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Chapter 52: Dangerous Element

“He should at least leave you a gun.” The mechanical hound lowered its body at Duan Lili’s feet.

Tang Yibu’s outfit was very simple.

He had on black trousers and sturdy boots, and the clothes on his upper body were very tight fighting.

Similar to most survivors, he also tied a fragmentary waist bag around his waist, but Duan Lili had scanned him twice but found no place where he was hiding a gun.

However, it was still possible he was hiding a knife close on his body, so she took two cautious steps back.

“We don’t know much, except for the fact that you may be ‘taking orders from others’.

To be honest, with the situation like this, you can consider cooperating with us.” Tang Yibu spoke quickly.

He raised his hands a little lower.

His fingers trembling slightly like a puppeteer, making weird gestures, as if he was playing an invisible piano.

Duan Lili aimed at them vigilantly.

She thought it would be an encrypted communication gesture, but the gunfire on the fifth floor sounded frequently, and the dangerous person surnamed Ruan didn’t sound like he was free to communicate.

Of course, this may also be a personal quirk.

Duan Lili maintained a good rhythm of breathing.

Her hand holding the gun was extremely stable, and there was no trembling at all.

“Not enough,” Duan Lili hissed.

The muzzled of her gun flickered and a blood mark suddenly appeared on Tang Yibu’s cheek.

“The man surnamed Ruan spoke so much, and he was pretty confident.

Such a simple explanation can’t fool me.

Taking orders from someone else Which ship, huh I’ll repeat again.

Be honest.”

Tang Yibu’s fingers did not move.

“Lao Fan, don’t shoot!” He looked behind Duan Lili and his face was full of horror.

Duan Lili turned around subconsciously, and there was no one behind her.

“Is this a fun game to you” Duan Lili sneered softly.

“Look around.

This place has collapsed like this and you have nowhere to run.

Even if I lose my mind, these mechanical police dogs will not let you go.”

“You’re nervous.” After the seemingly meaningless prank, Tang Yibu pointed out a little happily.

“You are wondering why we didn’t think you wanted to usurp Fan Baiyan’s position but instead felt that you were taking orders from someone else.

You’re thinking about whether you made a mistake, that’s why you’re questioning me like this.”

“That’s right.” The softness and fragility in Duan Lili’s temperament was gone, leaving only the cold and hardness of a soldier.

“I don’t hate smart people, Tang Yibu.

Tell me and perhaps I’ll let you live.”

“Is this your last question”


“If you just want to seize power, it’s more reasonable to keep the people who you’ve persuaded.

Fan Baiyan can forge fireflies that have no medicinal effect, and you can take advantage of this.

Taking a step back, even if you can’t do it, there are many ways for people to pretend to eat them.

That way you could conserve your strength, and with your authority to organize the assessment report, it’s not difficult to cultivate your own power… However, in order to appear harmless, you personally became addicted to the drug.

People who are determined to seize power wouldn’t be so short-sighted.”

Tang Yibu’s smile became bigger.

“Disperse ambitious and capable young people, and at the same time shape yourself into a sad character.

People who want to be captains don’t do this— It’s more like “sowing”, cultivating their hatred for Elysium, making them into potential new captains, and leaving a way for themselves to transfer power.”

The only smile left on Duan Lili’s face also disappeared.

“Continue,” she hissed.

“Thinking about it, it’s difficult to have a long-term rule in this environment.

Fan Baiyan is getting older, and the current management is tantamount to killings chickens to take their eggs.

It’s normal for MUL-01 to not want to use him anymore.

Yu Le also resolutely refused to touch fireflies, which makes him difficult to control.

You hope that new forces will be nurtured through this chaos.

This is the real reason why you’re willing to tell us information, right, Miss Duan …Guessing a bit further, you said those things to my Mr.

Ruan just to determine who he really is.

