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69 – Xie Yuma

“Stop! Shu Feng, have your companion stop! Or else I’ll kill him! This man is an ordinary person who has nothing to do with this incident! If you want to save him, then give up resistance!”

Xu Gang grabbed Zhao Tie, who is missing a leg, and spoke to Shu Feng and You Meng with a ferocious smile.

“Help me! Older sister Tiantian, help me! I don’t want to die!”

Zhao Tie’s eyes flashed with the shades of pain and struggle, and he screamed bitterly.

“Zhao Tie!”

When Guo Tiantian saw Zhao Tie, who is missing a leg, she burst into tears, and regret welled up inside her.


Along with a gunshot, a big bloody hole appeared on Xu Gang’s chest, and a large amount of blood sprayed out.

The faint light emanated from the Black Fang in You Meng’s hands, and then extinguished.

“Jie King! Oh mighty Jie King! Please give me strength!”

With a fierce look on his face, Xu Gang took out a sculpture of Jie King and shouted wildly, and black hollow demon force flowed into his body.

The tissue of the bloody hole on his chest squirmed and began to close the bloody hole rapidly.

“Ha-ha-ha! Did you see This is the power of Jie King, the power of a hollow demon king! As long as I have this power, I can rule the world! I can kill you all!”

Xu Gang laughed wildly and crushed Zhao Tie’s neck.

When his neck was broken, Zhao Tie trembled, and then collapsed to the ground, dead.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a frigid look in her eyes, You Meng shot at Xu Gang repeatedly.

“It’s no use! I’m invincible!”

With a scarlet glimmer in his eyes, Xu Gang laughed maniacally and spread the fingers of his right hand, and a black flesh wing emerged out of his right hand and blocked in front of him.

When the bullets hit the black flesh wing, blood splattered.

The small holes on the black flesh wing healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Damn it! I’ll have to write a report again! I hate writing reports the most!”

You Meng muttered, and then quickly loaded a Demonbreak Bullet, infused it with spirit force, and pulled the trigger.


A black light thread ripped through the void.

In an instant, it slammed into the black flesh wing, ran through it, and stabbed into Xu Gang’s body, and a bloody hole appeared on his body.

“No! It hurts! It hurts!”

When the Demonbreak Bullet stabbed into his body, Xu Gang’s face distorted from pain, and he rolled on the ground and wailed.

Demonbreak Bullet contains Gold Essence and is highly toxic to hollow demons and people corrupted by hollow demons.

Once this bullet pierces their body, it will cause unbearable pain.

“What trash! Can’t even consume the strength of Flameguard.

Your only use is to serve as nutrients for me to recover some strength.”

A handsome young man with short hair and cold and cruel eyes suddenly appeared behind Xu Gang, stabbed his hand into the other party’s chest, and dug out his heart, and then stuffed it into his mouth and chewed.

“Mom… mom…!”

Xu Gang looked at the strange female ghost in red floating behind him.

He coughed up blood, and his red eyes recovered a trace of clarity and filled with regret.

He then fell to the ground and died.

The female ghost in red trembled slightly and began to blur.

“Your son gave me his heart! Now come into my stomach to reunite with your son!”

After the young man with short hair consumed Xu Gang’s heart, a pair of horns grew on his head, blue veins criss-crossed on his face, black hollow demon force circled around him, and terrifying aura emanated from him.

“What’s going on”

“Why are there so many dead people here!”



When the female ghost in red was consumed, the followers of the Jie Demonic Cult, who had ferocious gleams in their eyes, regained their senses, screamed one after another, and fled in different directions, scared witless.

“Shu Feng, be careful! It’s a Souleater! It is a terrifying hollow demon that can devour humans, ghosts, and other powerful beings to restore it’s strength and evolve! Judging by its fluctuations of power, it should be a Spirit Master realm Souleater!”

You Meng barked, loaded a magazine with 20 Demonbreak Bullets, and shot repeatedly at the Souleater, a grave flash in her eyes.

Shu Feng ordered with a dignified shade in his eyes, “Go and tear him apart!”

With vicious glints in their eyes, the 80 Black Dog Hollows rushed towards the Souleater.

“Yes, I, Xie Yuma, am a honorable Souleater, a honorable noble of the Souleater clan! You lowly humans only deserve to serve as nutrients for my evolution.

Come on! Become my meritorious service as well as nutrients for my evolution!”

With a ferocious smile on his face, Xie Yuma’s figure flashed, and he broke out with lightning fast speed and dodged You Meng’s Demonbreak Bullets in an instant.

“What fast speed!”

Shu Feng fired 20 rounds at Xie Yuma and emptied a magazine of Demonbreak Bullets, yet all of them missed the other party by a wide margin.

Within several breaths of time, Xie Yuma crossed a distance of 100 meters and appeared in front of You Meng.

“Meteor Sword Art!”

With an icy glimmer in her beautiful eyes, You Meng performed the Meteor Sword Art, which is a well-known first-class sword art of Xuanwu World.

As if a meteor, a sword ray stabbed at a vital point of Xie Yuma.

“The sword art is pretty good! Unfortunately, you’re too weak!”

Xie Yuma smiled frigidly, and the fingers of his hand surged with demonic light and appeared at the place where the sword ray was going to stab him.


A sharp sound rose, and the sword ray collapsed.

Then, Xie Yuma kicked You Meng, and a great force broke out and sent her flying a dozen plus meters away.

More than a dozen Black Dog Hollows rushed towards You Meng and guarded in front of her.

“The greatest weakness of a summoner is the summoner himself.

Therefore, as long as I kill you, everything will be over!”

Xie Yuma smiled ferociously and rushed towards Shu Feng.

With a ferocious glint in its eyes, the Goblin King guarding in front of Shu Feng took a step forward and brandished the Bloody Butcher, and a bloody ray slashed towards Xie Yuma.


Xie Yuma grabbed the axe of the Goblin King and was forcibly pushed several steps back.

“Just a smelly Goblin! Even though it’s a Goblin King, but it’s only qualified to serve as my prey!”

Xie Yuma smiled frigidly.

All of a sudden, his figure flashed, and he left three afterimages that shot towards Shu Feng standing behind the Goblin King from three different directions.


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