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72 – Bloodrazor Demon Commander

“Zhou Yang! Your phone is ringing! Your team members are asking for help.

Won’t you save them”

With demonic light circling around him, the Souleater brandished his elusive claws and attacked Zhou Yang from incredible angles.

“Go to hell!”

Zhou Yang brandished his sword, a cold gaze in his eyes.

As if it had a life of its own, his sword pursued the Souleater’s vital points.

The Souleater spoke with a grin, “Zhou Yang, to be able to fight me to a draw, you’re worthy of being the captain of Flameguard’s Leijiang City branch.

However, let me tell you a secret.

We opened a Hollow Demon Gate at Muluo Village.

Pretty soon, Leijiang City will become a hunting ground of the Souleater clan.

Now tell me, are you surprised The two team members you dispatched must have become food of the Souleater clan right about now!”

A queer sword ray twisted like a snake and left a gash on the Souleater’s right arm, and blood spilled on the ground.

“Although your swordsmanship isn’t half bad! But it’s no use! If I tie you down here, Leijiang City will seize to exist.

However, you still have a chance.

So long as you abandon your companions, you still have a chance to destroy the Hollow Demon Gate and save Leijiang City!”

The Souleater grinned and spoke bewitching words.

At the same time, the wound on his right arm healed at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

With a cold look in his eyes, Zhou Yang unleashed the Wind Scatters the Clouds Sword and continued to fight with the Souleater.

“This guy deserves to be the captain of Flameguard’s Leijiang City branch! He’s really difficult to deal with! But he is worth the hunt!”

With a flash of greed in his eyes, the Souleater smiled ferociously and lunged at Zhou Yang, and his claws turned into claw shadows that shot towards the opponent.

In the mysterious underground palace that appeared along with the Hollow Demon Gate, there is a 10-meter-tall fiend statue with one eye, ox horns, and fiend wings on a black altar.

In the center of the black altar, there is a pitch-black demonic gun with an eye, engraved with countless mysterious lines, emitting an enigmatic aura.

Along with the sound of footsteps, the middle-aged hollow demon stepped into the palace and saw the demonic gun, and his eyes brightened.

“Bloodrazor Demon Commander, so this was your goal The Souleater clan paid a huge price and opened a Hollow Demon Gate, it was all for the sake of this demonic gun”

A stunning beauty equipped with a silver armor and dressed in a silver cloak embroidered with a sword emblem entered the palace.

The stunning beauty has an oval face, slim eyebrows, snow-white skin, exquisite facial features, and a black ponytail.

Behind the stunning beauty with a ponytail, there are seven handsome men.

They are all equipped with a silver armor and dressed in a silver cloak.

Bloodrazor Demon Commander smiled and said: “Fairy Shui Lingyan, the youngest genius of Heavenly Sword, the contender most hopeful to become one of the Big Three of Heavenly Sword! This demonic gun is a secret treasure the grandmaster artificer Gongsun Yang spent 10 years and used the corpse of a hollow lord level great fiend as the core to refine.

It has the potential to evolve into a gun on the same level as the Seven Sacred Guns.

Once this demonic gun falls into our hands, we’ll be a step closer to break through your world!”

Shui Lingyan narrowed her eyes, stretched her muscles taut, and asked slowly, “Why did you tell us this secret”

“That’s because you’re all going to die here!”

Bloodrazor Demon Commander smiled coldly, and then broke out with boundless demonic qi, swallowed the light in the surroundings as if a black hole, and disappeared from everyone’s view in an instant.

Outside Muluo Village.

“That terrible hollow demon is gone! It’s time to fight back!”

Shu Feng looked at the low-level demonic creatures that kept pouring in, and then glanced at the Hollow Demon Gate, clenched his teeth, and waved his hand, and 30 Black Dog Hollows, 20 Goblin Chieftains, and 4 Goblin shamans appeared directly.

The Black Dog Hollow army formed by more than 100 Black Dog Hollows charged madly in the direction of the Hollow Demon Gate.

Crack! Crack!

The Black Dog Hollows pouring out of the Hollow Demon Gate were weakened by the Worldheart to begin with.

Faced with Shu Feng’s Black Dog Hollows, they were knocked to the ground and had their throat ripped off one by one.

The 20 Goblin Chieftains were equipped with a modified heavy machine gun.

The heavy machine guns spewed out countless flames tongues, and a torrent of steel slammed into the low-level demonic creatures and tore them to pieces.

Dozens of nonentity, ghost-like psionic hollow demons just flew out from the side, when the Black Dog Hollows knocked them to the ground and ripped them apart.

“Soul force 5, psionic energy 100!”

“Soul force 2, psionic energy 50!”


Countless prompts sounded in Shu Feng’s mind.

The army under his command opened a bloody path leading to the Hollow Demon Gate in the swarm of hollow demons.

“Id I had knows beforehand, I would have bought more heavy weapons for the Goblin Chieftains! It’s a shame, but heavy machine guns are already the limit.

Rocket launchers aren’t sold in the open.

The organization is too inflexible!”

As Shu Feng was escorted by his hollow demon army towards the Hollow Demon Gate, his eyes glimmered with the shade of regret.

After the Parasitic Spider Demon incident, when Shu Feng returned to Blue Star, he made an application to Flameguard and bought a large number of heavy machine guns, grenades, flash bombs, and other weapons.

These weapons pose no threat to psionic hollow demons and powerful hollow demons such as Xie Yuma.

But when used against small fry monsters, they are quite effective.

All of a sudden, a figure ejected put from the middle of small fry hollow demons and rushed towards Shu Feng lightning fast, following an irregular trajectory.

The 20 Goblin Chieftains frenziedly fired from the heavy machine guns, and a hail of bullets shrouded the figure.

The figure moved faster than a cheetah.

But even so, it was still hit by several bullets.

All of a sudden, a black hollow demon membrane appeared on the figure, twisted the trajectories of the bullets, and puled the bullets aside.

“Spirit Master realm Souleater!”

Shu Feng narrowed his eyes and saw clearly the hollow demon rushing towards him.

It was a Spirit Master realm Souleater.

Only Demonbreak Bullets and extraordinary weapons can easily pierce through the Souleater’s hollow demon membrane.

Ordinary bullets and even rockets can’t break through the hollow demon membrane.

“Get rid of it!”

At Shu Feng’s command, Black Dog Hollows ejected out, formed a formation, and rushed towards the Souleater.

The Souleater smile ferociously, and then ejected out 30-centimeter-claws from his hands.

He attacked the Black Dog Hollows with the claws and blew their heads apart.


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