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78 – Saving a Beauty

“It’s finally over! Fortunately I have awakened the extraordinary blood pact skill, or else I would be dead now!”

Shu Feng heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the prompt.

The regeneration ability of Bloodrazor Demon Commander is simply perverse.

He had a big hole on his chest and was shot by Demonbreak Bullets no less than 20 times, yet he was still able to fight.

Such a monster is simply terrifying.

If Shu Feng hadn’t awakened as a summoner previously and formed a blood pact with three Goblin Chieftains, he would have become a cold body by now.

“Shu Feng.”

“Level 15.”

“Strength 72, agility 54, defense 67, physique 77, intelligence 78, psyche 80, magic force 1,543.”

“Unassigned points 500.”

Shu Feng’s eyes constricted: “To gain five levels at a stretch, this guy must have been a boss-level monster.

Fortunately he was seriously injured.

Otherwise, I would be the one dead.”

Since the amount of life force a class skill user can absorb on Blue Star is 10,000 times lower than in the World of Endorsas, it is extremely hard to make progress.

For Shu Feng to be able to rise five levels in one go, it means that Bloodrazor Demon Commander was terrifyingly strong and possessed incredibly powerful life force.

Shu Feng looked at the mangled body of Bloodrazor Demon Commander and hurriedly shouted, “Stop! Don’t eat him!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander must have been a high level demon.

As such, his corpse must have great research value.

Many high-level hollow demons have a bounty on them.

If you kill one of them, you’ll be able to get a lot of benefits.

In Qianyuan Republic, there are bounty hunters who specialize in hunting all kinds of hollow demons.

The Black Dog Hollows disperse and stared at Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s corpse with appetite.

After collecting the corpses on the battlefield into the base space, Shu Feng went to Shui Lingyan’s side.

“What a beautiful young lady!”

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened.

He took out a bottle of Advanced Rapid Healing Spirit Mist and sprinkled it on Shui Lingyan’s wounds.


As if cold water was poured into a glowing red iron pot, bursts of black smoke rose.

Shui Lingyan’s beautiful face twisted with pain.

Black hollow demon qi wound inside her.

She slowly opened her eyes and said, “Advanced Rapid Healing Spirit Mist is useless.

Take me to Beiling Street Hospital!”

After saying that, Shui Lingyan closed her eyes and clenched her pearl-white teeth.

White spirit light intertwined with black hollow demon force inside her delicate body and pulsated with a certain rhythm, clearly trying to resist the erosion of the hollow demon force.

High-level hollow demons possess formidable pollution force fields.

If an ordinary person is swept by such a pollution force field, they will be easily polluted.

They will lose their mind and turn into a zombie-like monster.

Once spirit users are seriously wounded by high-level hollow demons, if they can’t withstand the pollution of the hollow demon force, they will be turned into monsters or degenerate into demonmen.

Shu Feng picked up Shui Lingyan and strode towards Beiling Street.

Beiling Street Hospital.

Ma Fang, a short, chubby middle-aged female doctor in a white coat, smiled and said, “Shu Feng, is this your girlfriend If she’s not your girlfriend, then the treatment will have to be paid in full.”

Shu Feng uttered in response, “Big sister Ma, this is not the time for jokes! Save her first! If you don’t save her, she’ll die.”

Ma Fang stated confidently, “Don’t worry! There’s no one I can’t heal! After all, I’m a high priest! I have mastered Great Heal.

As long as she still has life in her, I can heal her.”

Great Heal is a divine spell that can only be mastered by high priests.

Once it is unleashed, it can even regenerate severed limbs.

Ma Fang is one of the top talents of Flameguard’s Leijiang City branch.

In Flameguard, she is a cut above Zhou Yang in terms of status.

Of course, when it comes to combat power, she is far from being a match for Zhou Yang.

“Eh This is high-level hollow demon force erosion. Great Heal is ineffective against this kind of force erosion!” Ma Fang glanced at Shui Lingyan and drew in a sharp breath at once.

Great Heal can regenerate severed limbs and save people who are on the brink of death.

However, it can’t do anything about high-level demon force.

Shu Feng asked, a glimmer of pity in his eyes, “Then she can’t be saved”

Shu Feng felt that it was a pity for such a beautiful girl to die here.

Ma Fang answered with a light smile, “If it was someone else instead, they would be done for.

But the spirit force inside this girl is really strong! The thing she needs now is purification force.

There is a secret treasure in our hospital that can purify hollow demon force! Give her to me.

You don’t have to worry, we can definitely save her.”

Beiling Street Hospital has top medical equipment and top doctors.

In addition, it has secret treasures with extraordinary forces.

Shu Feng heaved a sigh of relief and left Beiling Street.

When he got home, Shu Feng chatted with his parents for a while, and then went straight back to his room and entered the base space.

“High-level Souleater (complete), strength 400, agility 525, defense 445, psyche 500, physique 500.

Must consume 200 kilograms of flesh every day to maintain full combat power.

Spirit Venerable realm combat creature.”

“Special abilities: Hollow Invisibility, Epic Extraordinary Regeneration, Superior Extraordinary Defense, Superior Extraordinary Strength, Epic Extraordinary Speed, Epic Extraordinary Resistance, Intermediate Extraordinary Pollution Force Field, Superior Extraordinary Hollow Demon Membrane, Superior Extraordinary Devour Evolution, Superior Extraordinary Devour Recovery.”

“Synthesis requirements: 3 million units of psionic energy, 100 units high-level soul, 10,000 units of origin force, 100 kilograms of flesh, …, and 1 ton of steel.”

“High-level Souleater (complete), synthesis time, 24 hours.”

Shu Feng’s eyes flickered with the shade of regret: “I can think of ways to obtain psionic energy.

As for high-level soul and origin force, there’s no way to get them!”

“Let’s add the unassigned points to intelligence.

The hollow demons in Leijiang City have been already uprooted.

If there are no accidents, the city will be peaceful for a while.

By increasing intelligence, I can better grasp bodies of knowledge.

Shu Feng walked into the Origin Force Evolution Tower and began to add the unassigned points to the intelligence attribute.

A mysterious force welled up inside him, entered his head, and expanded his brain.

“Intelligence has reached the first limit! To continue, 100 unassigned points need to be used to be converted into  1 point of intelligence!”

When Shu Feng’s intelligence attribute reached 100 points, a prompt emerged.

“If intelligence has reached the limit, then increase defense!”

Shu Feng chose to upgrade his physical constitution.

Mysterious power welled up and began to upgrade Shu Feng’s body, strengthening his muscles and viscera.


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