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63 – Godly Meridian Erecting Method

“Godly Meridian Erecting Method, what a grand name! Let’s see what’s so great about this Godly Meridian Erecting Method.”

Shu Feng began to skim over the Godly Meridian Erecting Method the Central Analyzer deduced.

“Awesome! As expected of the Godly Meridian Erecting Method! It can actually erect 365 meridians! What a wonderful secret method!”

Shu Feng drew in a sharp breath when he read about the Godly Meridian Erecting Method, and his eyes flashed with a burning color.

Although people of Blue Star and Xuanwu World look exactly the same, but the former don’t have the twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians.

It’s impossible for them to cultivate extraordinary martial arts of Xuanwu World.

However, Blue Star’s Saints are outrageous talents, and many of them are top figures in life sciences.

They came up with the genius idea of erecting the twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians with the spirit core as the core, making it so that spirit users can cultivate the extraordinary martial arts of Xuanwu World.

Ordinary standard meridian erecting methods can only erect the twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians.

Slightly higher level meridian erecting methods can erect four more meridians.

The Advanced Meridian Erecting Method can only erect another eight meridians in addition to the twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians.

This secret method costs 50 million.

A meridian erecting method capable of erecting 365 meridians can absolutely be rated as godly.

Once it is made public, even Saints will be moved by it.

“However, if I rely on spirit force alone, I can only erect 36 meridians at most.

The remaining meridians can only be forcibly erected using origin force and Origin Force Evolution Tower.”

Shu Feng asked curiously, “Can god force be used to forcibly erect meridians”

A string of information emerged from the Central Analyzer: “It can.

If you use 1 point of origin force, one meridian can be erected.

If you want to use god force, 10,000 points are needed to erect one meridian.

Origin force is much more effective.”

Shu Feng sighed: “Origin force! Origin force! This resource is really scarce! With my current strength, I’m afraid I won’t be able to obtain origin force in a short time!”

The World of Endorsas’s class skill users can implant a skill seed while in the Spirit Warrior, Spirit Master, Great Spirit Master, Spirit Grandmaster, Spirit Venerable, and Spirit Saint realms respectively.

In other words, generally speaking, even if an expert of Blue Star cultivated to the Spirit Saint realm, they can only implant six skill seeds and have six skills.

Of course, freaks such as bravers and heroes are an exception.

Under such circumstances, it is very important to consider which skill to implant.

If a magician of the World of Endorsas implants the Fireball skill, they will only be able launch Fireball.

If they implant Inferior Fire Magic, they will be able to use all kinds of fire spells.

Shu Feng is interested in the high-level skill Authority of the King.

“With the Authority of the King skill, the more subordinates you have that sincerely support you, the more formidable your physical constitution will be and the stronger all of your resistances will be.

High level skill, skill effect upgrade 2.”

Thanks to the mysterious base, Shu Feng has 80 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows and 20 Goblin Chieftains under his command at the moment.

Who knows how many more formidable subordinates there will be in the future.

This skill is the most suitable skill for him.

However, Authority of the King requires 500 points of origin force.

Shu Feng doesn’t have that much origin force.

“If I want to erect 36 meridians in one go, it will require a core of 1,000 points of spirit force! There’s a long way to go! The top priority at the moment is to improve my spirit force.”

Shu Feng returned to his bedroom, swallowed the Advanced Spirit Cultivation Pill, closed his eyes, and operated the Spirit Cultivation Method 3.0.

A tremendous stream of gentle spirit force welled up in his belly and flowed into the spirit core.

2 hours later.

Shu Feng opened his eyes.

There was a flash of ecstasy in his eyes: “The spirit force has increased by 100 points! The 10 million credits and 100 contribution points were really worth it.

If I spend another 200 million credits, I can erect the 36 meridians.”

Shu Feng has entrusted Ma Jin to help him acquire contribution points,

Anyway, he is quite rich now.

Even if he spends 200 million to improve his strength, he will still have hundreds of millions of credits that can be used as capital for the new company.

10 days later, in the base space.

“The spirit force has finally reached 1,000 points! With sufficient resources, cultivation is a breeze!”

After Shu Feng advanced to a Spirit Warrior, there was no longer any bottleneck in his cultivation.

During the past 10 days, he consumed Advanced Spirit Cultivation Pills and practiced cultivation, and his spirit force finally rose to 1,000 points.

“Start erecting the meridians!”

Shu Feng operated the Godly Meridian Erecting Method, and 1,000 points of spirit force diffused in his body, intertwined, and condensed into spirit meridians that ran through his whole body and linked with 36 spirit force nodes of his body.

“I finally erected the spirit meridians and can cultivate spirit martial arts!”

When the 36 meridians were erected, Shu Feng bellowed and felt a sense of happiness well up inside him.

Xuanwu World’s spirit martial arts can strengthen the physical constitution of practitioners.

Once you cultivate some top secret methods, you will gain various incredible extraordinary powers.

After erecting the spirit meridians, Shu Feng became able to cultivate spirit martial arts and quickly improve his strength.

“With the 36 meridians erected, I can put aside the Spirit Cultivation Method.

Next it’s time to cultivate martial arts.”

The Spirit Cultivation Method is a basic method that Blue Star’s spirit users cultivate.

However, once their meridians are erected, spirit users can cultivate spirit strengthening methods similar to Xuanwu World’s secret methods.

Of course, Shu Feng can also continue to cultivate the Spirit Strengthening Method and upgrade his spirit force.

After all, the Spirit Cultivation Method is gentle.At the same time, it can draw spirit force particles.

Its only drawback is that it doesn’t contain any special attributes nor the power to strengthen the body.

“Deduce the Great Sun Scripture and Hundred Temperings Steel Body!”

Shu Feng input the two secret methods he purchased from the extraordinary shopping center into the Central Analyzer.

The Great Sun Scripture is the core secret method of Great Sun Divine Temple, one of the martial arts sacred lands of Xuanwu World.

By cultivating this secret method, it can enable a practitioner’s spirit force to incline to the Yang [1] attribute, strengthen their physical constitution, and enable them to develop a variety of resistances.

It has the miraculous effect on restraining spectres, ghosts, and other nonentity monsters.

The Great Sun Scripture is a top method of Xuanwu World.

Shu Feng spent 100 million credits and 1,000 contribution points to buy this secret method that can be cultivated to the Spirit Master realm.

Hundred Temperings Steel Body is a formidable body tempering secret method of Xuanwu World.

According to legend, if this secret method is cultivate to the realm of hundred temperings, the practitioner’s physical defense will be raised to the point that they will be able to withstand attacks from Saints.

It cost Shu Feng 100 million credits and 1,000 contribution points to redeem a secret methods the Hundred Temperings Steel Body that can be cultivated to ten temperings.

Shu Feng spent the entire 900 million credits he got for the gold bars.


“Great Sun Scripture 2.0 and Hundred Temperings Steel Body 2.0 have been deduced.”

A few hours later, a string of information appeared on the Central Analyzer.


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