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89 – Queen of Fire

Zhao Zixin stepped on the huge snake of fire, looking like a goddess of fire.

In a few breaths of time, she crossed the distance of 1,000 meters and appeared in front of Zhou Yun.

“I admit defeat!”

Zhou Yun felt a heat wave hit him in the face and threw in the towel resolutely.

He doesn’t want to be burned to ashes by the terrible flames.

“As expected of Zhao Zixin! My goddess!”

“She is certainly the top freshman beauty!

“From today on, I will be her fan!”

“That’s awesome! She is my idol!”


At the central square, most of the spectating students in the Spirit Force Department were excited and looked at Zhao Zixin with admiration.

On the central square, Zhao Zixin and Zhou Yun opened their eyes at the same time.

With a forced smile, Zhou Yun extended his hand and said, “Zhao Zixin, I lost! You are really strong.

Do you want to be friends”

Zhao Zixin raised her slim eyebrows.

She got up from the ground and, while ignoring Zhou Yun’s hand, turned around and left gracefully.

Zhou Yun’s eyes became overcast.

Li Xuanyi chuckled: “Zhao Zixin has already advanced to a Spirit Master.

And a high-level Spirit Master, to boot.

She is really a genius.

Do you have any assurance to beat her”

Shu Feng replied, “I’m 90% sure that I can beat her!”

Li Xuan uttered: “90% sure! Go get her! I don’t want you to lose to her!”

The next day, around the central square, in addition to the freshmen, many second and third year students of the Spirit Force Department came to watch the match.

The freshman representative and runner-up are geniuses among geniuses.

If nothing unexpected happens, they will become experts above the Spirit Master realm in the future.

If they can advance to the Spirit Grandmaster realm, they will be able to establish a rich family.

In addition, the fight over the freshman representative position is always spectacular and exciting.

On the central square, Zhao Zixin sat opposite Shu Feng and examined him carefully.

Shu Feng smiled and said, “Hello, Zhao Zixin! I am Shu Feng! Do you wanna be friends”

“Only if you can beat me!”

The ice queen Zhao Zixin spoke a few words indifferently, and then closed her eyes, grasped a thread of the Tree of Dreams, and entered a dream world.

Shu Feng chuckled, grasped a thread silk, and entered a dream world, as well.

The screens on the central square flashed, and a vast plain appeared.

Shu Feng and Zhao Zixin appeared on the plain, 1,000 meters apart.

Mysterious half sun runes appeared in Zhao Zixin’s beautiful eyes and flames surrounded her and formed a fire armor.

At the same time, a terrible snake of fire with a length of 20 meters appeared under her feet and shot towards Shu Feng like a high-speed train.

“Come out!”

With a cold gleam in his eyes, Shu Feng waved his hand, and 100 Black Dog Hollows, 40 Goblin Chieftains, 10 Spirit Master realm Souleaters, two Goblin Kings, and eight Goblin shamans appeared.

The 100 Black Dog Hollows and 10 Spirit Master realm Souleaters blurred into motion and rushed towards Zhao Zixin from both sides.

The 40 Goblin Chieftains raised heavy machine guns and fired wildly, and a hail of bullets shot towards Zhao Zixin.

Escorted by the two Goblin Kings, Shu Feng retreated briskly.

With his strength, if he is attacked by the snake of fire, he will be burned into ashes.

The weakest point of the synthesized soldier army is their commander — Shu Feng.

He is well aware of this point.

When the heavy machine guns, which can easily tear the armor of ordinary armored vehicles, slammed into Zhao Zixin’s fire armor, they bounced off, unable to harm her.

However, Zhao Zixin frowned slightly, feeling the rate at which her spirit force is consumed accelerate.

After a few breaths of times, the 100 Black Dog Hollows appeared in front of Zhao Zixin and lunged at her dauntlessly.

“Dance of Fire!”

Zhao Zixin shouted, her spirit force surged, and flames around her burst out and swept towards the surroundings.

Swept by the flames, 30 plus Black Dog Hollows directly ignited.

They struggled in pain for a while, and then finally burned into ashes.

The remaining 60 plus Black Dog Hollows continued to lunge at Zhao Zixin’s flames dauntlessly and turned into balls of fire one after another.

“Demonic Blade Claws!”

The Souleaters hidden among the Black Dog Hollows cast a secret method, and black claw rays slammed into the flames.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

When the black claw rays slammed into the flames, fire element force collided with hollow demon force, cancelled one another out, and disappeared.

The 10 Souleaters circled around Zhao Zixin, stimulated hollow demon force, and cast black claw rays shooting towards her from different angles, consuming her spirit force.

Even though Zhao Zixin possesses a great amount of spirit force, but when subjected to such a multi-directional assault, she cannot hold on for a long time.


The eight Goblin shaman gripped their staffs and pointed at Zhao Zixin, and gray radiances fell on Zhao Zixin, and then black smoke rose.

The spells of the eight Goblin shamans magic can’t harm Zhao Zixin, as well.

But they can consume her spirit force.

Zhao Zixin’s beautiful eyes flickered icily, and the snake of fire under her feet suddenly ejected out and swallowed a Spirit Master realm Souleater.

The Spirit Master realm Souleater surged with demonic qi all over its body, and countless strands of black smoke rose.

Although it tried to resist, but it still ignited and screamed miserably.

The figure of a Spirit Master realm Souleater fluttered, and it lunged at Zhao Zixin and clawed at her back.

The snake of fire under Zhao Zixin’s feet trembled, and a mass of fire ejected out.

The mass of fire turned into a huge snake head and swallowed the Spirit Master realm Souleater, and flames surged and burned the other party.

“Awesome! Zhao Zixin is really strong!”

“She’s the queen of fire! Too strong!”

“Both beautiful and strong! That’s the queen of fire for you!”


When the spectating students of the Spirit Force Department saw this scene, their eyes shimmered with excitement and admiration.

Spirit Master realm Souleaters are extremely fierce and difficult to deal with.

Despite being faced with 10 Spirit Master realm Souleaters, Zhao Zixin still displayed an unrivaled momentum.

This is simply incredible.

At this moment, the eyes of remaining eight Spirit Master realm Souleaters shimmered ferociously, and they lunged at Zhao Zixin from eight directions.

“Idiot! You’re giving me a chance to deal with them all in one go!”

Zhao Zixin’s beautiful eyes flashed with the shade or derision.

Her spirit force surged, and the snake of fire under her feet turned into a red lotus of fire and swallowed the eight Spirit Master realm Souleaters.


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