Unfortunately, I think he—”

“His personality is abnormal, and he can’t become acclimated.” As soon as the name of MUL-01 came out, Duan Lili completely abandoned her disguise.

She made an unquestionable offensive posture, and her technique of holding a gun was extremely sophisticated.

More attacking machines broke through the wall and came to her side.

“Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye.” She spoke briskly, but her eyes weren’t slack.

“You have fought a beautiful death for yourself— The two of you know what you shouldn’t know.

I need to study the information of your brain.

At least those two good looking faces can still remain intact.”

Before Duan Lili’s voice fell, the mechanical police dogs flew out.

Tang Yibu didn’t have any props that could be used to escape, and the semi-collapsed sixth floor had limited space for movement.

The handsome young man was forced to the terrace, where he was about to be knocked down by a mechanical police dog.

Still, this didn’t make Miss Duan let go of her vigilance.

She fired several shots at Tang Yibu’s heart and then tore open the hem of her cheongsam.

“It seems that that is indeed your last question.” She got a response that shouldn’t exist.

There were no screams of pain or agony.

The tearing sound of flesh and blood she was used to sounded, but the texture sounded different from before.

A mechanical police dog was thrown at her feet with its head torn off and a milky white liquid with a metallic texture dripped to the ground.

It stood to reason that a mechanical police dog that had been strengthened with the D-type Prototype, even if it malfunctioned and lose its combat abilities, wouldn’t be this severely damaged.

Her opponent had a hidden equipment.

Duan Lili’s heart sank.

She didn’t even think about it, and immediately activated her strongest protection.

A diamond shape mask instantly covered her, and she grabbed the laser bombardment cannon from the attacking machine and blasted it in the direction of Tang Yibu.

But after the smoke dissipated, there was only craters on the almost shattered terrace.

The mechanical police dogs were lying all over the ground, and fragments of limbs embedded with metal could be seen everywhere.

Duan Lili threw off her high heels, stood barefoot in a pool of viscous mechanical life blood, and looked around as quickly as possible.

The heat source alarm of the attacking machines alerted her.

The two bulky things stretched out six stout feet, and a spherical designer rotated flexibly, shooting towards the ceiling.

“Medium defense activate,” Duan Lili ordered decisively.

She didn’t see anything where the heat source was alerting her.

If it weren’t for the iron bead that had been put down and was still trembling behind the trash can, she would have suspected that the Tang Yibu she saw was a phantom from the beginning.

Was that guy still here Or did he escape In this Sea of Ruins full of outlaws, revealing one’s identity was an extremely serious dereliction of duty.

If things got worser, maybe she would have to directly blow up all of Elysium…

“Hi,” Tang Yibu said.

She looked at the source of the sound— The seemingly gentle young man was glued to the wall.

Duan Lili originally thought that the other party had used some kind of fixing device, perhaps a strong magnetization hook, or something else.

She overturned this idea in the next second.

The man inserted his five fingers directly into the wall, as if it wasn’t made of concrete but a soft piece of butter.

It was impossible for normal humans to be strengthened to this point.

Those golden eyes were hidden in the shadows, and their owner was like some kind of concealed poison.

Duan Lili didn’t hesitate and activated the bombardment cannon again.

The offensive heavy machine standing on her right hand jumped directly on it.

Even if the mechanical police dogs weren’t very useful, these two big guys could survive a nuclear explosion and would always save her life.

Tang Yibu flashed like a beam of light lightly, like a group of annoying catkins, which would escape with the flow of air brought about by all attacks.

This wasn’t a researcher.

Duan Lili hid herself behind another giant machine and squatted down in a well-trained manner.

On the opposite side was an enhanced android, or something else disguised as a human.

The origin of that “Ruan Lijie” was definitely not small.

She had never heard of an android with such combat power that existed in the world.

Even among the elite of the rebel army, there was no intelligence of a similar weapon.

Where did they come from Does it have anything to do with the missing Ruan Xian

She panted eagerly and decided to upload the information to the Mainbrain immediately.

