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‘So if I donate, I’ll get everything back as coins with 10% interest, then I’ll be able to exchange everything again back to shillings’

Wasn’t this kind of like a safe and uncapped time deposit account with a nice 10% interest

My heart pounded as I humbly accepted the mission.

Oh, you don’t have a conscience, but you’re a good lil **tem (system window) nonetheless.

‘But really though, is it really like that’

The system had absolutely no conscience.

This, I can say for sure.

In comparison however, all of the missions that it was presenting to me were all strangely aimed at ‘morality’.

No cussing.

No violence.

Raise your reputation.

Donate to the temple.

By any chance, did all this have anything to do with the final goal that the system mentioned before

Questions arose, but answers eluded.

I already combed through the library, but I couldn’t glean anything.

Folding the morning paper once, twice, I felt my brows knitting together.

‘Well, I’ll find out about it later.’

Let’s just focus on the mission I have on hand right now.


* * *


“Milady, perhaps, are you troubled by anything these days”

As she brushed my hair, Jane asked carefully.

Jane recently became my new personal maid.

Mary as well.



You’ve been staring blankly into the air since earlier.”

“Haha, maybe it’s because I’m still recovering”

I smiled awkwardly and answered vaguely.

‘Honestly, I am concerned about something right now.’

I’ve been contemplating how I should raise donation money.

To be exact, about where and how I’d be donating.

I could just donate it all in cash, but…

‘Rather than that, I think there’s a more groundbreaking way of going about this.’

The reason I’ve been looking for a special way to do this was because this mission was a good opportunity for me to fill my pockets.

After the incident with Charlotte, I realized the importance of my own money.

Come to think of it, the money I was spending now was not my own money.

Technically, it was all the duke’s money.

And this meant that if the duke were to choose to cut off my allowance, I could be kicked out at any given time with nothing but the clothes on my back.

This time, I personally realized this through my three-month allowance cut.

‘The best route to take is to curry the Duke’s favor and live as a ducal lady with a golden spoon in her mouth for hundreds and thousands of years, but…’

At this point, Roella and the duke had already been deeply estranged.

It’s not like there’s zero possibility that our relationship could be restored, but what if I couldn’t do that After all, I’m not exactly in the most stable of conditions.

Or, what if after I’ve been revealed as a fake saintess, he’d marry me off to a man I don’t want to marry, as if I’m being sold

‘I don’t think the Duke is that terrible of a man, but…’

Still, there’s no harm in preparing for the worst.


I’m troubled, alright.’

I’m deeply troubled.

So, I need to get my hands on money that’s fully mine.

And personal assets that I could use without anyone else’s qualms.

‘In case of any unexpected situations, the only thing that could protect me is money.’

Even if people would betray me left and right, money would never fail me.

It was a hard truth that I opened my eyes to, back when I was still rolling in mud in my previous life.

I was thinking about all this when the 〈 Donation Mission 〉 popped up in front of me.

This was a great opportunity.

It was a chance to fill my pockets.

‘I’ll be able to donate my current assets now.


My funds are limited for three months because Roella got swindled, and allowance got suspended.

Of course, I could still raise money by selling precious items.

‘That’s not gonna be enough for the donations though.’

I thought about donating after the three-month allowance cut was lifted, but what if the mission period would be over already by that time

I’d just miss this great opportunity like an idiot.

So, right now, I’d have to scramble all the assets I had on hand and find a way to make it work somehow.

Yesterday and today, my brain had just been turning over and over while thinking about it.


“Ah, yes.”

I was still in the middle of my rumination, but I was pulled out of my reverie when Jane called me.

”Are you alright You don’t look well.”

“Ah, yeah.

I’m fine.

It’s just that I couldn’t sleep well last night.”

As I made an excuse with an awkward smile, Jane’s expression somehow flickered.

Hmm Why was she getting all sentimental here


She strangely sounded like she was about to cry.

As I blinked curiously while staring back at her, she clasped her hands tightly together and cried out.

“If there is anything that I can do for Milady, just say the word and I’ll do everything to help you.

So please don’t endure everything alone from now on!”

“Thank… you”

I answered mechanically without being able to think about it, and at this, Jane smiled.

She looked pleased.

What’s going on.

‘Don’t endure everything alone… huh’

I felt a creeping sense of anxiety rising up my back, but right then, someone called our attention from outside the door.

Subsequently, good news came.

“Milady, a guest has arrived.”

A guest For me

Whoever it was, I hurriedly replied.

All I could think of was that I’d rather not be alone with Jane right now.

“Tell the guest to come in!”


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