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67 – Thorny

Guo Tiantian whispered, unable to suppress her excitement, “Tie, did you see that What was it Was it magic or summoning I really didn’t see it wrong.

This is big news.

Once this exclusive news is reported, I will become a top reporter!”

Zhao Tie had an incredulous look on his face, “Magic! Is all this real”


Several Black Dog Hollows suddenly turned around and issued a threatening roar in the direction of Guo Tiantian and Zhao Tie.

Shu Feng frowned, looked in the direction of Guo Tiantian and Zhao Tie, and shouted, “Come out!”

Zhao Tie asked with a worried expression, “Older sister Tiantian, we’ve been found! What do we do now”

“So what if we’ve been found! What can they do to us Will they kill us You’re such a scaredy-cat.

You don’t look like a reporter at all.”

Guo Tiantian looked at Zhao Tie askance, and then walked towards Shu Feng’s group.

Guo Tiantian uttered confidently, “Hello, I am Guo Tiantian, a reporter from Leijiang Daily.

This is my co-worker, Zhao Tie.

What should we call the two of you”

Shu Feng took out the spirit gun Black Fang, pointed at Guo Tiantian, and shouted, “Stop, don’t move!”

Guo Tiantian turned pale in the face, raised her hands, and said: “Don’t shoot!”

Zhao Tie also turned pale in the face, raised his hands, and screamed, “Don’t shoot!”

You Meng took out a palm sized green scepter engraved with countless mysterious spirit runes and flicked it slightly.

The green Purespirit Scepter emitted light green ripples that shrouded Guo Tiantian and Zhao Tie.

You Meng said, “Neither of them is possessed by a psionic hollow demon! They’re still alive!”

Shu Feng lowered the Black Fang and uttered, “I am Shu Feng, a level-3 commissioner! It’s dangerous here! Please leave here immediately!”

After Guo Tiantian breathed a sigh of relief, her spirit of a reporter ignited, and she asked, “What’s the danger By the way, Shu Feng, how did those large dogs and monster suddenly appear next to you Did you use magic Are you a magician of legend”

Shu Feng creased his eyebrows and said in reply, “No comment! Please leave!”

Guo Tiantian uttered somewhat overbearingly, “Journalists have the right to report the truth, while the people have the right to know the truth.

Please answer my questions.”

You Meng frowned and said coldly, “Shu Feng, don’t waste words on her.

Guo Tiantian, right If you want to know the truth, then come with us! But let me warn you, it’s dangerous here.

If you come with us, you’ll probably die.

We won’t protect you.”

“Are you trying to scare me I’m not afraid!”

Guo Tiantian sneered in her heart, and then said, “We don’t need your protection.

We can protect ourselves.”

You Meng said coldly, “Let’s go! Shu Feng!”

Shu Feng frowned and followed You Meng further into Muluo Village.

“Hello! We offer free eggs.

If you come to listen to master Zhang’s health class, you will get a box of eggs for free!”

Two handsome young men came over with a smile on their faces.

You Meng raised the Purespirit Scepter, and the scepter radiated dim light.

She then raised the Black Feng in her other hand, aimed at the two young men, and pulled the trigger.


A young man’s head burst like a watermelon, and red and white matter sputtered on the ground.

“You killed! You killed him!”

Guo Tiantian took several steps back and screamed, her face ashen.

Zhao Tie was so frightened that he couldn’t move and trembled uncontrollably.

Along with a cold wind, a translucent ghost with a rotten body and maggots coming in and out of empty eye sockets, resembling the young man that was shot, flew out at once and lunged at Shu Feng and You Meng.

When Guo Tiantian saw the ferocious ghost, she felt cold as if she has fallen into an ice cave, “What is that A ghost Are there really ghosts in this world”


With a light shout from Shu Feng, a Black Dog Hollow lunged, surged with faint demonic qi from his fangs and claws, and bit the translucent ghost.

The ghost screamed, emitted black mist from all over its body, and stabbed at the Black Dog Hollow with its hands.

Demonic qi appeared on his body and blocked the ghost’s hands, and then the Black Dog Hollow madly tore the ghost into pieces.

Next, the Black Dog Hollow knocked the other young man to the ground and bit his throat off.

A translucent psionic hollow demon had just appeared, when the Black Dog Hollow bit its head off.

You Meng’s eyes brightened, and she said, “Shu Feng, your summoned hollow demon is really strong.

It seems that it has evolved to the Spirit Warrior realm.

Have you become a heaven’s bonder in the World of Endorsas and awakened the summoner class”

In the Erosion Realm, Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows are cannon fodder that can be found everywhere.

But on Blue Star, which is protected by the Worldheart, they are relatively rare.

After Shu Feng destroyed the Hollow Demon Gate, his summoned Black Dog Hollows became this strong.

This naturally made You Meng curious.

Shu Feng replied with a faint smile, “Older sister You Meng, it’s taboo to ask others about their spirit abilities!”

You Meng glared at Shu Feng: “Tsk, smelly boy, you dare talk back to me.”

Shu Feng uttered, “Older sister You Meng, were these two psionic hollow demons our target”

“Zhao Tie, Zhao Tie, where are you Don’t scare me like that! Let’s go back! Don’t scare me like that!”

All of a sudden, Guo Tiantian screamed in horror.

Shu Feng turned around and saw that Zhao Tie, who had been less than 5 meters behind them, disappeared abruptly.

You Meng’s pretty eyes flashed with a dignified color: “It seems that the task this time is more thorny than I imagined.

The psionic hollow demons here are really strong! Unfortunately, the captain and them have their hands tied, or else calling for reinforcements would be the best course of action.”

“Shu Feng, I know I was wrong! I implore you! Please help me save Zhao Tie! He’s just 19, still a child.

Please save him!”

Guo Tiantian burst into tears, rushed to Shu Feng’s group of two, and pleaded bitterly.

You Meng’s pretty eyes flashed with disgust, and she shouted, “Everyone has to pay for their actions! We have warned you! It was your stupidity that caused the death of your colleague.

We still have a task to carry out.

Now shut up and follow us, or get lost.”

Guo Tiantian took a few steps back and arrived next to a Black Dog Hollow, tears streaming down her face, her heart full of regret.

Shu Feng and You Meng continued to walk deeper into the village.


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