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77 – Slaying Bloodrazor Demon Commander

“Damn Summoner! Go to hell!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Bloodrazor Demon Commander brandished his hand, and a blood-colored claw ray shot towards Shu Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The claw ray blasted apart the steel shields of 4 Goblin Chieftains, and then slammed into Shu Feng.

In the mysterious base space, a Goblin Chieftain disintegrated into countless pieces.

“He’s fine How is that possible”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander exclaimed, a shimmer of disbelief in his eyes.

He used all his strength to unleash this attack.

Even if it was a Spirit Master realm powerhouses, they would be instakilled by it.

“Go to hell!”

Shu Feng’s eyes flickered ferociously, and he locked on Bloodrazor Demon Commander and pulled the Black Fang’s trigger frenziedly.

Demonbreak Bullets turned into black rays that slammed into Bloodrazor Demon Commander and pierced through his body protection hollow demon membrane, and blood splashed.

“Damn ant! If I hadn’t been seriously injured, you would have never been able to harm me!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s eyes glimmered ferociously.

He broke out with hollow demon force all over his body, and Demonbreak Bullet emerged from the holes on his body.

His figure fluttered, and he moved at high speed and dodged the Demonbreak Bullet shooting towards him.


Shu Feng suddenly shot the Souleater fighting the Black Dog Hollows and blasted open a large hole on the other party’s body, and black smoke emerged from the wound.

The Spirit Master realm Souleater’s face distorted in pain, and he trembled and became sluggish.


A Black Dog Hollow came forward, bit the lower leg of the Spirit Master realm Souleater, and tore it up.

3 Black Dog Hollows lunged and knocked the Souleater to the ground.

A Black Dog Hollow bit off the Souleater’s throat.


The 4 Goblin shamans gripped their staffs, recited incantations, and pointed at Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

Four gray radiance fell on Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s hollow demon qi swirled and quickly dispelled the four gray radiances.


When Bloodrazor Demon Commander dispelled the four radiances, he turned pale in the face and spewed out a mouthful of black blood, a flash of helplessness in his eyes.

He glared at Shu Feng with resentment and said while stressing each syllable: “Boy, I will remember you!”

If it weren’t for Shu Feng’s meddling, the seriously injured Shui Lingyan would surely have died at the hands of Bloodrazor Demon Commander and his subordinates.

Shui Lingyan is an exceptional genius of Heavenly Sword and has the qualifications to contend for the position of a Big Three of Heavenly Sword.

It’s only a matter of time before she advances to a Spirit Venerable.

If he killed her, Bloodrazor Demon Commander would be able to get a huge reward when he returned to his clan.

Shu Feng channeled spirit force, and Black Fang surged with abstruse spirit lines and fired an enchanted bullet that ran through the void and blasted open a bloody hole on Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s body.

Black smoke emerged from the bloody hole.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander trembled and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

His figure fluttered, and he retreated briskly.

Shui Lingyan’s eyes glimmered brightly and broke out with six leaf runes.

She flicked her wrist, and the Light Fang appeared, shone brightly, and fired a lance of light that smashed the Souleater in front of her, and then slammed into Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

The lance of light stabbed Bloodrazor Demon Commander in the chest, and he spewed out a large mouthful of blood.

A large amount of black smoke surrounded his body. 

After she fired this shot, Shui Lingyan collapsed on the ground, the six leaf runes in her eyes disappeared, and she bled from the seven apertures and gasped for air, unable to move.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander surged with hollow demon qi and suppressed the erosion of the lance of light.

At the same time, his body froze.

Dozens of heavy machine gun bullets that could easily pierce armored vehicles hit Bloodrazor Demon Commander and ricocheted, unable to harm him at all.

A high level hollow demon like Bloodrazor Demon Commander is extremely strong.

If it were not for the fact that he was already badly injured by Shui Lingyan, who is a future bigwig of Heavenly Sword, even Demonbreak Bullets wouldn’t be able to harm him, let alone bullets without any extraordinary force.


A black moonlight ejected out and ran through the void.

In an instant, it slammed into Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s forehead, and blood splattered.

Kamila fired a second Dark Moonlight Arrow from the tall building.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander fell to the ground and trembled slightly.

However, he got up from the ground at once and tried to escape.


The four Goblin shamans pointed at Bloodrazor Demon Commander with their staffs.

Four gray radiances slammed into Bloodrazor Demon Commander, and he trembled and felt as if he there was a mountain on his shoulders.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shu Feng channeled spirit force, and the Black Fang flashed and fired Demonbreak Bullets that slammed into the Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

Blood splattered and black smoke emerged.

10 Black Dog Hollows suddenly appeared in front of Bloodrazor Demon Commander and lunged at him.

“Get lost!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander roared and waved his hands, and blood-colored claw shadows flashed and sliced the 10 Black Dog Hollows into pieces.

“How fierce! If I fight him in close combat, I’ll be finished in an instant!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Shu Feng pulled the trigger successively, and five Demonbreak Bullets punched five bloody holes into Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

A Black Dog Hollow lunged and bit Bloodrazor Demon Commander on the thigh, leaving more bloody holes on his body.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander brandished his hand and crushed the head of the Black Dog Hollow.

Three Black Dog Hollows lunged at this time and bit Bloodrazor Demon Commander on the lower back, the left leg, and the right leg respectively.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander broke out with black light that blasted the three Black Dog Hollows into bloody pieces.

After blasting apart the three Black Dog Hollows, Bloodrazor Demon Commander trembled and spewed out a mouthful of blood, and his aura weakened a lot.

With a fierce flash in their eyes, seven Black Dog Hollows lunged and tore the weak Bloodrazor Demon Commander to shreds.

“Soul force 3,000, psionic energy 200,000, spirit force 100,000, origin force 10.”

A string of information emerged in Shu Feng’s mind.


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