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62 – Big Purchase

The gold nugget weighed hundreds of kilograms.

But after being purified, its weight has shrunk by a lot.

As a result, it could only sell for 900 million credits.

Shu Feng responded, “No objections!”


A text message prompt sounded.

Shu Feng picked up his smartphone and took a look: “900,000,000 credits have been transferred to your account, number 5656, via online banking on May 3, 3073.”

“900 million credits! I’m a multimillionaire now!”

Shu Feng gripped his smartphone and looked at the text message, and his heart filled with excitement.

Before entering in contact with the world of spirit users, Shu Feng’s greatest goal was to go to a good university and become an elite with an annual salary of over 100,000.

Now that he has become a multimillionaire, it feels somewhat surreal.

Zhou Yang’s eyes flickered with envy: “Congratulations, Shu Feng.

You’re a multimillionaire now.”

Zhou Yang is the captain of Leijiang City’s Flameguard and his net worth is only about 30 million.

With a capital of 900 million credits, it is enough for Shu Feng not to worry about cultivation resources until he advances to a Spirit Master.

Ma Jin smiled candidly and said, “Congratulations! You’re going to treat us, treat us to a big meal tonight!”

Shu Feng said, “Captain, brother Ma Jin, I have a batch of Chromatic Bees and several jars of Chromatic Bee honey.

I want to start a company that specializes in selling Chromatic Bee honey mead.”

Zhou Yang uttered with a puzzled expression, “Chromatic Bee honey is a top tonic! If it is consumed on a regular basis, it can strengthen one’s physical constitution, prolong one’s life, and treat many chronic illnesses! It is more expensive than gold! If you put it on the extraordinary shopping center, it will sell like hotcakes.

Why do you want to specially set up a company”

“It’s very simple! With the Dark Elves under him raising Chromatic Bees, Shu Feng can harvest Chromatic Bee honey continuously.

With a steady supply of Chromatic Bee honey, he can develop mead, form a huge industry, and then create a giant company.”

“If it’s a giant company, then even the government will pay attention.

Moreover, through intensive farming and niche product optimization, greater profits can be made.”

“In this way, Feng will no longer be just an ordinary member of Flameguard.

Am I right” Ma Jin grinned.

Although Ma Jin is only a Spirit Warrior, but he has countless industries in Leijiang City, with a net worth of 500 million credits and total assets worth several billions.

He’s much more influential than ordinary Spirit Warriors.

Even many Spirit Masters don’t live as well as him.

Shu Feng replied, “That’s right! Since my aptitude isn’t good, I need dozens of times more resources for cultivation than those geniuses.

I need to earn more money and buy more resources to catch up to them in terms of cultivation progress.

Therefore, it is necessary to start a company.”

Zhou Yang asked, “How do you want us to help you”

Shu Feng answered with a light smile, “I have prepared shares for captain, big brother Ma Jin, big brother Gongsun, big brother Gao Wen, and older sister You Meng.

I hope you can accept them.”

Ma Jin laughed boldly and said, “Clever! Shu Feng, you are quite clever.

With this, we will form a community of interest.

And protect your new company! Ha-ha! I didn’t teach you in vain!”

Shu Feng replied with a smile, “You taught me well, big brother Ma Jin!”

Although Ma Jin’s cultivation aptitude is low, but he knows how to make friends, expand his connections, control many underground industries of Leijiang City, manipulate billions worth of assets.

As such, he has great influence in Leijiang City.

When Ma Jin taught Shu Feng marksmanship, he also imparted him his business skills and told him about his affairs in Jianghu [1].

Zhou Yang uttered with a smile, “No problem!”

Spirit users require massive amounts of resources to practice cultivation.

Zhou Yang has only 30 million worth of assets because he has devoted most of his resources to cultivation.

Naturally, he won’t refuse Shu Feng’s kindness.

“This is the spirit gun Black Fang! From today on, it belongs to you! In addition, there’s still your contribution for destroying the Hollow Demon Gate, a total of 3,000 contribution points.

Use them well.”  Zhou Yang opened a drawer and handed Shu Feng a spirit gun quite similar to Black Crow.

Originally, according to the procedure, Shu Feng had to be investigated for a week before receiving the Black Fang.

However, since Shu Feng has given Zhou Yang some benefits, Zhou Yang paid him back with a more lenient treatment.

“Captain, if there’s nothing else, the I’ll take my leave!”

Shu Feng’s eyes glimmered with excitement, and he got up and said thusly.

With money and contribution points in the bag, Shu Feng naturally plans to go on the extraordinary shopping center’s page and make a big purchase to upgrade his strength.

On the extraordinary shopping center, there are countless good treasures.

As long as you have money, you can buy most treasures.

Zhou Yang responded, “Go ahead!”

The seventh floor.

Shu Feng opened the extraordinary shopping center’s page and began to browse.

“Let’s purchase 10,000 ordinary bullets first! Last time, I suffered a lot due to a lack of bullets.

And then 50 rounds of Purification Bullet, Demonbreak Bullet, Armor-Piercing Bullet, and Exploding Bullet respectively.”

“Advanced Meridian Erecting Method, 50 million credits and 500 contribution points! That’s so expensive! This is a top secret method for erecting the twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians! Let’s buy it!”

“Advanced Spirit Cultivation Pill, 10 million credits and 100 contribution points! So expensive! Let’s by one and give it a try!”

When he logged into the extraordinary shopping center, Shu Feng saw many dazzling treasures and wanted to buy them all,

“Calm down! Calm down! At present, my strongest combat power are Kamila and the Goblin King.

In addition to buying stuff that can upgrade my cultivation base and life-saving ability, I also have to buy equipment that can enhance their combat power.”

Shu Feng calmed down and began to search extraordinary shopping center.

“Found it! Darkmoon Bow, a kind of bow made by a Grunt alchemist for their Dark Elven followers.

Comes together with a set of 24 Darkmoon Arrows.

The selling price is 100 million credits and 1,000 contribution points.”

“Darkmoon Bow has the ability to increase the range and strengthen extraordinary forces.

The 24 Darkmoon Arrows are enchanted and can deal damage to monsters such as psionic hollow demons.”

“Boots of Swiftness, greatly increase movement speed.

The price is 100 million credits! That’s too expensive! Boots of Agility, pretty good.

They only cost 10 million and 100 contributions.”

Shu Feng bought one thing after another on the extraordinary shopping center, and then finally bought a set of extraordinary equipment for Kamila and the Goblin King.

He spent 300 million in one go.

At the same time, he spent the 3,000 contribution points.

As soon as he got home, Shu Feng input the Advanced Meridian Erecting Method he bought into the Central Analyzer: “Deduce a top-notch meridian erecting method for me!”

The Central Analyzer shone and began to deduce rapidly.

8 hours later, a new cultivation secret method appeared in front of Shu Feng.

“Deduction of Godly Meridian Erecting Method completed!”

[1] – Jianghu is a section of society consisting of martial artists, gangsters, thieves, beggars, prostitutes, merchants, entertainers, and anyone else wanting to operate outside of mainstream society or in the grey area of the law



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