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6 – Shopping Center

Shu Feng asked curiously, “Can I choose three paths at the same time”

“Yes, you can! However, spirit gun users will usually practice martial arts at the same time.

But they will rarely practice magic.

Because magic is really difficult and is the field of true geniuses.

Moreover, in our world, magicians may not be able to beat spirit gun users.”

“Of course, if you adventure in Grunt World, you won’t be a match for a magician as a spirit gun user.” Zhou Yang uttered with a light smile.

Shu Feng said, “I want to choose the three paths at the same time.”

“Alright! This is a document that you have to sign in order to join Flameguard.

Please sign it.”

Zhou Yang handed Shu Feng a document and asked him to sign it.

“This is the Spirit Cultivation Method that serves to cultivate spirit force.

It is also the foundation of the four paths.

This is the Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method.

It is a basic secret method of Xuanwu World for tempering physical constitution.

This is the Magic Foundation, which is the foundation of the magician path.

This is the Spirit Shield Art.

It is a secret method that spirit gun users must cultivate.”

Zhou Yang took out four secret manuals from a drawer and handed them to Shu Feng: “These four secret manuals are all spirit user books with extraordinary power.

Ordinary people must not see them.

If their contents is leaked from your end, you will be fined.

For every person that sees their contents, you will be fined 1 million credits.

Please keep this in mind.”

“Here is the phone number of the headquarters and my mobile phone number! As a reserve member of Flameguard, if you ever encounter hollow demons in the city, the most prudent course of action is to call the headquarters for support, and then hide in a safe place and monitor the situation.

Protecting yourself takes priority.”

Zhou Yang handed Shu Feng a business card with the headquarters’ phone number and his mobile phone number.

“General manager of Longhai Group’s Leijiang branch — Zhou Yang.

Mobile phone number XXXXXXXX.

Headquarters’ phone number XXXXXXXX.”

Shu Feng scanned the information on the business card.

Zhou Yang handed Shu Feng a class timetable schedule: “This is the schedule of teachers that teach marksmanship and basic fighting skills.

If you want to attend their classes, you must make an appointment one day in advance.

Of course, the organization will waive the class fee.”

Zhou Yang smiled and said, “Okay, if there’s nothing else, you can go now.”

“Captain, we’ll take our leave then.”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled brightly and left the office together with Shu Feng.

“Ding Xiaoxue, what about my settlement fee”

Once they left the office, Shu Feng asked thusly.

“It’s deposited on your card.

Your ID card can also be used as a bank card.

You can withdraw money from major ATMs or handle various affairs at banks.

Now let’s go shopping!”

Ding Xiaoxue took Shu Feng to the seventh floor of the building.

There are twenty computers arranged on the seventh floor.

Ding Xiaoxue skillfully inserted her ID card into a computer’s card slot, and the computer started.

She explained to Shu Feng: “This is a special computer for spirit users! Only here can you enter the exclusive network of spirit users and buy all kinds of potions, pills, and other extraordinary products.”

Shu Feng inserted his ID card into a computer’s card slot, and the computer started, opened a website, and logged him in directly.

“Skill seed, Stealth.

Equipment requirements: level-5 Spirit Warrior, spirit force value of 300.

Price: 30 million credits and 300 contribution points.”

“Swordsmanship, Storming Thirteen Swords.

Cultivation requirements: level-1 Spirit Warrior, erected eight extraordinary meridians.

Price: 5 million credits and 50 contribution points.”

“Lightning Fel Wolf egg, can hatch a Lightning Fel Wolf cub with the evolutionary potential of a Spirit Master.

Price: 100 million credits and 1,000 contribution points.”


“Level-1 spell, Fireball spell model (after going through localization analysis).

Price: 10 million credits and 100 contribution points.”

When Shu Feng logged in on the website, he saw all kinds of secrets methods and treasures for sale.

“My awakened spirit ability should be the broken base.

“The base’s function lies in the collection of genes and creation of powerful soldiers belonging to me.”

“The genes of ordinary life forms aren’t powerful enough.

Conversely, the genes of extraordinary life forms must be quite powerful.”


“But the synthesis of powerful life forms requires a lot of resources.”

“With my current strength, I should choose the genes of an extraordinary life form suitable for me to carry out synthesis.

Besides, any material of those powerful extraordinary life forms is so expensive that it’s scary.”

Shu Feng filtered the extraordinary materials in the shopping center and chose the materials of Spirit Warrior realm monsters.

“It’s so expensive.

Spirit Warrior realm monsters cost at least 1 million.

Damn in, these guys are really black-hearted.”

Shu Feng looked at the Spirit Warrior realm monster bodies and gnashed his teeth.

Those monsters are too expensive for him.

“Ding Xiaoxue, after that Black Dog Hollow died, it’s body turned into dust.

So why are there Black Dog Hollow corpses for sale here Are they fakes”

Shu Feng pointed to a product and asked curiously.

“It’s normal! Black Dog Hollows have no substance in our world.

But in Erosion Realm and Hollow Realm, they are monsters with substance.”

“In addition, if a Black Dog Hollow consumes enough human souls and flesh, it can condense a physical body in our world.”

“After killing such a Black Dog Hollow, you’ll be able to obtain its corpse.”

Ding Xiaoxue moved closer, looked at the picture Shu Feng stopped on, and said with a light smile, “Shu Feng, you want to buy Black Dog Hollow blood and use it as a medium of your awakened spirit ability, right”

Shu Feng nodded and said, “That’s right!”

Shu Feng’s awakened ability is a mysterious base.

In fact, even if it’s just Black Dog Hollow hair or saliva, it’s already enough to extract its genes.

It doesn’t need to be blood.

Ding Xiaoxue uttered with a sweet smile, “Then I’ll give you 100 milliliters of Black Dog Hollow blood.”

Shu Feng’s eyes shimmered with the shade of struggle.

In the end, he shook his head and said, “You can’t do that.

It’s too expensive!”

Since Black Dog Hollow is a kind of Spirit Warrior realm hollow demon, its blood is quite expensive.

100 milliliters of Black Dog Hollow blood costs 100,000 credits and 1 contribution point.

“Shu Feng, this shopping center is built by the Qianyuan Republic’s government.

Only if you have enough money and contribution points, can you buy all kinds of extraordinary materials and treasures here.”

“On the black market, 1 contribution point can easily sell at a price of 100,000 credits.”

“Since I got you to register as a spirit user, I obtained 10 contribution points.

Furthermore, by getting you to join Flame Guard, I received another 20 contribution points.

That’s equivalent to earning 3 million credits.

100 milliliters of Black Dog Hollow blood is equivalent to 2 contribution points.

I can help you out with that much.”

“The most important thing for a novice spirit user like you is to activate your ability and gain the power to protect yourself.

If you want to thank me, then when you have money in the future, pay me back the 2 points.” Ding Xiaoxue uttered with a smiled.

Shu Feng contemplated for a moment, and then said decisively, “Alright! Then I’ll be indebted to you!”


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