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76 – Encounter

You Meng’s voice was very gloomy: “The captain is already finished! Gongsun Hai is dead! Come to the headquarters!”

Shu Feng’s heart sank: “Big brother Gongsun is dead”

Gongsun Hai was an official member of Flameguard’s Leijiang City branch as well as the magician of the team, proficient in all kinds of magic knowledge.

Although he wasn’t very talkative, yet he had a soft interior.

He taught Shu Feng a lot about magic.

Shu Feng was saddened when he heard that Gongsun Hai died during the mission.

“Captain, it’s me, Shu Feng!”

“Please come in!”

When Shu Feng stepped into the captain’s office, he saw Zhou Yang sitting in the captain’s chair and You Meng lying on a sofa.

The two looked quite gloomy.

The whole office was filled with a sorrowful atmosphere.

“Captain, this is the demonic gun that Kamila found!”

Shu Feng handed Zhou Yang the demonic gun from which he extracted divinity, and then made a report, cutting out a portion of the events that unfolded when he destroyed the Hollow Demon Gate.

Zhou Yang uttered unhurriedly, “Shu Feng, you made great achievements this time.

The organization definitely won’t treat you unfairly.

Go back and have a good rest.

Three days later, attend Gongsun Hai’s funeral!”

“Yes! Captain!” Shu Feng hesitated for a moment and asked, “Are big brother Ma Jin and big brother Gao Wen okay”

Zhou Yang answered, “Both of them were seriously injured! However, with the current state of Flameguard’s medicine, they will be able to get out of bed in three days.”

“I’ll take my leave then!”

With that, Shu Feng left Beiling Street.

On a brightly lit street of Leijiang City.

“Big brother Gongsun was proficient in magic and mastered all kinds of spells.

When he was prepared, he could even kill a Spirit Master realm powerhouse.

Yet such an expert died during the mission.

So dangerous! The world is so dangerous! I have to become stronger!”

As he walked along the street, Shu Feng’s thoughts churned.

He became more aware of the importance of strength.

Only after joining Flameguard, only then did he understand how dangerous the world, which was being invaded by hollow demons, really is.

The death of dozens of people in Zhong Jietong’s community, the death of more than 100 students in Qingling Reservoir, and the death of hundreds of people in Muluo Village, the information about these incidents was blocked.

Ordinary people simply don’t understand how dangerous the world around them is.

Only spirit users understand.

Every year, many spirit users die in different places in order to protect the world.

It is the sacrifices made by many spirit user that guard the false peace of Blue Star.

It is because of this that spirit users have far more right than ordinary people.

After all, these are times of war, where the fate of the race is on the line.

Once the world is defeated, the race will fall into the hands of the hollow demons, who prey on humans.

Shu Feng shuddered at this thought.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, fearsome hollow demon qi surged this way from all sides.

In the wake of the hollow demon qi, street lamps went out at once.

“No! It hurts! It hurts!”

“Cough! Cough! It’s unbearable!”


The faces of pedestrians on the street surged with black qi, and they collapsed on the ground and struggled and wailed in pain.

“Hollow Demons! Damn it, could it be that that powerful hollow demons are coming after me”

Startled, Shu Feng waved his hand, and 90 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows and 20 Goblin Chieftains equipped with heavy machine guns appeared and surrounded him.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The sound of blades striking came from the other side of the street.

Equipped with a silver armor, the heroic and beautiful Shui Lingyan is fighting three young Souleaters with a silver dagger.

Hurt all over, sluggish, gasping for air, Shui Lingyan clenched her pearl-white teeth and fought the three Souleaters with difficulty.

Covered in wounds, with black blood flowing down his body, Bloodrazor Demon Commander watched Shui Lingyan with ferocious eyes from afar.

Shu Feng thought: “She’s their target!”

“Kill him!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander glanced at Shu Feng and ordered coldly, a frigid flash in his eyes.

The figures of two Souleaters fluttered, and they rushed towards Shu Feng like crazy.

“Kill them!”

Shu Feng ordered with a cold glimmer in his eyes!

The 90 Black Dog Hollows quickly rushed towards the two Souleaters.

The heavy machine guns in the hands of the 20 Goblin Chieftains spat out tongues of fire, and a dense rain of bullets barreled towards Bloodrazor Demon Commander and the two Souleaters.

With a derisive smile on his face, Bloodrazor Demon Commander took a step and easily evaded the dense rain of bullets.

Shu Feng’s eyes lit up.

As far as he can tell, there is hope of defeating Bloodrazor Demon Commander: “He was seriously injured and doesn’t have the power to kill me!”

If Bloodrazor Demon Commander was in his peak condition, even if all of Shu Feng’s synthesized soldiers went to besiege him, they would be all slaughtered.

But now he just dodged the attack of the Goblin Chieftains and didn’t attack back.

He is obviously seriously injured.


4 Goblin shamans appeared, raised their scepters, and pointed at a Souleater.

Four gray magic radiances enveloped the Souleater.

A black hollow demon force membrane appeared on the Souleater’s body and resisted the erosion of the magic light.

But in response, his movement speed suddenly slowed down nonetheless.

At this moment, 10 Black Dog Hollows lunged at the Souleater.

The Souleater’s hook-like claws ejected out at once and shot towards the 10 Black Dog Hollows.

Blood splashed everywhere as the Souleater’s claws mutilated the eyes and head of one Black Dog Hollows after another.

However, the Black Dog Hollows have no fear of death.

Even though their eyes were destroyed and their heads were mutilated, but they still lunged at the Souleater.

Other Black Dog Hollows took this chance to bite the Souleater and bit off a piece of flesh.

Within a few moments, the other Souleater appeared in front of Shu Feng.


Shu Feng made a finger gun gesture with his left hand.

A dark arrow pierced the void like a meteor and blew apart the head of the Spirit Master realm Souleater.

While observing the battlefield from a tall building, Kamila gripped the Darkmoon Bow and aimed at Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s cold gaze fell on Kamila, and he spoke icily, “My awareness has become sluggish! I actually didn’t discover you.”


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