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61 – Shock

“Goblin King, level 46, growth rate 5.”

“Skills, mid-level Brawn, Goblin Domination.”

“Strength 82, agility 65, defense 76, physique 85, intelligence 10, psyche 56, magic force 0.”

“Skill description: mid-level Brawn, all resistances 20; strength, physique, defense, agility 40.”

“Goblin Domination, can dominate masterless Goblins.

On the battlefield, Goblin morale 20.”

When the Goblin King hatched, strings of information appeared in front of Shu Feng’s eyes.

“Goblin King is a combat unit with physical constitution enhancement, making it suitable for serve as a meat shield.

However, in order for him to give full play of his combat power, I need to prepare a set of formidable defensive equipment.”

“Kamila is an agility-type hero with a high growth rate! A good bow is needed for her to give full play of her combat power!”

Shu Feng looked at the Goblin King and Kamila with a happy color in his eye The Goblin King and Kamila are both Spirit Master realm powerhouses.

If they have the right equipment and cooperate with each other, they can display terrifying combat power.

No matter which path you follow, good equipment is crucial.

It’s not uncommon for a Spirit Warrior with superior equipment to kill a Spirit Master.

Beiling Street, Flameguard’s headquarters.

“Hi, sister Meimei!”

Shu Feng took Kamila into the headquarters and said hello to the beautiful receptionist.

Meimei’s eyes brightened when she saw Kamila, and she asked excitedly, “Shu Feng! That’s a Dark Elf! Who is this Dark Elf!”

Dark Elves are rare on Blue Star and are mostly kept in captivity by big shots of rich and noble families.

Despite being a receptionist of Flameguard, this is the first time that Meimei has seen a real Dark Elf.

Shu Feng answered with a light smile, “She is my follower Kamila.

We came here today to register.”

Meimei uttered with envy: “Your follower Shu Feng, you’re so lucky.

She’s really beautiful!”

Kamila’s figure is tall and sexy, her dark skin is like the most beautiful dark silk, her facial features are exquisite and heroic, and her temperament is extraordinary.

She is not the least bit inferior to any big female star of Blue Star.”

“I’m going up!”

Shu Feng took Kamila to the elevator and headed towards the captain’s office.

“Captain, it’s me, Shu Feng!”

“Please come in!”

Shu Feng opened the door and entered the captain’s office.

“Feng, who is this”

When Ma Jin, who is sitting on a sofa, saw Kamila beside Shu Feng, his eyes brightened and glimmered with excitement.

He has hundreds of millions in assets and numerous women, yet none of them can compare with Kamila.

Shu Feng responded, “Big brother Ma Jin, this is my follower, Kamila! I’m here to register her.”

Zhou Yang took a deep look at Kamila, smiled lightly, and uttered, “A Spirit Master realm follower.

Shu Feng, you’re really lucky.

Those who escape calamity are bound to have good fortune later on — this saying really isn’t wrong.”

“A Spirit Master realm follower No way Captain, aren’t you mistaken She’s a Spirit Master realm expert”

The stupefied Ma Jin pointed at Kamila and spoke, a look of incredulity on his face.

Shu Feng is just an Apprentice Spirit Warrior.

He and Spirit Master realm experts are miles apart in terms of strength.

His background is also rather ordinary, so he basically doesn’t have any top cultivation resources.

For an extremely powerful and incredibly beautiful Dark Elf like Kamila to become a follower of Shu Feng, that’s inconceivable.

Zhou Yang smiled and said, “Yes, she is a Spirit Master realm expert! And Shu Feng, you have advanced to a Spirit Warrior! You must have come together to register!”

Shu Feng asked, a look of admiration on his face, “Captain, how can you tell”

“I myself don’t have the ability to see through your strength.

This is a secret treasure called Strength Visualizer.

Once you enter this room, I will know your general cultivation base.” Zhou Yang pointed to a crystal ball-like secret treasure with interweaving runes.

Shu Feng took a closer look and found that there are two yellow dots and two green dots displayed on the crystal surface of the Strength Visualizer.

The yellow dots represent Spirit Warriors, while the green dots represent Spirit Masters.

Shu Feng’s eyes lit up, and he asked, “With this Strength Visualizer, can’t the strength and position of the enemy be understood at a glance in actual combat”

Zhou Yang replied: “The Strength Visualizer is a mass produced imperfect product.

It has a range of only 100 meters.

And as long as the opponent executes a stealth secret art and conceals their aura, it won’t be able to find them.

Furthermore, if a Spirit Grandmaster realm powerhouse appears and releases their spirit force fluctuations, it will collapse directly.”

Shu Feng’s eyes shimmered with disappointment, “I see! Captain, please help me register Kamila and myself!”


Zhou Yang soon completed a series of procedures.

Zhou Yang uttered: “Shu Feng, since you have advanced to a Spirit Warrior, you are now an official member of Flameguard.

Your monthly salary is now 200,000 credits, 10 contribution points, 1 low grade spirit stone, and 1 Intermediate Spirit Cultivation Pill.

You’re now a level-3 commissioner.”

“Captain, I obtained this during an adventure in another world.

Please help me convert it into money.”

Shu Feng took out gold bars from his backpack and placed them in front of Zhou Yang.

These gold bars are cast from the purified gold nugget Shu Feng found in the World of Endorsas.

“That’s a lot of gold! Adventuring in other worlds is indeed high-risk, high-return!”

Ma Jin looked at the gold bars on the desk, dazzled by the gold’s sheen.

He has worked hard for more than 20 years, yet his assets have only reached about 500 million.

The value of the gold on the desk has surpassed his assets by far.

As a result, his mind couldn’t help but be rocked.

The Qianyuan Republic has already developed the three great worlds.

As such, as long as you have the money, you can by most treasures in the extraordinary shopping center.

This much gold is enough for Ma Jin to cultivate to the Spirit Master realm.

Zhou Yang asked, “Shu Feng, are you sure you want to exchange it here The price Flameguard offers is far lower than that on the black market.”

On the black market, the price of gold is about 11,000 credits per gram.

While the price Flameguard offers is the official price of 10,000 credits per gram.

There’s a difference of 10% or even higher.

Shu Feng responded: “It’s too troublesome, not to mention that it’s dangerous and time-consuming.

So please help me exchange it.”

The gold obtained by Shu Feng is worth more than 1 billion.

Such a huge sum of money is already enough for Spirit Grandmaster realm powerhouses to throw caution to the wind and act recklessly.

Shu Feng feels that Flameguard is more reliable and faster.

Furthermore, it’s reputation is guaranteed.

Zhou Yang took out a Gold Scanner and placed it over the gold bars, which scanned the gold bars with red light.

He reveal the color of satisfaction in his eyes: “Purity is at 99%! Not bad! Shu Feng, these gold bars will come to a total of 900 million.

If you have no objections, then I will transfer you the money.”


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