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66 – Muluo Village

All of a sudden, a phone rang.

You Meng creased her eyebrows, picked up her smartphone, and asked, “Captain, is something the matter”

Zhou Yang responded: “There’s a situation in Jiangbei District, Muluo Village.

Psionic hollow demons have possibly appeared there.

You and Shu Feng are to investigate this together.

You have my authorization to use the 3rd tier secret treasure Purespirit Scepter!”

You Meng frowned and asked, “Just the two of us Isn’t that too few people”

In a third or fourth tier city like Leijiang City, there are rarely traces of hollow demons.

Once hollow demon emerge, Flameguard will dispatch a team of 3 to 4 people to deal with the problem.

Although You Meng and Shu Feng are both Spirit Warrior realm spirit users.

But once the two of them come across powerful hollow demons, they will be in great danger.

Zhou Yang answered, “You Meng, don’t worry! Shu Feng is very strong! Besides, we are understaffed at the moment.

I have to go to Jiangnan District to deal with something.

I leave Muluo Village to you guys.

Be mindful of your safety.

If there’s any abnormality, retreat immediately.”

“I understand! Captain!”

You Meng ended the call and said to Shu Feng, “Get ready.

Psionic hollow demons appeared at Muluo Village.

We’re going to deal with them.”

“Psionic hollow demons!”

Zhong Jietong clenched her fists, her beautiful eyes shot with blood, and her delicate body trembled.

Zhuo Qianlei’s pretty eyes brightened, and she got up and said in a loud voice, “I want to go with you guys! Older sister You Meng, please let me go with you! I joined Flameguard in order to help those in need!”

“No! You’re too weak! According to the rules of Flameguard, unless your cultivation base has reached the Spirit Warrior realm, we can’t take you out on missions.

Hollow demons, and especially psionic hollow demons, are experts in illusion arts.

They can manipulate and distort a person’s senses.

Without Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base and special extraordinary equipment, you’ll only be a burden on the battlefield.”

“Therefore, you guys should stay here and train! When you have advanced to the Spirit Warrior realm, you will naturally have the opportunity to go out on missions together with us.”

You Meng snapped at Zhuo Qianlei, and then asked, “Shu Feng, how long do you need to prepare”

Spirit users attach great importance to equipment.

After all, the strength of unequipped spirit users will be reduced by more than half.

It is quite normal for spirit users to prepare their equipment before going out on a mission.

Shu Feng responded, “Give me 10 minutes!”

You Meng uttered, “Then I’ll see you at Beiling Street’s exit in 20 minutes!”

20 minutes later, at Beiling Street’s exist.

Dressed in a silver-white battlegear, with a unicorn diagram engraved on the chest area, You Meng walked towards Shu Feng.

“Unicorn Armor! Older sister You Meng, to be able to get this extraordinary battlegear, you’re really amazing!”

Shu Feng’s eyes lit up, and he exclaimed.

The Unicorn Armor is a 2nd tier extraordinary battlegear and it costs 400 million credits and 4,000 contribution points.

It has three kinds of enchantments, namely Speed Enhancement, Defense Enhancement, and Comprehensive Resistance 2.

Even if it is loaded with Armor-Piercing Bullets, a Black Crow would need to hit the same place three times in order to be able to pierce through the Unicorn Armor’s defense.

You Meng also has the spirit shield barrier, which further enhances her defense.

You Meng said with a pained expression, “In order to buy this battlegear, I had to spend all my savings! Money really doesn’t last long!”

Shu Feng felt emotional: “Indeed, money doesn’t last long!”

Shu Feng sold his gold bars for a total of 900 million credits.

Yet before a month was up, he had already spent it all.

If it were not for the batch of Chromatic Bees, he basically wouldn’t be able to start a company.

You Meng asked, “How many shares of the new company am I going to get”

Shu Feng answered, “1%!”

You Meng uttered indignantly, “So few.

But Ma Jin will get 3%.

Are you looking down on me”

Shu Feng looked at You Meng askance: “Big brother Ma Jin gave me 20 million before.

It’s natural for me to return the favor.

“No! I want 2%! Shu Feng, I’m really poor right now.

Let’s do it this way.

I’ll give you 1 million credits for another 1% of shares in your company.”

“The annual revenue of my company is estimated to be several billion credits.

Yet you want to purchase 1% of its shares with 1 million He-he, you’re asking for too much.”

Jiangbei District, outside Muluo Village, there are police cars parked, demarcating a long cordon and blocking the road leading to the village.

“Older sister Tiantian, are we really going there.

The police have sealed off this place.

Let’s go back!”

A scrawny, handsome young man whispered to a beautiful young woman with delicate makeup, fair skin, large eyes, and an oval face in an alley.

Guo Tiantian looked at the young man askance and scolded, “Idiot! Since the police have sealed off this place, it means that there’s a scoop here.

If we can get our hands on this exclusive scoop, we’ll get the recognition of the higher-ups.

We’ll get a promotion and an increase in salary and become top figures in the business.

No one will ever look down on us again.”

After she said that, Guo Tiantian stepped on a trash can, climbed over the wall skillfully and entered Muluo Village.

Zhao Tie hesitated for a moment, and then gritted his teeth, stepped on the trash can, climbed over the wall, and entered Muluo Village.

Guo Tiantian’s eyes brightened, and she said, “Look, someone has come in! They’re so young! Sure enough, there’s something shady going on here!”

At the entrance of Muluo Village, a handsome young man and a beautiful young woman giving of onee-san vibes equipped with a silver battlegear walked past the police and stepped into Muluo Village.

You Meng said with a smile, “Alright! Shu Feng, let me see your ability! I’m looking forward to see how much your ability has developed after the Parasitic Spider Demon incident.

Don’t let me down!”

“Don’t worry, my ability will not disappoint you!”

Shu Feng smiled, and then spread his arms, put on a pious expression, and mumbled: “Oh great Master of Beasts, your most sincere believer prays to you! Please grant me beasts to protect myself.”

Following ripples in space, a Goblin King equipped with black armor, a battleaxe in one hand, and a giant shield in the other hand and 10 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows appeared beside Shu Feng.

You Meng’s eyes brightened, and she uttered, “A Goblin King! The apex of Goblin evolution! A Spirit Master realm monster! So this is your ability! It’s terrific! No wonder you were able to destroy the Hollow Demon Gate.

This ability should be regarded as a high grade earth realm ability.”

Shu Feng asked strangely: “High grade earth realm My ability is this strong, yet it still hasn’t reached the sky realm”

You Meng responded with a smile, “Of course not! Sky realm spirit abilities are extremely weird and formidable.

Even if they haven’t reached the Spirit Saint realm, sky realm spirit ability users can threaten Spirit Saints.

They are mobile weapons and are equivalent to Spirit Saints.

Although your ability is formidable, but it is still far from the level of sky realm spirit abilities!”


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