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8 – Black Dog Hollow

“This is 100 milliliters of Black Dog Hollow blood!”

On the way, Ding Xiaoxue handed Shu Feng a vial of blood.

Shu Feng carefully received the vial of blood and said gratefully, “Thank you, Ding Xiaoxue!”

“I’m going!”

Ding Xiaoxue waved at Shu Feng, and then turned around and left like a gust of wind.

“What an elegant and beautiful girl! One day, I hope I can be of help to her!”

Shu Feng quietly looked at Ding Xiaoxue’s back for a while, and then turned around and walked towards his home.

After dinner, Shu Feng went to his room, locked the door, and entered the mysterious space.

“Collect the genes of the blood in this vial!”

Shu Feng went to the snake-like Gene Collector, opened the vial, and handed it to the machine.

The snake-like Gene Collector opened its big mouth, and a sharp thorn ejected, stabbed into the vial, and sucked up all the blood in the vial in one breath.

“Black Dog Hollow (complete body), strength 20, agility 25, defense 19, psyche 15, physique 18.

Must consume 100 kilograms of flesh every day to maintain full combat strength.

Spirit Warrior realm creature.

Special abilities: Hollow Invisibility, Extraordinary Sense of Smell, Extraordinary Perception.”

“In order to synthesize a unit, 3,000 points of hollow psionic energy, 200 points of spirit force, 50 points of pure soul force, 200 kilograms of flesh, … and 10 kilograms of steel are required.”

“Black Dog Hollow (complete body), synthesis time, 24 hours.”

Shu Feng looked at the Black Dog Hollow’s synthetization conditions and felt a headache: “The Black Dog Hollow seems too high-end for me! Is there some inferior version One that can be synthesized with the currently available resources.”

“Should it be strengthened in a specific direction or all-around balanced”

“With my current strength, I have to flee when I encounter a powerful hollow demon.

It is a must to discover it in advance to gain the initiative, and then call for reinforcements! Therefore, the best choice is to strengthen Extraordinary Perception.

And Extraordinary Smell!”

Shu Feng weighed things again and again, checked his combat power, and made a decisive choice.

“Black Dog Hollow (inferior version), strength 11, agility 13, defense 11, psyche 9, physique 11.

Must consume 10 kilograms of flesh every day to maintain peak combat strength.

Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm creature.

Special abilities: Hollow Invisibility, Extraordinary Smell, Extraordinary Perception.”

“In order to synthesize a unit, 100 points of hollow psionic energy, 1 point of spirit force, 3 points of pure soul force, 200 kilograms of flesh, … and 3 kilograms of steel are required.”

“Black Dog Hollow (inferior version), synthesis time, 8 hours.”

Shu Feng was overjoyed and said at once, “Synthesize it!”

“Insufficient resources! The unit cannot be synthesized!”

“Insufficient resources”

Shu Feng was slightly taken aback.

He took a closer look at the resources needed for the synthesis and uttered helplessly: “There’s indeed a shortage of resources!”

“Then I might as well test the effects of the Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0.”

Shu Feng left the mysterious space, appeared in his room, and began to operate the Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0.

He entered the state of cultivation and began to absorb the spirit force particles in the surroundings according to the method.

After an hour, Shu Feng felt a fatigue wash over him.

He could no longer absorb spirit force.

“By how much has my spirit force increased this time”

Shu Feng entered the mysterious space again and promptly went to the Central Analyzer to examine himself.

“Spirit force 1.0453.

Spirit force increased by 0.0200.”

Disappointment flashed in Shu Feng’s eyes: “The cultivation efficiency has indeed doubled.

But at this rate, I will be able to advance to a Spirit Warrior only after practicing cultivation for about 14 years.

I will have to rely on pills and potions if I want to advance to a Spirit Warrior.”

“It seems that I can only cultivate the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method.”

Shu Feng glanced at the mysterious space and began to cultivate the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method.

In fact, the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method contains thirteen movements that ordinary people can’t perform.

Only by using spirit force can the thirteen movements be performed.

Shu Feng barely managed to assume the first posture before his 1 point of spirit force was exhausted.

He’s fundamentally unable to persevere and fully display the thirteen movements.

After the spirit force was exhausted, bursts of fatigue washed over him, and Shu Feng immediately fell asleep.

The next morning.

“So comfortable! So this is the benefit of cultivation.

I feel like my mind has become more vigorous.”

When Shu Feng opened his eyes, he felt refreshed.

Only his joints transmitted bursts of faint pain.

His body hasn’t adapted to the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method yet.

After getting up and having breakfast, Shu Feng went to a wet market and bought a large amount of pork and fish, and then threw them into the Flesh Forge in the mysterious space to be transformed into resources.

It took a whole day to gather the materials necessary to synthesize the Black Dog Hollow.

“Synthesize the Black Dog Hollow at once!”

After dinner, Shu Feng entered the mysterious space and issued an order.

The Energy Collector radiated faint light that fell on Shu Feng, and a sense of exhaustion washed over him.

The spirit force in his body was completely extracted.

“So the spirit force was going to be extracted from me!”

The 100-meter-tall semicircular Soldier Synthesis Nest, which has countless black blood vessel-like tubes intertwining on its surface and looks like a bottomless pit, squirmed.

Strange mucus welled up in the nest and condensed together to form a black egg the size of a person.

The black egg is connected to strange tubes that look like blood vessels, has small black spots constantly vibrating inside, and issues sounds similar to a heartbeat.

“The synthesis is projected to be completed in 8 hours.”

Shu Feng has an excited and expectant look on his face: “In 8 hours, I will have a Black Dog Hollow.

This will be the first hollow demon born of my ability.”

With excitement in his heart, Shu Feng tossed and turned in his bed until midnight before finally falling asleep.

The next morning.

“My Black Dog Hollow.”

When Shu Feng opened his eyes, he quickly got up and washed up, and then entered the mysterious base.

At this time, there is a Black Dog Hollow with black satin-like fur and red eyes glimmering fiercely, shrouded by wisps of black gas, sitting quietly in the mysterious base.

When he saw the Black Dog Hollow, Shu Feng sensed that there is a connection between him and the hollow demon, allowing him to order it to do anything.

“Give paw!”

Shu Feng uttered sternly.

The Black Dog Hollow scuttled over and placed its paw on Shu Feng’s hand.


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