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71 – Terrifying Hollow Demons

A Goblin Chieftain grabbed Guo Tiantian, placed her over its shoulder as if a bag of rice, and sped away

Demonic light flashed, and a handsome middle-aged wearing a black suit, with two horns on the head and short, white hair, squeezed out of the Hollow Demon Gate.

The hollow demon resembling a middle-aged man looked at Shu Feng and You Meng 1,000 meters away with apathetic eyes.

“I’m in grave danger! That monster can easily kill me!”

A hair-raising premonition of danger surged in Shu Feng’s mind.

As if he encountered his predator, he trembled all over, and a fear rose inside him involuntarily.

The hollow demon resembling a middle-aged man waved his hand, and a black claw ray barreled towards Shu Feng like a meteor from 1,000 meters away.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Black Dog Hollows leaped and blocked in front of the black claw ray, and then were smashed one by one.

The black claw ray also hit 3 Goblin Chieftains and ran through them, and the 3 Goblin Chieftains collapsed on the ground.

The Goblin King gripped the Black Turtle Shield and injected spirit force, and the Black Turtle Shield broke out with black turtle patterns, sharply increasing its defense.


When the black claw ray slammed into the Goblin King’s Black Turtle Shield, it blew open a big hole in the Black Turtle Shield, and then blew open a bloody hole the size of an adult’s fist in the abdomen of the Goblin King.

The Goblin King contracted, shriveled, and turned into a withered corpse.

A bloody ray flew out of the Goblin King’s body and entered the hand of the hollow demon resembling a middle-aged man.

“What a monster! If that had hit me, I would be dead!”

Shu Feng felt a hair-raising fear well up inside him.

To be able to kill the Goblin King from 1,000 meters away with one move, the middle-aged hollow demon is terrifyingly strong.

If the other party insists on chasing him, then he won’t be able to escape with his life.

“That ant isn’t dead yet Forget it, this world is too unkind to me! Damn Worldheart! I will destroy you one day! And bring this whole world under the control of our clan!”

The middle-aged hollow demon frowned and took a step.

Demonic qi appeared under his feet, and he strode towards an underground palace that emerged thousands of meters away.

A stream of Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows and Werewolves as well as low-level demonmen with dark skin and red eyes poured out of the Hollow Demon Gate.

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened and flashed with excitement: “The big guy is gone! It seems that he has something to do! This is a great chance! A great chance to get origin force!”

Origin force is a magical energy of a higher level than god force and it can enable Shu Feng to evolve quickly.

In the vast world, there are countless geniuses.

Sky realm spirit ability users, heroes, bravers, sages, gods, they are all extremely powerful and are located in a domain that is out of reach for ordinary people.

Even so, when faced against terrifying hollow demons from Hollow Realm, they are still at a disadvantage.

The more Shu Feng practices cultivation, the better he understands the horror of hollow demons.

He doesn’t want to let any opportunities that can allow him become stronger slip by.

Shu Feng said, “Older sister You Meng, please contact the captain! And call for support.

I will bring up the rear and try my best to deal with those hollow demons.”

“Make sure not to die! Put your safety first! We had no way to prevent the Hollow Demon Gate from being opened! Don’t beat yourself up over it!”

You Meng frowned and spoke words of comfort.

No one expected a Hollow Demon Gate to open in Leijiang City.

After all, in order to open a Hollow Demon Gate here, even if it’s a temporary Hollow Demon Gate, the hollow demon clan still needs to pay a huge price.

Unless you discover it of thing in the first moments and ruin its sacrifice ceremony, it is basically impossible to stop this kind of thing.

Flameguard’s headquarters won’t punish them too harshly.

“Of course I know that! However, I want origin force!”

Shu Feng responded with a slight smile, “Older sister You Meng, don’t worry.

If worse comes to worst, I’ll let my summoned beasts bring up the rear.”

“Okay! Then I’ll take my leave first!”

Without wasting any time, You Meng took Guo Tiantian, got in a car, and drove away.

“I am Shu Feng, a level-3 commissioner of the special operations forces.

The monsters opened a portal in the village.

There is now a stream of monsters pouring out of the portal.

Call the police department for support and evacuate the people in this area.”

Shu Feng came to deputy director Liu, who was responsible for cordoning off Muluo Village, showed his identification, and spoke in a grave tone.

Deputy director Liu felt a slight chill in his heart and responded decisively: “Yes!”

The special operations forces is an organization above the police and has great power.

During a mission, if deputy director Liu disobeys his order, Shu Feng has the right to kill him.

“They’re coming!”

“Those monsters are coming!”

“Open fire! Open fire!”


The policemen quickly swallowed Spirit Seer Pills.

All of a sudden, they saw all kinds of demonic creatures pour out of Muluo Village.

They panicked and fired desperately from their guns.  

Spirit Seer Pill is a kind of spirit pill that an alchemist grandmaster of Flameguard developed.

If an ordinary person swallow the Spirit Seer Pill, they will be able to see hollow demons for an hour.

With the Spirit Seer Pill, as long as they don’t encounter nonentity psionic hollow demons, ordinary people can use weapons to fight demonic creatures.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless bullets rained down on the demonic creatures and punched bloody holes into the low-level hollow demons.

Small caliber guns that the police ordinarily uses are of little threat to the low-level hollow demons.

However, the 20 plus policemen are equipped with large caliber automatic rifles, which can punch large bloody holes into the low-level hollow demons.

These automatic rifles are quite effective against the low-level hollow demons.

Standing at the entrance of the village, Shu Feng fired from the Black Fang repeatedly and blasted apart the heads of Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows one after another.

10 Goblin Chieftains equipped with fine steel heavy armor, a steel shield, and a large wolf tooth club stood in the front and blasted apart the low-level demonic creatures that slipped through one after another.

You Meng looked at her smartphone with a dignified color in her eyes: “They’re not picking up! The captain and them must have met a strong enemy!”

Xiu Ling District, in a luxury community, there are broken corpses everywhere.

A bloody hole on his body and eyes opened wide, Gongsun Hai has collapsed in a ruin, dead.

Missing an arm, gasping for air, Gao Wen is hiding behind a cover.

Ma Jin has collapsed in another ruin, his fate unknown.

Equipped with a green battlegear and a sword, Zhou Yang unleashed the Wind Scatters the Clouds Sword, and his sword stabbed towards a Souleater.


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