right Thought so.

I also thought that I don’t seem like a saintess.

After that, I could just lay low and pretend to relieve all my troubles with lots of shopping and eating, then I can safely leave the original plotline.

Ah, come to think of it, Roella was born with a golden spoon.

‘I can just go to a countryside villa with an ocean view, throw gems and rings to the waters, then cry while eating local delicacies over there.’

While in the middle of crying, I’m thinking maybe I should look at my reflection and strike a pose or something.

With such a pretty face like this, wouldn’t it be quite the sight to see me cry

Oh, how exciting.

Just thinking about the plan, I was thrilled already.

I can just remove myself from the original story, then I can spend the rest of my life as a rich, pretty ducal lady who’s far, far away from the troublesome work of the saintess.

‘Mm, villainess I kinda like it.’

After I had reincarnated as Roella, my restless thoughts were finally neatly sorted out.

I’ll live my life to the fullest.

But then, as I laid out my new career path for my second life, it was at that moment.







t/n: the author has a writing style that really does switch from third person pov to first person pov, but there are section breaks to indicate this.

(it’s like this in ‘exhausting reality’, too.) i hope it’s not too confusing~



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