This was undoubtedly a big discovery.

For the sake of this information, MUL-01 may forgive her for her mistake in her work…

However, only darkness responded to her.

Duan Lili’s brain buzzed.

Information and communications were completely blocked, and she didn’t even know when and how the other party did it.

No, no, those strange gestures, that lame prank…

“Maximum defense!” She put all the protection she could put on her body.

Her entire person was covered like an ornament covered by a multi-layer crystal ball.

The heavy machine that attacked returned to her side and the two machines changed their forms, covering her in the middle and retreating out like a tank.

“Get out of here.

Get out of here quickly!” Duan Lili slammed on the console, and a certain emotion that she hadn’t felt for many years grabbed her.

The initiative that was grasped in her hand slipped away from her fingers like quicksand for the first time.

…She began to feel fear.

Facts had proven that Duan Lili’s intuition was correct.

Opponents who exposed their strength never gave up easily.

The two tightly stitched machinery were abruptly broken apart by two hands, and a bloody hand pressed on the multi-layer barrier that was in effect.

Those barriers were like thin ice that encounters a soldering iron, which broke in an instant and dissipated in the air with the smoke.

“Impossible.” She gritted her teeth and bombarded the opponent with her bombardment gun without giving up.

“This is a D-type product!”

Generally speaking, high-quality D-type products could only be broken by A-type products.

And there had never been any humanoids in records, unless…

She suddenly opened her eyes wide.

An old type of android that contained human tissue.

There was only one A-type correlation that could be combined and utilized by human tissues in the world.

Only one.

Tang Yibu separated the two heavy machines like a peach and squatted in front of Duan Lili’s driving platform with a smile on his face.

But in this scene, that gentle smile made people’s hairs stood straight up.

“Old models always have the benefits their origin.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t choose it.” Tang Yibu shook his head, as if he understood her thoughts.

“Sorry, Miss Duan.

I have never gotten along with the Order Supervisors.”

“No… It has been destroyed a long time ago… The records of the Mainbrain aren’t wrong…”

Duan Lili didn’t feel pain, but she saw the hand went through her chest barehanded.

She wanted to speak but at most she could only open her mouth and squeezed out a muddy gurgling sound from the depths of her throat.

“In theory, the A-type Prototype was indeed ‘destroyed’ by human tissues.”

Tang Yibu withdrew his hand, shook the blood from it, and stared at the corpse in front of him.

A few seconds later, he glanced at the fifth floor and answered by moving his mouth without making any sounds.

“… I won’t explain anything else.

After all, I have already answered your last question.”

A hundred miles away.

A long-haired woman stood up from the liquid and coughed at the waste tank next to her.

She twisted her wet black hair, pulled them up skillfully, and then put on a bathrobe.

“Captain Duan Ying, welcome back.

You have been on duty in the Sea of Ruins for a total of 1,927 days, 21 hours, 45 minutes and 6 seconds.

The reason for the termination of the mission is physical damage.

According to the communication information that can be traced back, the person responsible is Fan Baiyan.”

The light screen was projected before her eyes, replaying the last memory retained by the black box over and over again.

The handsome young man’s face was a little blurred in the smoke and fire, but his voice was very clear.

“Fan Lao, don’t shoot!” The young man shouted in horror.

Duan Lili— Duan Ying frowned.

She had an intuition that there was something wrong, but the young man’s performance couldn’t be faulted.

Maybe Fan Baiyan really planned to go back to the room to take something, but he happened to find that she was commanding the machines.

Forget it, she thought.

They were just two smart young people, but not that smart.

Ruan Lijie certain won’t be able to withstand a rain of bullets.

He even forgot to leave a weapon behind for Tang Yibu.

She just dispatched a few mechanical police dogs, so it won’t cause too much excessive suspicion.

As for Fan Baiyan, that old coot won’t have many years left.

