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59 – Level-2 Base

“Regarding people from different worlds, if you don’t register them with Flameguard, they’ll have no human rights.

As long as you register them with Flameguard, act as their guardian, and don’t let ordinary people know about their existence, then there will be no problems.”

“You can put them in the Erosion Realm, where there’s no need to worry about exposure.

If you want to bring them to the Human Realm, you must have them carry secret treasures that conceal their ears, or take them to a desolate place where they won’t enter in contact with people.” Zhou Yang explained.

Shu Feng uttered, “Thank you, captain! I want to act as their guardian.

After we return, please help me with the procedures.”

Zhou Yang replied with a slight smile, “No problem! When you return, remember to write a detailed report.”

Shu Feng uttered, “Alright!”

“Shu Feng, you’re lucky this time.

You got five Dark Elven little girls.

Are you interested in selling them This kind of goods can be sold for more than 80 million credits on the dark net’s slave market.”

As soon as Shu Feng left Zhou Yang’s side, Gao Wen walked over, looked at the five Dark Elven little girls, and suggested with excitement.

Shu Feng was startled, “Why is it so expensive”

Although Qianyuan Republic and most other countries on Blue Star have abolished slavery.

But in this world, there is also a dark side.

The dark net is part of Blue Star’s dark side.

On the dark net, many women are sold as slaves every year.

However, ordinary beautiful women sell for a price ranging from 100,000 to 3 million credits.

Yet a Dark Elf can be sold for 80 million.

This price is outrageous.

“Fantasy creatures like Dark Elves are very beautiful, and their lifespan exceeds 400 years.

Besides, Dark Elves can only be found in the World of Grunt and the World of Endorsas.”

“In the World of Endorsas, the price of a Dark Elven female slave is more than 100 gold coins.

A gold coin weighs about 16 grams.

In other words, in the World of Endorsas, the price of a Dark Elven female slave is more than 16 million credits.”

“When transportation and other expenses are added, a Dark Elf can sell for more than 80 million.

This price isn’t high.”

“It is because of this that the spirit users are drawn to the exploration of other worlds.

Although the exploration of other worlds is very dangerous, and many people die every year.

But once you start making profits, the profits will be huge.”

“What do you think Shall I help you sell them That’s 400 million credits, enough for you to buy 40 Yuan Spirit Pills, have a breakthrough, and make your foundation more stable.” Gao Wen spoke with a scorching shade in his eyes.

Shu Feng refused categorically: “No, big brother Gao Wen.

I promised Kamila to take care of them.

I won’t sell them.”

Gao Wen gazed squarely at Shu Feng.

All of a sudden, he smiled, and his eyes glimmered with a gratified shade: “Great! Shu Feng, I like people who value friendships like you.”

Ma Jin came over and said with a grin, “Beiling Street is the safest place around.

You should have them stay in a hotel on Beiling Street for a few days.

After completing the formalities, you can think about your next course of action.

I have an empty villa where you can keep them.”

Shu Feng replied, “Many thanks, big brother Ma Jin!”

Ma Jin smiled and asked, “You’re welcome.

After all, aren’t we brothers”

Before long, several luxury buses arrived and took everyone away.

Shu Feng went through the formalities of becoming the guardian of the five Dark Elven little girls at the headquarters of Flameguard, and then placed them in a hotel on Beiling Street.

When Shu Feng returned home, he realized that his parents were quite calm.

Flameguard lied that Shu Feng went out to work to appease them.

At night.

“Although the trip was alarmingly dangerous, but the harvest wasn’t small at all.”

In the mysterious base, Shu Feng looked at two black eggs in the Soldier Synthesis Nest, the gold nugget not far away, as well as the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows around him with a burning color in his eyes.


The battle with the Parasitic Spider Demons allowed Shu Feng to add a large number of Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows and Goblin Chieftains as his subordinates.

Of the two black eggs, one is incubating Kamila and the other is incubating the Goblin King.

The Goblin King is a Spirit Master realm creature with infinite strength and great resilience.

Even though he’s at the bottom among Spirit Master realm monsters in terms of strength, but he is a Spirit Master realm creature nonetheless.

As long as he is well equipped, he can burst out with terrifying combat power.


Shu Feng looked at the mysterious base and ordered with a scorching shade in his eyes.

The mysterious base trembled.

A residual flesh foundation squirmed, and tissue extended and formed a 10-meter-tall tower engraved with abstruse runes.

In the diamond-shaped crystal Central Analyzer, a diamond-shaped mysterious rune appeared directly, and mysterious light emerged from the Central Analyzer and entered Shu Feng’s body.

While subjected to the mysterious force, Shu Feng vaguely felt that the connection between him and the mysterious base space has become more intimate and fell asleep.

8 hours later, Shu Feng woke up and looked at the flesh tower with a burning color in his eyes.

“Origin Force Evolution Tower, by consuming origin force, a creature can surpass its limitations and evolve!”

After the mysterious base evolved into a level-2 base, it gained a new construction, namely the Origin Force Evolution Tower.

Ordinary creatures have evolution limits.

For example, the evolution limit for Goblins is Goblin King.

The Origin Force Evolution Tower can consumes origin force and enable synthesized soldiers to break their limits and evolve again.

In addition, after it evolved into a level-2 base, the computing power of the Central Analyzer increased by 100 times.

“The next evolution of the base requires 5,000 points of origin force.”

“Deduce the Spirit Cultivation Method!”

“Ding! Finished deducing Spirit Cultivation Method 3.0.”

After a prompt rose, a book based on the Spirit Cultivation Method, yet far more formidable than the Spirit Cultivation Method, appeared and poured into Shu Feng’s mind.

In the following two days, Shu Feng began to practice the Spirit Cultivation method 3.0.

“Sure enough, I’m already close to the limit.

It’s too hard to make progress now.”

Shu Feng frowned slightly.

In the past two days, he consumed Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills and cultivated the Spirit Cultivation Method 3.0 everyday, yet his spirit force only rose by 1 point.

Shu Feng’s physical constitution and cultivation aptitude have increased sharply and his cultivation method has been upgraded, yet his progress is still so slow.

This is because his evolution has almost reached the limit.


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