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70 – Cutting down Xie Yuma

Ripples surged in the void, and 3 Goblin Chieftains suddenly appeared and attacked the three afterimages of Xie Yuma with a fine steel wolf tooth club full of sharp spikes respectively.

“Demonic Blade Claws!”

Xie Yuma’s true body frowned, surged with demonic qi, and swiped with both claws, and two pitch-black Demonic Blade Claws slammed into a Goblin Chieftain and sliced it in two.

Blood splashed everywhere.

Next, the Demonic Blade Claws slammed into Shu Feng standing behind the Goblin Chieftain, broke his body protection spirit force membrane, tore apart his chain mail armor, and sliced open a huge gash on his body, and blood spilled.


A Goblin shaman standing behind Shu Feng raised a staff and pointed to Xie Yuma, and gray light fell on the other party.

Xie Yuma just unleashed the Demonic Blade Claws and was in a vulnerable state.

All of a sudden, he felt dizzy and stopped for a moment.


Another Goblin shaman pointed at Xie Yuma, and a spider web surged towards the other party.


Xie Yuma sobered up in an instant, and his hands blurred and tore the spider web apart.


A Demonbreak Bullet ejected out from Shu Feng’s Black Fang and slammed into Xie Yuma.

A bloody hole the size of a finger appeared on the opponent’s body at once, and black smoke gushed out of the bloody hole.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shu Feng retreated briskly and shot wildly, emptying a magazine of Demonbreak Bullets worth 4 million into Xie Yuma.

Another 20 bloody holes appeared on Xie Yuma’s body, and black smoke and blood gushed out.

Xie Yuma roared, a ferocious flash in his eyes: “Damn it! You animal, you dare hurt me! Even if I die, I will take you down with me!”

A Goblin Chieftain came forward and slammed the wolf tooth club in its hands into Xie Yuma, blasting him a dozen plus meters away.

The Goblin King stepped forward and brandished the Bloody Butcher, and the battleaxe turned into a bloody ray that cut off Xie Yum’s head.

A large amount of blood sprayed out.

After its attack succeeded, the Goblin King came forward and chopped off Xie Yuma’s four limbs with the Bloody Butcher, and then kicked the torso to one side.

There are many kinds of hollow demons, many of which have strange and unfathomable abilities.

Some fearsome hollow demons can regenerate quickly even if their head is cut off or their heart is crushed.

“Soul force 50, psionic energy 7,000.”

A prompt sounded in Shu Feng’s mind, confirming the death of Xie Yuma.

“This Souleater was really strong! I was almost killed by it!”

Shu Feng looked at the wound on his chest and felt a lingering fear.

He took out the Advanced Rapid Healing Spirit Mist and sprayed it on his wound.

In an instant, a sharp pain transmitted from the wound, and a large chunk of his spirit force disappeared.

The injury on his chest healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“How are you, older sister You Meng”

Shu Feng came to You Meng, helped her up, and asked thusly with concern.

“I have two broken ribs! A Spirit Master realm Souleater is really strong!”

You Meng coughed up blood.

She took out a Regeneration Pill and swallowed it, and crisp sounds came from her body.

You Meng made a prompt decision, saying, “Let’s retreat! And report the situation here to the top brass.

Since a Spirit Master realm Souleater appeared, we must ask the top brass for support or gather the strength of our team to deal with the situation.”

Third or fourth tier cities like Leijiang City don’t have much value.

As such, it’s quite uncommon for a Spirit Master realm hollow demon to appear in such a place and stir up havoc.

Hollow demons need to pay a huge price to cross the Worldheart and come to Blue Star.

For a Spirit Master realm hollow demon to appear in a small city like Leijiang, there must be a big conspiracy afoot.


Shu Feng replied decisively, and then went to Xie Yuma’s body and collected it into the base space.

This is a Spirit master realm Souleater body.

It’s not only a great genetic source, but also a great material for synthesizing soldiers.

Shu Feng’s eyes flickered with a scorching color: “Souleater, Shade, and Werewolf, I have obtained three kinds of top materials.

Souleater is especially great.

Although it is a Spirit Master realm monster comparable to Goblin King in terms of strength, but it’s evolutionary potential is has far greater than that of Goblin King.”

Goblin King is the end of Goblin evolution.

Furthermore, it has no long-range attacks.

A hollow demon like the Souleater Xie Yuma is fast and strong and has a mid-range attack like Demonic Blade Claws.  Once synthesized, it will be a frightening weapon.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, the earth quaked, the houses in the entire Muluo Village collapsed, and a blood-colored column rose from the center of the village.

A blood-colored ripple emanated from the blood-colored column and swept the surroundings.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

No matter whether male, female, old, or young, the eyes of the followers of Jie Demonic Cult turned red, their heads burst, and their blood flowed into the blood-colored column.

From the center of the blood-colored column, 16 naked humans with empty eye sockets and blood flowing out of the eye sockets emerged, surrounded by transparent soul shadows.

Blood-colored mists gushed out of the mouths of the 16 humans and formed a blood-colored gate in the void.

“Hollow Demon Gate! Damn it, how come a Hollow Demon Gate appeared here In a small place like Leijiang City, is there anything worth for bigwigs of Hollow Realm to pay such a great price to open a temporary Hollow Demon Gate Retreat.

Shu Feng, let’s retreat immediately.

We can’t stay here any longer.”

You Meng’s expression changed greatly, and she retreated briskly.

A Hollow Demon Gate can’t be opened wherever.

In order to open a Hollow Demon Gate, a special place and a variety of special ceremonies are required.

In order to open a Hollow Demon Gate in a place such Leijiang City, hollow demons will have to pay a price greater than the life of a Spirit Venerable realm hollow demon.

“Found origin force! Found origin force! Located 45 meters to the east and 72 meters to the north.”

A string of prompts sounded in Shu Feng’s mind.

“Isn’t that the direction of the Hollow Demon Gate Damn it! A Hollow Demon Gate that has been set up isn’t something that I can deal with!”

Shu Feng escaped to the outside of Muluo Village without looking back.

Since the hollow demons paid a huge price to open the Hollow Demon Gate, they must want to send hollow demon big shots, at least at the Spirit Grandmaster or even Spirit Venerable realm.

If they have enough time, such terrifying hollow demons can destroy a small city like Leijiang City.

And even if the army appears, it will be easily annihilated by them.


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