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88 – Defeating Li Xuanyi

A spirit gun user requires to cultivate spirit shield arts.

In addition to spirit shield arts, there is a variety of powerful spirit force shooting skills, such as critical penetration, demonbreak, curved shot, and others.

Curved shot is a shooting skill that can distort the trajectory of a bullet to attack people hiding behind things.

The power of curved shot is not as formidable as that of a straight shot.

At the same time, it requires a large amount of computing power to calculate the curvature timing.

It is extremely difficult to cultivate.

Many Spirit Venerable realm powerhouses may not be able to perfectly perform curved shot.

Yet Li Xuanyi was able to fire a curved shot at Shu Feng’s head.

This was naturally because he activated the Eyes of Emptiness, which dramatically increased his computing power.

“Awesome! This is the legendary curved shot!”

“Li Xuanyi is so cool!”

“That’s the first seedling for you!”


Many girls looked at Li Xuanyi with adoration in their eyes and spoke spiritedly.

Li Xuanyi standing on the platform frowned.

His figure fluttered, and he jumped down from seven meters high like a catkin and shot towards Shu Feng.

“Not dead! Shu Feng isn’t dead yet!”

“He still hasn’t been killed!”

“How is that possible He was shot in the head! But why didn’t he die”


Under the shocked gazes of the spectating students, Shu Feng got up from the ground and waved his hand, and 10 Spirit Master realm Souleaters, 30 Goblin Chieftains, and eight Goblin shamans appeared.

With a ferocious gleam in their eyes, the 10 Spirit Master realm Souleaters shot towards Li Xuanyi at a frightening speed that surpassed Li Xuanyi’s speed.

“Spirit Master realm Souleaters! Ten at that!”

Li Xuanyi’s expression finally changed greatly.

He retreated briskly and fired from Red Maple.

A red ray ejected out from Red Maple and shot towards Shu Feng along a curved trajectory.


The spirit force bullet pierced through a Goblin King’s fine steel shield, ran through Shu Feng’s spirit force membrane, and then was repelled by the Hundred Temperings Steel Body that he cultivated to twenty temperings.

“Demonic Blade Claws!”

The 10 Spirit Warrior realm Souleaters launched claw attacks at Li Xuanyi.

Li Xuanyi displayed an exquisite body technique.

He took nine successive steps and and evaded the Demonic Blade Claws.


The eight Goblin shamans pointed at Li Xuanyi with their staffs.

Gray radiances fell on Li Xuanyi.

Li Xuanyi’s Eyes of Emptiness glimmered, and spirit light emerged from his body and blasted away the light of the spell Slow.

Spirit Master realm powerhouses posses great resistance against low-level spells.

Of course, in order to contend against these spells, they need to consume spirit force.

At this moment, more than 50 Black Dog Hollows rushed out from the rear and blocked Li Xuanyi’s route of retreat.


With a cold glimmer in his eyes, Li Xuanyi infused spirit force and fired a shot, and a red ray blasted the head of a Souleater apart.

The other nine Souleaters rushed at Li Xuanyi with cold and crazed glints in their eyes.

Bang! Bang!

Li Xuanyi maintained his calm.

After he fired two shots in a row and blasted the heads of two Souleaters apart, he saw that the remaining seven Souleaters were really close to him and spoke promptly, “I admit defeat!”

The whole dream world turned into black smoke and disappeared.

Li Xuanyi opened his eyes and extended his hand to Shu Feng, a hearty smile on his face: “Shu Feng, your summoning ability is no joke! Why don’t we become friends”

Shu Feng gripped Li Xuanyi’s hand and responded with a faint smile: “Okay!”

The two exchanged a smile and left the central square.

Ge Long exclaimed: “Li Xuanyi’s conduct is really remarkable.

His future is limitless.”

Li Xuanyi is extremely gifted, really hardworking, and open-minded, has a distinguished background, and likes to make friends.

If such a person doesn’t die, he will have a bright future.

“That’s natural! Among the students I have taught, he is ranked first in terms of background, talent, hard work, temperament, and other qualities.

In the future, he will definitely surpass Shu Feng in terms of achievements.”

Liu Han smiled proudly and waved his hand, and a mid grade spirit stone flew into Ge Long’s hand.

He made up his mind to train Li Xuanyi with all his might.

When Li Xuanyi becomes a big shot in the future, he will naturally gain great benefits.

Zhou Yun and Zhao Zixin went to the central square and sat down.

Zhou Yun looked at Zhao Zixin in front of him with adoration in his eyes: “Zhao Zixin, admit defeat.

My Lightning Fel Wolf has already evolved to the level-7 Spirit Master realm.

It’s still not too late for you to admit defeat! I don’t want to hurt you!”

Spirit Master realm powerhouses are divided into three levels, namely low-level, mid-level, and high-level.

Level-7 Spirit Master is already high-level Spirit Master and possesses far greater combat power than mid-level Spirit Master.

Zhou Yang, the captain of Flameguard’s Leijiang branch, possesses just mid-level Spirit Master realm cultivation base.

Zhao Zixin spoke indifferently, a look of pride on her pretty face, “You’re not a match for me! Only Shu Feng is a match for me!”

“You’re looking down on me! Fine! In a bit, I’ll show you how awesome I am!”

With a flash of anger in his eyes, Zhou Yun grasped a thread extending from the Tree of Dreams, trembled slightly, and entered a dream world.

Zhao Zixin also grabbed a thread of the Tree of Dreams and entered a dream world.

A vast plain suddenly appeared on the screens.

Zhao Zixin and Zhou Yun appeared on the plain, 1,000 kilometers apart.

“Great! Balby, go ahead!”

Dressed in a silver armor, Zhou Yun pointed to Zhao Zixin and ordered.

Lightning runes appeared on its limbs, and the Lightning Fel Wolf rushed towards Zhao Zixin at a speed faster than that of Spirit Master realm Souleaters.

“Dance of Fire!”

All of a sudden, mysterious half sun runes appeared in Zhao Zixin’s beautiful eyes and terrible flames surrounded her delicate body, making her like a goddess of fire.

The terrible flames churned and turned into a 20-meter-long snake of fire that swallowed the Lightning Fel Wolf.

Along with billows of fire, the Lightning Fel Wolf unleashed blood-curdling howls, and then turned into ashes.


Zhou Yun trembled, spewed out blood, and turned pale in the face, and his aura weakened.

Although he is a beast tamer.

But he doesn’t have braver level extraordinary skills.

Once his summon is killed, he will suffer serious damage.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a flash of unwillingness in his eyes, Zhou Yun pulled out a 1st tier spirit gun, Black Fang, and fired several rounds at Zhao Zixin.

When the bullets slammed into the body protection fire armor on Zhao Zixin, they ricocheted and melted.


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