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7 – Cultivation

“Spirit Cultivation Method! Although my awakened aptitude is lacking, but I may have a talent for cultivation.”

After returning home, Shu Feng took out the Spirit Cultivation Method and carefully looked through it several times.

He memorized all its key points, and then closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

The first and most critical step in practicing the Spirit Cultivation Method is to sense the awakened spirit force inside your body.

Then, with the spirit force in your body as the core, absorb the spirit force particles floating in the world and and condense them to form spirit force belonging to you.

People who haven’t awakened spirit force practically cannot perceive spirit force.

Even if an expert injects their spirit force into an unawakened individual, the latter still won’t be able to make the spirit force particles stay inside them and become theirs.

Before entering in contact with Erosion Realm’s three great worlds, people who haven’t awakened a spirit ability could never cultivate spirit force.

This was an iron law of this world.

After entering in contact with Erosion Realm, the experts of this world found some top-level potions and natural materials of other worlds that can break this iron law and enable ordinary people to cultivate spirit force.

“I can feel it!”

After an hour, Shu Feng sensed strands of almost impossible to perceive spirit force inside him.

Next, he operated the Spirit Cultivation Method and began to absorb the spirit force particles of the world.

Shu Feng faintly perceived mysterious particles begin to flow into his body.

Two hours later, a sense to exhaustion washed over Shu Feng, letting him know that he cannot continue to practice the Spirit Cultivation Method any longer.

“I wonder by how much has my spirit force increased! It’s really exciting.”

Shu Feng willed and entered the mysterious space.

He arrived in front of the Central Analyzer and started the test.

“Spirit force 1.”

A message emerged.

Feeling surprised, Shu Feng uttered, “There’s no change How is that possible By how much has my spirit force increased this time Round off to four decimal places.”

“Spirit force 1.0253.

Spirit force increased by 0.0103.”

“Spirit force increased by 0.0103 in one day.

This means that I need to cultivate for about 10,000 days before I can increase my spirit force value to 100 points, form a spirit core, and advance to a Spirit Warrior.

In other words, I have to practice cultivation for 27 to 28 years before I can become a Spirit Warrior.”

“No wonder formal members of Flameguard are just Spirit Warriors! For ordinary spirit users, Spirit Warrior is basically the ultimate goal they can achieve in their life.”

A complex color flashed in Shu Feng’s eyes.

A Spirit Warrior realm powerhouse can become a formal member of Flameguard and have an annual salary of 1 million.

In a city like Leijiang, they can already be regarded as an elite.

But in Erosion Realm, Spirit Warrior realm experts are at the bottom of the food chain.

Without Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base, it is basically not allowed to leave the stations in Erosion Realm.

“Let’s input the Spirit Cultivation Method so that I can browse it at any time without worrying about being found out by others.”

Shu Feng placed the Spirit Cultivation Method in the Central Analyzer and let the Central Analyzer scan it.

The Spirit Cultivation Method was quickly analyzed.

“Scanning completed.

According to the host’s current situation, should deductions be carried out to improve the methods cultivation efficiency”

Shu Feng’s eyes lit up, and he said excitedly, “Go ahead!”

The Central Analyzer shone and quickly deduced a new cultivation method.

“Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0, can double the efficiency of absorbing spirit force.

In order to deduce a higher-level method, please invest origin force or enhance the database.”

A string of text appeared on the Central Analyzer.

“It can double the efficiency of absorbing spirit force! In that case, I will only need to practice cultivation for 13 to 14 years in order to become a Spirit Warrior.” Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, feeling excited.

After a while, he calmed down and sank into his thoughts: “Origin force What’s that Is it a kind of high-level energy”


“Forget it! Let’s try the other secrets methods!”

Shu Feng quickly input the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method, the Magic Foundation, and the Spirit Shield Art into the Central Analyzer for deduction.

Of the three secret methods, only the Spirit Shield Art had a version 2.0 deduced, doubling the transmission efficiency of spirit force.

The other two methods, which contain extraordinary power, remained unchanged.

“Although my cultivation aptitude is ordinary.

However, I should be able to catch up with Ding Xiaoxue one day.”

Shu Feng looked at the Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0, smiled faintly, and left the mysterious space.

He lied down on his bad and fell asleep.

“Shu Feng, let’s go together!”

The next day after school, Ding Xiaoxue came to Shu Feng’s classroom again.


Shu Feng got up and followed Ding Xiaoxue outside.

Wang Mo gazed at Shu Feng’s back with envy, and then went to Xu Gang’s side and instigated: “Boss, Shu Feng has been quite arrogant recently.

He often goes home with Ding Xiaoxue.”

Ding Xiaoxue is recognized as the unattainable flower of Leijiang No.

3 Middle School.

The people who like her are a dozen plus times as many as the people who like Zhong Jietong.

Standing beside Xu Gang, Zhou Changfeng, a boy with acne and a height of 1.8 meters, snorted coldly and said with disdain: “That pauper doesn’t know his place! He doesn’t deserve to be Ding Xiaoxue’s friend.”

Wang Mo and Zhou Changfeng are two lackeys who follow Xu Gang around.

Xu Gang’s eyes flashed, and he said slowly, “Shu Feng really doesn’t deserve to be Ding Xiaoxue’s friend.

But Ding Xiaoxue’s background isn’t simple.”

Xu Gang once fancied Ding Xiaoxue very much.

But what he saw that day made him realize that she is out of his league.

Because of this, he turned his attention to Zhong Jietong.

Wang Mo uttered with a gloomy smile, “Boss, although we can’t touch Ding Xiaoxue.

But we can make Shu Feng leave Ding Xiaoxue’s side by himself.”

Xu Gang’s eyes flashed slightly.

He watched Shu Feng’s back silently.

Wang Lu said excitedly, “Look, Jietong! Ding Xiaoxue came looking for Shu Feng again.

The two of them have been really close recently.

Do you think Ding Xiaoxue likes Shu Feng”

Zhong Jietong felt a little uncomfortable and raised her voice: “Impossible! How could Ding Xiaoxue like Shu Feng Absolutely impossible!”

Wang Lu uttered with a smile, “You’re right! I heard that Qian Hao, the captain of the basketball team, confessed to her a few days ago and was rejected.

If she rejected a handsome guy like Qian Hao, then there’s no way Ding Xiaoxue would fancy someone as ordinary as Shu Feng”


Zhong Jietong looked at the departing backs of Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue, feeling a little upset.


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