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“But weve checked.

The injuries on Lil Huas body werent caused by Wu Jiaheng.

You need to come with us!”

“I really didnt do it.

You cant capture me because I didnt do it!”

“Then… why did you hide the fact that youre Lil Huas distant relative from the outside world” Su Bei suddenly asked.

The nanny panicked and said, “Ill talk, Ill talk.

I really didnt hit Lil Hua.

It was Li Hua who hit her.

She hit her with a coat hanger and a charging cable to frame Wu Jiaheng.”

When Wu Jiaheng, who was not far away, heard this, his expression turned extremely ugly.

He wanted to rush toward the nanny, and his fists were tightly clenched.

When Xiao Xi saw this, she quickly grabbed his arm.

“Wu Jiaheng, dont go over! If you go over rashly, youll ruin President Sus plans.

Calm down! Do you still want custody of Lil Hua!”

Only then did Wu Jiaheng force himself to calm down.

Xi was still holding him tightly with her petite body.

“Then what Why didnt you tell the truth before” Su Bei asked.

“Li Hua told me that Wu Jiaheng isnt a good person.

He has a lover outside and doesnt give her the money he earns.

He doesnt care about the lives of the mother and daughter at all.

She also said that she wants a divorce, but Wu Jiaheng is very powerful and wont let her get anything.

She asked me to help her so that she could protect Lil Hua and get more family assets,” the nanny said as her eyes darted around.

She did believe half of Lil Huas words, but the other half…

Su Bei exposed her.

“How much did Li Hua promise to give you”

The nanny panicked even more.

She did not expect the young man in front of her to know everything.

She stammered and was glared at by Su Bei before hurriedly saying, “She said that after I did what she told me to, shed give me 10% of everything she got.

I thought that it was a good deal.

I could pay the down payment for a house for my son so that he could marry a wife.

Please spare me.

I really didnt hit a child or do anything bad.”

“You call this not doing anything bad Not only did you know how Lil Hua was injured, but you also harmed Wu Jiaheng.

Yet you say that you didnt do anything bad”

“Anyway, Wu Jiaheng is an actor.

Hes rich and powerful.

What I do cant hurt him,” the nanny said stubbornly.

Su Bei knew that it was useless to argue with an uncultured person like her.

She snorted and said, “So, how much did Li Hua give you”

“She gave me 10%, about 500,000 yuan,” the nanny said.

Su Bei smiled.

“Alright, we now know what happened.

Since you didnt hit Lil Hua, we wont cause trouble for you.

However, youre really a fool.

Wu Jiaheng is so rich and gave Lil Hua tens of millions of yuan.

Li Hua only gave you 500,000 yuan.

Youve really suffered a huge loss.”

The nanny immediately counted with her fingers.

If Li Hua had received tens of millions of yuan, wasnt she supposed to get a few million yuan

She immediately rolled up her sleeves.

“Li Hua actually tricked me! She said Wu Jiaheng only gave her five million yuan! She tricked me so badly! If I had a few million yuan, I could have directly paid for the rest of my sons house! No, Ill go look for her now!”

Wu Jiaheng was stunned.

“When did I give her tens of millions”

Xiao Xi couldnt help but laugh.

“Youre really an honest person.

President Su obviously lied to her!”

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