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73 – Destroying the Hollow Demon Gate


Shu Feng pointed at the Spirit Master realm Souleater with his left hand and made the gesture of pulling the trigger.

All of a sudden, a black arrow fell from the sky like a ray of black moonlight and blasted the head of the Spirit Master realm Souleater apart.

1,000 meters away, with the Darkmoon Bow in hand, looking like a beautiful goddess of war, Kamila is standing on the roof of a building, a glimmer of exhaustion in her beautiful eyes.

The arrow she fired just now was her skill — Dark Moonlight Arrow.

She is the strongest trump card Shu Feng has hidden.

Four Black Dog Hollows lunged and bit off the Souleater’s limbs.

After dealing with the Spirit Master realm Souleater, the synthesized soldiers swept the charging Black Dog Hollows and escorted Shu Feng to the Hollow Demon Gate.

“Found source force! Found psionic energy! Found evil god force! Begin absorption!”

Shu Feng pressed his hands against the Hollow Demon Gate, and prompts sounds repeatedly.

Transparent tentacles poured out of his body and stabbed the Hollow Demon Gate.

The Hollow Demon Gate exuding a strong smell of blood and emanating hollow demon force began to collapse.

When the Hollow Demon Gate collapsed, the hollow demon force shrouding this area began to dissipate.

The low-level hollow demons screamed miserably and emanated black smoke.

Just like the air in Hollow Realm is toxic to humans, the environment of this world guarded by the Worldheart is highly toxic to ordinary hollow demons, greatly weakening them.

“Source force 800, psionic energy 4.2 million, evil god force 20.”

“Success! Now let’s bolt! Once that guy comes back, I’ll be done for!”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with delight.

His figure fluttered, and he ran away with all his might.

In the mysterious underground palace.

Along with a flash of resplendent, sacred light, a lance of light stabbed Bloodrazor Demon Commander in the chest, and a large amount of black smoke gushed out.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s eyes flashed with the shade of pain.

Silver chains wound around Bloodrazor Demon Commander and sealed his movement.

In the mysterious underground palace, there are seven fragmented corpses equipped with the silver armor of Heavenly Sword.

Shui Lingyan grasped a silver-white spear in one hand and a green dagger in the other and gasped for air.

There are many claw marks on her silver armor, with blood oozing out of them.

“Amazing! As expected of the contender most hopeful to become one of the Big Three of Heavenly Sword! The gun Light Fang is really extraordinary.

It’s a shame, but you’re still a step away from the Spirit Venerable realm.

You can’t kill me in one shot! You’re the one who’s going to die!”

“Your only mistake was to fight me within the scope of the Hollow Demon Gate!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander smiled fiercely, broke out with demonic light, and frantically absorbed the demonic qi in the surroundings as if a black hole, forming a demonic qi vortex.

Under the erosion of the vast demonic qi vortex, the lance of light that stabbed Bloodrazor Demon Commander collapsed, and then the wound on his chest healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Go to hell!”

With a frigid flash in her beautiful eyes, Shui Lingyan channeled spirit force and operated Light Fang again, and dazzling, sacred light shone and formed a lance of light that ejected out and barreled towards Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

“It’s no use! It will take you three breaths of time to break my Six Demon Heads Barrier! This is enough time for me to heal myself!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander smiled fiercely and spread the fingers of his hand, and a strange demon head appeared, absorbed the surrounding demonic qi, and activated a demonic qi barrier.

“The hollow demon force is insufficient! The Hollow Demon Gate, was the Hollow Demon Gate destroyed How is this possible In such an insignificant place, how could someone have destroyed the Hollow Demon Gate in such a short time”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s eyes flashed with disbelief and fear, and he exclaimed.

The lance of light pierced through the demonic qi barrier and punched a large bloody hole into Bloodrazor Demon Commander.

“Damn it! Go!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander screamed miserably, and black demonic qi flowed into the demonic gun made by grandmaster artificer Gongsun Yang.

The eye on the demonic gun opened, and the demonic gun surged with demonic qi, broke out with a pair of wings, turned into a stream of demonic light, and flew away.

“Shui Lingyan, you have to either chase me or the demonic gun with the potential to evolve to the level of the Seven Sacred Guns! Choose one!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of demonic light and ran away.

Now that the Hollow Demon Gate collapsed, he lost the support of hollow demon qi.

Furthermore, in this world guarded by the Worldheart, he is greatly weakened.

If he continues to fight, only death will await him.

“I’ll kill you!”

With a ferocious flash in her beautiful eyes, without a trace of hesitation, Shui Lingyan chased after Bloodrazor Demon Commander like a crazy leopard.

“You lunatic!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander’s voice of surprise and anger sounded in the underground palace.

A black ray flew out of the underground palace and flew into the distance.

“That’s a gun! Is that a spirit gun of an expert”

From the roof of a building, Kamila saw the demonic gun, and her beautiful eyes lit up.

Her figure flashed, and she rushed towards the black demonic gun.

Kamila’s agility has reached 165 points, which is equivalent to 16 times that of an ordinary adult.

She chased after the demonic gun as fast as a hurricane.


Along with a blare, the black demonic gun smashed the glass of a fashion shop, knocked down a mannequin, and fell to the ground.

Bursts of screams sounded.

The people in the fashion store ducked for cover, and then looked at the demonic gun in vigilance.

Kamila appeared in the fashion shop, picked up the demonic gun, and then disappeared.

“An Elf Is that a legendary Dark Elf “

“It’s cosplay, it’s naturally cosplay.

That girl must be a professional.

The Elven ears looked particularly realistic.”


Discussions sounded in the fashion shop.

“My shop! Damn it! Pay for the damages! You have to pay for the damages!”

The owner of the fashion shop screamed and rushed out of the shop to look for Kamila, yet didn’t find anything.


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