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68 – Nest

“Long live the great Jie King!

Suddenly, from every corner of the village, dozens of people with red eyes, dressed in ragged clothes, holding knives poured out and rushed towards Shu Feng and You Meng while shouting slogans.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a cold look in her eyes, You Meng unleashed extremely accurate gunmanship and burst the head of a follower of the Jie Demonic Cult with each bullet. 

Shu Feng isn’t as good as You Meng in terms of gunmanship.

However, Black Fang is a large caliber gun, equivalent to a small hand cannon.

When the followers were hit by the bullet fired from this gun, they either had a large hole blasted open on their body or had an arm blow away.

The 10 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows next to Shu Feng knocked the followers that slipped through the cracks to the ground one after another and bit off their throat.

The dozens of followers were quickly dealt with by You Meng and Shu Feng.

“Pure soul force 0.5!”


Shu Feng walked by the bodies of the followers, and a string of prompts kept ringing.

Shu Feng frowned: “They seem to be humans!”

You Meng’s beautiful eyes flickered with the color of disgust, and she uttered coldly, “They’re just garbage brainwashed by the evil cult! These brainwashed trash do really contemptible things at times.

Don’t overthink things in battle.

Just kill the enemies in front of you.

Otherwise, you will be the one to die!”

Shu Feng replied, “Yes!”

“Isn’t this Shu Feng It turns out that you are a spirit user! No wonder you were so arrogant back then and were able to destroy my family! Spirit users are really selfish and contemptible.

For the sake of their self-interest, they kill indiscriminately.”

A young man with white hair, a twisted face, a ferocious gleam in the eyes, and three bloody lines intertwined on the face came out and spoke to Shu Feng with a cold smile.

Shu Feng looked at the young man who came out and exclaimed in surprise: “Xu Gang! You did all this In other words, you have been possessed by a psionic hollow demon!”

“If I were possessed by a psionic hollow demon, you could kill me fair and square, right You murderer!”

“It’s a shame, but I wasn’t possessed by a psionic hollow demon.

Instead, I have become a believer of the great Jie King! The great Jie King gave me strength.

Strength that can help me to kill you, Gao Wen, and those bastards.”

“I used this strength to recruit many companions! Go ahead and kill them! They are all living humans! Ordinary people like me!”

Xu Gang spoke with a ferocious smile, a flash of madness in his eyes.

Behind Xu Gang, there is a middle-aged female ghost dressed in crimson clothes, with tears of blood streaming down her face, exuding strange fluctuations.

“Long live Jie King! Spirit users must all die!”

Hundreds of men and women, both old and young, dressed in all kinds of clothes, charged towards Shu Feng and You Meng, a glimmer of fanaticism in their eyes.

The whole Muluo Village has obviously been eroded by the Jie Demonic Cult.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a cold look in her eyes, You Meng pulled the trigger, and bullets slammed into the followers of the Jie Demonic Cult and left large bloody holes behind.

Shu Feng showed no mercy and frantically shot the followers of the Jie Demonic Cult.

However, as if possessed, the followers ignored the tragic end of their companions and continued to charge frenziedly.

After paying the price of dozens of lives, the rest reached the Black Dog Hollows.

The 10 Black Dog Hollows lunged and bit 10 followers to death.

The rest of the followers of the Jie Demonic Cult rushed towards You Meng and Shu Feng like zombies, eyes shot with blood.

You Meng frowned and shouted, “Let’s fight while retreating!”

“No need! Let’s just face offense with offense!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Shu Feng willed, and 70 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows appeared and lunged at the followers of the Jie Demonic Cult.

Blood splattered as the Black Dog Hollows knocked the followers to the ground and bit off their throats.

The followers stabbed the Black Dog Hollows with kitchen knives, which were either knocked back or broken outright.

The hundreds of crazy followers soon fell to the ground like straw and turned into corpses.

There was a bright flash in You Meng’s beautiful eyes: “Awesome! Is this Shu Feng’s strength What a dreadful spirit ability.

No wonder the captain asked me to form a team with him!”

Among the followers of the Jie Demonic Cult, two followers faced the sky and howled, their muscles squirmed, and they turned into two 2-meter-tall monsters with a humanoid body and a wolf head.

The two monsters rushed towards You Meng and Shu Feng respectively.


You Meng’s eyes constricted, and she raised the sword in her right hand to block in front of her.


The Werewolf was extremely fast.

In an instant, it appeared in front of You Meng, and its claw slammed into You Meng’s sword, forcing her to take a step back.

The Werewolf launched a storm of attacks with its claws.

The other Werewolf had just reached Shu Feng, when the Goblin King equipped with the Black Turtle Shield in one hand and the battleaxe Bloody Butcher worth 30 million in the other hand took a step forward and brandished the battleaxe, which turned into a bloody ray.

The upper body of the Werewolf rose into the air, and a large amount of blood gushed out and splattered all over the Goblin King.

A shadow suddenly emerged from behind Shu Feng, turned into a pair of large hands, and grabbed his legs firmly.


Smoke rose as the spirit force membrane around Shu Feng’s legs was eroded and weakened.

As soon as he stepped into Muluo Village, Shu Feng used a spirit shield art and activated a spirit force membrane.

His caution ultimately allowed him to avoid a calamity.


Shu Feng infused his spirit force and shot behind him, and a Demonbreak Bullet with faint gloss blasted into the shadow.

The shadow screamed, twisted, and jumped out of Shu Feng’s shadow.

The shadow turned out to be a handsome Shade powerhouse with black skin and mysterious shadow runes engraved all over the body, emanating a wicked aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With a cold look in his eye, Shu Feng pulled the trigger three times, and Demonbreak Bullets slammed into the Shade powerhouse.

Three large holes appeared on the Shade’s torso and chest, and smoke and blood emerged.

The Shade issued a scream and died directly.

With a ferocious glimmer in his eyes, the Goblin King rushed towards the other Werewolf and appeared behind the other party in a few steps, and the Bloody Butcher turned into a bloody ray.

The Werewolf fighting You Meng was bisected squarely.


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