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64 – Rapid Progress

“The Great Sun Scripture and Hundred Temperings Steel Body haven’t changed much.

But they were just adjusted to be more compatible with the characteristics of my 36 meridians.”

Shu Feng carefully checked the enhanced secret methods, and then sat cross-legged and cultivated the Great Sun Scripture.

When he began to cultivate the Great Sun Scripture, Shu Feng sensed the 36 meridians he erected absorb spirit force particles from the void and transform them into wisps of scalding hot spirit force, which finally gathered at his Dantian and formed a spirit core containing Yang attribute spirit force.

“1,050 points of spirit force! A 50 points increase at a stretch!”

With the Godly Meridian Erecting Method and Great Sun Scripture, coupled with the potential of the third boundary, I should be regarded as a true genius now!”

Shu Feng opened his eyes.

With a thought, he found that his spirit force has increased by 50 points in one cultivation session, and his eyes flashed with ecstasy.

If he hadn’t erected the 36 meridians, didn’t use pills, and had employed the Spirit Cultivation Method, his spirit force would increase by only about 3 points.

However, by using the Godly Meridian Erecting Method to erect 36 meridians, coupled with the Great Sun Scripture, Shu Feng’s cultivation speed reached an unprecedented level and his spirit force increased by 50 points in one day.

“The lowest threshold to advance to the Spirit Master realm from the Spirit Warrior realm is 9,000 points of spirit force.

According to my current cultivation speed, even if I don’t have any resources, I can advance to a Spirit Master in just 1 year.”

The corners of Shu Feng’s mouth rose slightly and his eyes shimmered with endless excitement and elation.

Only a short while ago, if under the condition that he didn’t have any resources, it would take Shu Feng more than 20 years to cultivate to the Spirit Warrior realm.

Now he has finally transformed and evolved into a real cultivation genius.

“The Hundred Temperings Steel Body requires the use of external forces to temper the body and the use of special medicine baths to improve the physical constitution.

It’s a shame, but I lack origin force.

Otherwise, I would be able to directly use origin force to trigger a promotion.”

There was a gleam of regret in Shu Feng’s eyes.

He willed, and several Goblins equipped with baseball bats stepped forward and hit him ruthlessly according to a wondrous rhythm.

While enduring the pain, he operated his spirit force according to the Hundred Temperings Steel Body, strengthening the parts of his body that were hit.

A few days later, on the shooting range.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of gunfire rose, and bullet holes appeared on a target with ten rings 50 meters away.

Shu Feng looked at the target 50 meters away and uttered: “There seems to be no difference between Black Fang and Black Crow in terms of firepower!”

Now that his physical constitution has increased greatly, the recoil Shu Feng felt from firing Black Fang has become minute.

His gunmanship has risen to a new level.

Ma Jin said, “Of course there’s no difference! After all, you’re firing normally! Inject spirit force into Black Fang and try again!”

Shu Feng urged his spirit force and poured it into Black Fang, and the spirit gun radiated faint light and surged with mysterious patterns that intertwined to form a dragon fang pattern.

In the next moment, a bullet with a faint glow ejected out and slammed into the center of the target, and a hole the size of three fingers appeared on the target.

“The power has increased a lot.

But at the same time, one-twentieth of my spirit force was extracted.

That means I can only fire 20 spirit force enchanted bullets!”

Shu Feng sensed the change of spirit force in his body and quietly calculated his combat power.

“Bullet spirit force enchantment can strengthen the power of bullets and, most importantly, can cause damage to psionic hollow demons.

Ordinary bullets can’t hurt spectres and evil spirit type hollow demons.

Only spirit force enchanted bullets and attacks containing spirit force can deal damage to them.”

“In addition, bullet spirit force enchantment can also strengthen the power of Demonbreak Bullets, Purification Bullets, and other kinds of special bullets.

Therefore, a good spirit gun is equivalent to a second life of a spirit gun user.”

“As a spirit gun user, there are a lot of things that you need to learn.

For instance, you have to adjust the amount of spirit force you input into the spirit gun.

For small fry monsters, a smaller amount of spirit force is needed, while for powerful monsters, a greater amount of spirit force is needed.

A subtle control of spirit force is of great importance.

You need to study hard in Shuijing High School.”

“As spirit gun users, spirit shield is one of your main means of defense.

But the basic Spirit Shield Art is too inefficient.

When you earn enough money, I recommend you to purchase the Mountain Spirit Shield Art.

It has a high defense.

But conversely, it has a greater consumption of spirit force.”

As he explained, Ma Jin looked at Shu Feng, his eyes filled with satisfaction.

These days, Shu Feng seems to have gained enlightenment regarding gunmanship and is progressing rapidly, making the other party feel amazed.

“He-he! Feng, your young girlfriend is looking for you again.”

Ma Jin glanced at Zhuo Qianlei, who stepped into the shooting range, and spoke with a strange smile.

Shu Feng replied helplessly, “Big brother Ma Jin, she’s really not my girlfriend.”

Ma Jin patted Shu Feng on the shoulder and said sympathetically, “I understand! You have a crush on Xiaoxue! But think about it.

Xiaoxue is a legitimate daughter of a third grade aristocratic family.

She is of noble blood and has an extraordinary family background.”

After Shu Feng joined Flameguard, he learned that in the world of spirit users, households are divided into four ranks, namely poor family, rich family, aristocratic family, and magnus family.

Poor families are families of ordinary spirit users like Shu Feng without any background nor backing.

Rich families are families with many spirit users and a Spirit Grandmaster realm expert.

Families are further divided into nine grades.

Take the third grade aristocratic family rank as example, it is further divided into high third grade, mid third grade, and low third grade.

High third grade aristocratic families have previously given birth to quasi-Saints and are now guarded by Spirit Venerable realm experts.

Mid third grade aristocratic families are guarded by Spirit Venerable realm experts.

Low third grade aristocratic families have previously given birth to Spirit Venerable realm experts and are guarded by Spirit Grandmaster realm experts.

As for magnus family, it refers to families who have quasi-Saints and Saints standing guard.

The Qianyuan Republic seems normal.

But in fact, it is being controlled by magnus families, aristocratic families, and rich families.

Their tentacles have penetrated all aspects of the country.

As a legitimate daughter of a high third grade aristocratic family, Ding Xiaoxue’s status is more noble than that of princesses of many small countries.

The mayor of Leijiang City has to be polite to her and curry favor with her.

At the thought of Ding Xiaoxue, ripples rose in Shu Feng’s heart.

The girl whose smile seems to brighten the whole world left Leijiang City without a trace after the Parasitic Spider Demon incident.

“Big brother Ma Jin, I’ll take my leave first!”

Shu Feng looked askance at Ma Jin, and then strode towards Zhuo Qianlei.

“You’re done practicing gunmanship How’s your progress”

“Within a range of 50 meters, I can hit a fixed target 100% of the time.

I can also hit a moving target 50% of the time.


While chatting with Zhuo Qianlei, Shu Feng entered the martial arts hall, and then changed into white martial arts clothes and entered the hall.

Wearing white martial arts clothes, Zhong Jietong is practicing hand-to-hand combat with You Meng.

After going through so many things, the previously weak and pitiful girl has now a valiant air about her.

As heaven’s bonders who have awakened a class, Zhuo Qianlei and Zhong Jietong are classified as spirit users and can cultivate spirit force.

They have also joined Flameguard.

Liu Zhen, the heaven’s bonder who has awakened the gladiator class, is sitting aside and watching the fight quietly.


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