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79 – Aftermath

Three days later, Gongsun Hai’s funeral was held.

All spirit users of Flameguard’s Leijiang branch were in attendance.

The funeral was solemn.

Gongsun Hai’s parents were sobbing during the funeral.

Ma Jin patted Shu Feng on the shoulder and sighed faintly: “The greatest tragedy in life is when parents have to mourn the loss of their children! Feng, keep this in mind, no matter what mission you’re one, survival is your first priority.

Otherwise, your parents will cry like this in the future.”

“I understand!”

Shu Feng looked at Gongsun Hai’s body, a complex shade in his eyes.

At this time, he became more mature.

This was the first time he had seen a dead comrade.

Even though he wasn’t that close with Gongsun Hai, but he still felt quite uncomfortable in his heart.

Shu Feng mused, “Because of the hollow demon invasion, there is no safe place in this world.

In order to protect my life, I have to become stronger.”

In the eyes of ordinary people, the world seems very peaceful.

Only some small to medium-sized countries still have wars break out from time to time.

Although the world powers keep running their mouths and using economic sanctions and other means, but thankfully no world war has broken out yet.

Before awakening his spirit ability, Shu Feng also felt that the world was very peaceful.

But after becoming a spirit user, he came into contact with the truth of the world.

Although Hollow Realm’s invasion has begun to permeate into the world, with death and danger abound.

But things are being covered up.

When hollow demons invaded three days ago, the number of deaths in Leijiang City exceeded 1,000.

But all this was covered up by Flameguard and the government.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s appearance made Shu Feng more aware of the dangers of the world and more eager to become stronger.

Beiling Street, in a coffee shop.

Dressed a white dress, looking pure and beautiful, Shui Lingyan smiled lightly and said, “Shu Feng, thank you for saving me that day.

My name is Shui Lingyan! I am a member of Heavenly Sword!”

Shu Feng asked curiously: “The most elite combat unit of Flameguard where only powerhouses at the Great Spirit Master realm and above can join, that Heavenly Sword”

Flameguard is one of the most powerful spirit user organizations in Qianyuan Republic.

As for Heavenly Sword, it is a combat unit of Flameguard that only true elites can join.

It is specially responsible for hunting and suppressing powerful hollow demons.

Shui Lingyan replied with a charming smile, “That’s right!”

Shu Feng smiled modestly and said, “No need to thank me.

It was nothing.”

“Shu Feng, I would like to discuss something with you.

I hope you can give me the credit of killing Bloodrazor Demon Commander.”

“Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s bounty is 5 billion credits and 100,000 contribution points.

Furthermore, Bloodrazor Demon Commander has a bounty in other countries, as well.

I want to take 70% of the bounty and divide it between my fallen comrades.”

“I need the credit of killing Bloodrazor Demon Commander to improve my status in Heavenly Sword.

And one more thing, if the credit of killing Bloodrazor Demon Commander goes to you, you will become a thorn in the side of the Souleater clan.

There will be many powerhouses of the Souleater clan going after you and your family.”

“I won’t forget that you saved my life! I will repay you one day!”

Shui Lingyan calmly looked at Shu Feng and explained methodically.

After considering things for a moment, Shu Feng made a quick decision and uttered in reply: “Okay, I’ll give you the credit of killing Bloodrazor Demon Commander.”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander was a Spirit Venerable realm hollow demon that could instakill Shu Feng.

If his comrades come, even if it’s just a single Spirit Grandmaster, they will be able to kill Shu Feng.

By taking credit of killing Bloodrazor Demon Commander, Shui Lingyan has shouldered most of the hatred of the Souleater clan.

This is equivalent to her protecting Shu Feng.

If not for the fact that Shui Lingyan and her comrades have seriously wounded Bloodrazor Demon Commander, Shu Feng would be toast if he faced the other party.

In addition, Shui Lingyan is a top powerhouse of Heavenly Sword, a fearsome prodigy who can contend against the Spirit Venerable level Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

If such a big shot wanted to deal with him, the current Shu Feng would have no power to fight back.

If she wanted to hog all the credit, Shu Feng would have no choice but to bow his head.

“Shu Feng, I have a letter of recommendation here for you.

When you arrive at Shuijing Spirit City, you can go look for the person on the recommendation letter.

If you encounter any trouble in Shuijing Spirit City, you can go to that person.”

“That person has a strong sense of justice.

So if you do something wrong or unreasonable, don’t bother her.

Or else things might get worse instead.”

Shui Lingyan smiled and handed a letter of recommendation to Shu Feng.

Shu Feng realized that Shui Lingyan is giving him an introduction to a contact of hers as a thanks for saving her life.

Shuijing Spirit City is one of the three spirit user cultivation bases in Qianyuan Republic and has many great characters.

Ma Jin has hundreds of millions in assets as well as operates assets worth billions.

He is a powerful character in Leijiang city.

But in a place like Shuijing Spirit City, if he doesn’t tuck his tail between the legs and behave, he can be crushed at any moment.

“Thank you!”

Shu Feng obediently accepted the letter of recommendation.

“I still have a mission to carry out! See you!”

Shui Lingyan smiled faintly, and then got up and strode away.

In the following days, Shu Feng began to prepare to develop the Chromatic Bee honey, a specialty of a different world.

Thanks to the power of Flameguard, 10,000 mu [1] of  forest in the suburbs of Leijiang city were allocated to Shu Feng.

The surrounding farmers were all removed.

The 10,000 mu of forest were handed over to Kamila and the Dark Elven little girls.

In addition, there were 20 Black Dog Hollows stationed within that area.

Once there is a disturbance, the 20 Black Dog Hollows will kill the invaders.

“Master, the queen is dead!”

The day after Shu Feng handed over the Chromatic Bee synthesized by the mysterious base, Kamila immediately found him to give a report.

Shu Feng frowned and said, “It’s dead What was the reason Was there anything wrong with the way you raised it”

Chromatic Bee honey is one of the top tonics of the World of Endorsas.

It’s not only delicious, but also can strengthen the physical constitution and nourish the skin.

Furthermore, if it is taken all year round, it can prolong a person’s lifespan.

In the World of Endorsas, Chromatic Bee honey is a top luxury good enjoyed by bigwigs.

On Blue Star, Chromatic Bee honey is also a top luxury good that is as valuable as gold.

Chromatic Bees are like a goose laying golden eggs.

Shu Feng naturally won’t give up on them.

Kamila’s eyes darkened, and she replied, “There’s nothing wrong.

I raised it according to the method passed down in the Dark Elf clan, but it still died.”

The cultivation and growth of Dark Elves requires Chromatic Bee honey.

Without Chromatic Bee honey, as a Dark Elven hero, Kamila can still grow rapidly by employing other means.

But the Dark Elven little girls have many years to reach adulthood.

Their grows in terms of strength will become slow.

[1] – mu


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