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Goodnight Kiss from My Rumored Husband Chapter 30 - I Wont Care

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Chapter 30: I Wont Care

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“In other words, Nianshen would not care if Lin Yiqian felt jealous.”

As Qi Wuyue finished his sentence, he turned to look at Gu Nianshen.

Gu Nianshen had initially relaxed his fists. However, when he heard what Qi Wuyue said, he immediately clenched his fists tightly. Without even batting an eyelid at Qi Wuyue, Gu Nianshen turned around and walked into his room.


In all honesty, Lin Yiqian was aware that Gu Nianshen was staying in the room next door. As Xiaoyu had come along this time, she needed to make sure that Xiaoyu would not bump into Gu Nianshen. Hence, she had asked Bai Se to check which room Gu Nianshen was staying in.

After finding out where he stayed in, Lin Yiqian asked Bai Se to book another room on the thirty-second floor so that Xiaoyu would not have to go to the thirty-fifth floor.

However, when she coincidentally met Gu Nianshen earlier, she felt an inner dilemma. She wondered how he would react if he saw her holding Xiaoyus hand.

As she got lost in her thoughts, the lift stopped on the thirty-second floor. Lin Yiqian became distracted by the sound of the lift as she chuckled at her own thoughts.

She shook her head and walked out of the lift.

When she opened the door to her hotel room with the access card, she noticed that it was completely silent inside. The curtains kept the light out, leaving the room dim enough for Lin Yiqian to guess that Xiaoyu was probably taking an afternoon nap.

She tiptoed inside and closed the door.

Indeed, when she walked in, she saw Xiaoyu sleeping on the couch. He was covered under his favorite blanket, which he would bring wherever he went.

Lin Yiqian had bought the blanket for him when he was born. Over time, he had developed a reliance on the blanket. As he would not be able to fall asleep without it, he had to bring it with him everywhere.

Bai Se must have heard her opening the door as he appeared in the living room not long after she had entered. He gestured for Lin Yiqian to follow after him.

Lin Yiqian nodded and started walking toward him.

After they entered the bedroom and closed the door, Bai Se started speaking, “Lifes CEO is inviting you to dinner tonight.”

As soon as he spoke, Lin Yiqians facial expression changed as expected.

Bai Se looked at her and sighed helplessly. “I knew you would want to reject this. However, this is a dinner that even Life cant refuse. I heard that Megas CEO has personally requested for you to attend it.”

When Mega was mentioned, Bai Se observed Lin Yiqians reaction before he continued speaking, “There are only two Galaxy brands in the entire country. Both of them belong to Mega. They are Lifes primary option in the country.”

When Lin Yiqian heard this, she snorted. “If I dont attend the dinner, and refuse to help Life to consolidate their presence in the country, will they terminate my contract immediately”

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Lin Yiqians smile widened. It was as if she could read Bai Ses mind.

Bai Se was momentarily stunned. “If you really dont want to go, Ill have a chat with them.”

He was about to take out his phone when Lin Yiqian interrupted him. “Ill go.”

Lin Yiqian was trying very hard to conceal the tremor in her voice, but she could not.

Bai Ses eyes lit up. “Do you really agree to attend”

Although he was excited about her response, he did not seem surprised at all.

“Wasnt this what you intended Thats why you gave Life the bargaining power.” Lin Yiqian rolled her eyes at Bai Se before turning away to look for Xiaoyu.

Lin Yiqian suddenly turned around as if she had just recalled something. “I will attend under one additional condition.”

“Whats the condition” Bai Se asked.

“I want one of the limited edition messenger bags from the 525 Series,” Lin Yiqian answered.

Bai Se was slightly confused. “You want a bag”

In the past, Lin Yiqian had endorsed various big brands due to the terms of her contracts. However, this was the first time she personally requested for a product from the brands she endorsed.

“Yeah.” Lin Yiqian nodded as she continued. “I want to give it as a reward to a fan.”

Bai Se stared at her. “The bag costs 480,000 dollars…”

Did she really want to give it away to a fan

Had he heard her wrongly

Lin Yiqian ignored Bai Ses flabbergasted expression as she continued. “I want the prize to be given to third-year student Gu Nianjia from the fifth class in the Ace Academy of Fine Arts.”


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