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86 – Defeating Shangguan Xiong

Ge Long’s eyes constricted and the corners of his mouth rose into a slight smile, “Shu Feng This guy gave me quite a surprise.

His spirit ability is really terrific!”

Song He’s gaze stayed on Shu Feng’s light screen for a moment.

To be able to summon 100 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, this spirit ability is already at high grade earth realm.

Even in Shuijing High School, which is a spirit ability user cultivation institution full of talents, Shu Feng can be regarded as a talent among talents.

In the dream world.

“A Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow Die!”

Covered in an armor of ice, Shangguan Xiong suddenly looked up and saw a Black Dog Hollow hidden 100 meters away.

He immediately smiled coldly and flicked his finger, and an ice cone ejected out and slammed into the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow.

With a flash, the Black Dog Hollow hit by the ice cone was encased in ice.

“Is Shu Feng at the top of the mountain”

Shangguan Xiong glanced at the Black Dog Hollow and walked towards the top of the mountain full of confidence.


A gunshot rang, and a black ray shot towards Shangguan Xiong from the top of the mountain.

Before the gunshot rang, Shangguan Xiong used a weird body technique and dodged the bullet containing spirit force.

He looked up and saw Shu Feng surrounded by five Black Dog Hollows 100 meters away.

“Shu Feng, you’re too weak! Now that I have discovered you, you’re doomed to lose!”

Shangguan Xiong smiled boldly and confidently.

His figure fluttered, and he shot towards the top of the mountain.

At this moment, rustling noise rose from the surrounding underbrush, and Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows darted towards Shangguan Xiong.

“Damn it! How come there are so many summons”

When Shangguan Xiong saw the 99 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows rush at him, his expression changed dramatically.

He retreated briskly, stimulated his spirit force, and fired ice cones at the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows.

Ice flowers bloomed and turned the Black Dog Hollows into ice statues one after another.

After only 10 Black Dog Hollows were turned into ice sculptures, the remaining 90 had reached Shangguan Xiong.

“Frost Storm!”

Shangguan Xiong shouted, and a violent frost storm appeared around him and blew outwards.

23 Black Dog Hollows were turned into ice sculptures by the frost storm.

The remaining 67 Black Dog Hollows broke the thin layer of ice on them, rushed up to Shangguan Xiong, and bit and tore at him.

After a burst of screams, Shangguan Xiong turned into black smoke and disappeared.

The dream world trembled and began to collapse.

“I lost!”

When Shangguan Xiong regained consciousness, his eyes fell on Shu Feng and flickered with the shade of reluctance.

“Shangguan Xiong was defeated! He is the sixth seedling and has the strength to fight over the position of freshman representative!”

“A dark horse! Shu Feng is a dark horse!”

“100 dog summons! With just this move, he has the strength to fight over the position of freshman representative!”


Scorching gazes focused on Shu Feng.

This battle propelled Shu Feng to the ranks of seedlings most hopeful to vie over the position of freshman representative.

“Li Xuanyi is so fast! He already dealt with his opponent!”

Shu Feng looked in the direction of Li Xuanyi and saw him sitting is his seat and watching a match leisurely.

When Shu Feng looked at him, as if he sensed something, Li Xuanyi turned to look at Shu Feng and smiled back elegantly.

Shu Feng felt a slight chill in his heart: “What a powerful spirit sense.

As expected of the first seedling, a Spirit Master realm expert!”

As a Spirit Master realm expert, Li Xuanyi is a peerless paragon.

Without using the secret treasures of Flameguard’s Leijiang branch, Zhou Yang might not not be his opponent.

After half an hour later, the remaining matches have all concluded.

All the seedlings have easily defeated their opponents.

Luo Feng also defeated his opponent.

“100 dog summons! Feng, you’ve hid quite deep! Your spirit ability may already have reached the earth realm.

Why don’t we go to adventure in Erosion Realm together in the future”

After the first day of matches concluded, Ma Jue leaned over and spoke with enthusiasm.

In Erosion Realm, there are countless terrible hollow demons as well as powerful monsters and variant plants polluted by hollow demon force.

Many financial groups, rich families, aristocratic families, among others, of Blue Star are looking for various resources from Erosion Realm.

There are many adventurers who become rich overnight after going to Erosion Realm every year.

At the same time, there are many more adventurers whose bones are buried in Erosion Realm.

Spirit users usually act in teams in Erosion Realm, which is replete with danger.

There are very few lone wolves.

Besides, the ones who are most likely to die are the lone wolves.

Shu Feng smiled lightly and replied ambiguously, “I will consider it!”

If you go adventuring in Erosion Realm, you can obtain great benefits.

For the sake of benefits, there have been countless instances of good friends falling out.

Ma Jin has witnessed several instances of uneven distribution of spoils or outright betrayal.

He narrowly escaped death twice and chose to retire from adventuring, not willing to continue to live a life full of danger.

If Shu Feng ever forms a team and goes adventuring, it must be with people he can trust absolutely.

After all, a traitor hidden it your team may be more dreadful and dangerous than meeting a strong enemy.

The next day, Shu Feng’s opponent was Zhou He, a paragon from class 1.

The terrain was a grassland.

Shu Feng summoned 100 Black Dog Hollows that charged at Zhou He and dealt with him immediately, and he successfully advanced to the quarter finals.

In addition to the five seedlings and Shu Feng, the other quarter finalist paragons are Luo Feng and a girl named Xiao Jing.

In the quarter finals, Shu Feng’s opponent was Luo Feng and the terrain was an ancient ruin.

When he entered the dream world, Luo Feng immediately threw in the towel and let Shu Feng advance to the semi finals.

Li Xuanyi easily defeated Shen Feng, Zhao Zixin defeated Xiao Jing, and Zhou Yun defeated Sheng Minghai and entered the semi finals.

Of those three matches, the match of Zhao Zixin and Xiao Jing, who are both girls, attracted the most attention.

While the match between Zhou Yun and Sheng Minghai was the most dramatic.

No one expected that Zhou Yun’s Lightning Fel Wolf to easily defeat Sheng Minghai in a frontal confrontation.

In the semi finals, Shu Feng’s opponent was the first seedling Li Xuanyi! Zhao Zixin’s opponent was Zhou Yun.

On the day of the semi finals, the central square of the Spirit Force Department was full of students filled with excitement and anticipation.

“Between Shu Feng and Li Xuanyi, who do you think will win”

“Shu Feng’s 100 dog summons are too difficult to deal with! I think he should be the one to win this match!”

“Li Xuanyi is a Spirit Master realm expert! I think that he will win!”

“Let’s make a bet!”

“What do you want to bet”


The students of the Spirit Force Department talked spiritedly.


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