“I will hand in the mission report in time.” She made a gesture to the guidance machine floating in front of her.

“It’s my responsibility, and I am willing to obey all orders.

By the way, I’ll also prepare a list of people to watch out for.

My next appointment needs my attention.”

She just needed to put them on the sensitive list of the Sea of Ruins, and her successor will take care of these things.

“Understood,” the cold mechanical voice replied.

“Do you have anything else to add”

“No.” Duan Ying shook her head.

“I will arrange it.”

She would arrange everything, and she even arranged her own “death” on Elysium.

The seeds had been sown, and even if Fan Baiyan sinks, there would always be a next “Fan Baiyan”.

Tang Yibu ordered the machine to evacuate and pressed the corpse under the ruins.

The D-type heavy machine really lived up to its reputation as the pain it inflicted on him made in groaned.

He suffered two solid blows to his abdomen.

After a while, Tang Yibu picked up the frightened iron bead out of the trash can and limped to the fifth floor.

“You were there for a long time.” Ruan Xian knocked out a patrolman who was trying to throw a grenade.

Tang Yibu rushed towards him, raised his eyebrows and quickly swept his eyes over the other party’s blood-stained right arm.

“Got rid of it,” Tang Yibu hummed.

“She’s indeed an Order Supervisor.”

“Very good.” Ruan Xian didn’t even look at him.

He shot a few shots behind him, and another series of screams sounded.

“It seems that we can leave this **hole with peace of mind.”

Tang Yibu lowered his head and looked at the structure used by the blood gun to suck blood a bit pitiful.


“I was hit a few times.”

Ruan Xian sighed, drew out the healing blood gun, and just planned to shoot…

“They’re here.

I see them!” a sharp voice shouted.

“Come here!”

Ruan Xian clicked his tongue and retracted the gun that was on the shoulder of the android.

“It seems that keeping our disguise is still useful,” he muttered, grabbing Tang Yibu’s blood-soaked collar with one hand, biting his tongue, and kissing him roughly.

He didn’t feel disgusted this time.

The air was full of corpse stench, blood and choking smoke, and screams and curses were heard in his ears all the while he was knelt down on a ground full of bloody corpse water, holding a gun in his hand, and leaning against the flickering grass while kissing the inhuman object in front of him.

This should be crazy and wrong, and he should feel off about it.

A voice repeated desperately in his mind.

But it felt very… right.

This complicated feeling made his hair stood on its tips.

Ruan Xian put his spare hand into Tang Yibu’s slightly long black hair, and the other party’s body temperature made him shudder as if he had thorns stuck to his back.

Deep in his mind, something was slowly breaking.

For more than 20 years, he seemed to have always touched everything through thick gloves, and now for the first time he had touched something with his skin— Something full of danger and unknown, but unusually warm.

Tang Yibu deepened the kiss with satisfaction, and bright red blood dripped from the corners of their mouths.

“I don’t want to deal with these bastards anymore.” After separating, Ruan Xian wiped the blood from his mouth and panted a bit.

“Take me out of here.”

“Okay.” Tang Yibu picked up the other party, broke through the nearest window, and jumped into the darkness.

The iron bead bit Tang Yibu’s clothes and fell down together with them.

“Go to the Walking Stones” Under the reflection of artillery fire, a smile appeared on Tang Yibu’s face.

“Let’s take a look at the situation first.” Ruan Xian looked at the Walking Stones fleet that was struggling to attack Elysium, “Fan Baiyan is still there.”

‘There was no need to say the rest.

Tang Yibu will understand,’ Ruan Xian thought.

Elysium hadn’t really been “disordered” yet, and Tu Rui may not be willing to fulfill his promise.

While Duan Lili is “dead”, the real melee had just begun.

The author has something to say:

Tang is not innocent and cute (…) He doesn’t believe in anyone, he really doesn’t trust anyone_(:””∠)_

But they will get better XDDD


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