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58 – Return

Once the Goblin King died, although there was a large number of Parasitic Spider Demons, but they were torn to pieces by the dozens of Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows one after another, and their ranks began to collapse quickly.

The Black Dog Hollows chased the fleeing Parasitic Spider Demons and bit them to death.

“How is it Can you save her”

When the situation was stable, Shu Feng went to Kamila.

“I can’t! Her injuries are too severe.

A can’t heal her with my skill!”

Zhong Jietong gritted her pearl-white teeth.

White light radiated from her hands and fell on Kamila.

Kamila has a big hole on her body, a number of her bones are broken, and she is coughing up blood continuously.

The moon pattern on her forehead is fading slowly.

If it weren’t for the power of the Hero’s Rune, Kamila would have clearly died already.

Even with the power of the Hero’s Rune, Kamila’s injuries are grave enough for her to die.

“Can you save her”

Shu Feng looked at the blood covered Kamila and couldn’t help but ask the Central Analyzer in his heart.

“There is an origin force response next to the host.

After it is absorbed, the origin force can be used to save her and turn her into the host’s soldier.”

“Where’s the origin force”

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he turned around.

Under the guidance of the Central Analyzer, he came to the four blood-colored pillars and pressed hit hand against them.

“Found Origin Force Extractor! Space Converter!”

“The host has two options.

The first one is to extract the origin force, repair the base, and let the base evolve.

The second choice is to use this space to expand the base space.”

A string of information welled up in Shu Feng’s mind, making him understand that once the origin force is extracted, this space will collapse, and the creatures, plants, and everything else inside it will be absorbed by the base and transformed into origin force to repair the base.

The second option is to place this huge space into the base and get a huge space that he can carry with him at all times.

Shu Feng made a prompt decision, “Extract the origin force and have the base evolve!”

Mysterious tentacles ejected out of Shu Feng’s hands and stabbed into the four blood-colored pillars.

Blood-colored lines entered the earth from the four blood-colored pillars.

Mysterious power poured into Shu Feng from the pillars.

Countless strings of information poured into Shu Feng’s mind.

As if he has become the lord of the world, he looked at this space from an extraordinary vantage point.

This space seems vast, but in fact it isn’t big.

It’s just a corner of a mountain range.

As the origin force was being extracted, the whole mountain range shook violently.

Zhuo Qianlei lay on the ground, a frightened look on her face: “What is this What’s going on”

Zhong Jietong also lied on the ground.

Standing still in the middle of the huge earthquake, Ding Xiaoxue looked at Shu Feng curiously: “What is he doing”

The violent earthquake lasted for an hour.

Suddenly, everyone’s vision blurred, and they appeared next to the Qingling Reservoir.

“Obtained 507 points origin force! Evolution of the base requires 470 points of origin force, which leaves 37 points of origin force.

Kamila’s treatment requires 1 point of origin force.

If the host wants her to evolve into a Dark Elven hero, 30 points of origin force are required.

“By consuming 1 point of origin force, the host can evolve into a heaven’s bonder of the World of Endorsas.

By consuming 100 points of origin force, the host can evolve into a hero of the World of Endorsas.

By consuming 500 points of origin force, the host can evolve into a braver of the World of Endorsas!”

“Skill seeds that can be synthesized at present are as follows: low-level Heal for 1 point of origin force, low-level Swordsmanship for 1 point of origin force, low-level Unarmed Combat for 1 point of origin force, low-level Defense for 1 point of origin force…, high-level Fire Magic Control for 100 points of origin force, high-level Puissance of the King for 500 points of origin force!” A series of prompts sounded in Shu Feng’s mind.

Shu Feng’s eyes glimmered with a strange light: “Origin force is really awesome.

With 1 point of origin force, I can evolve into a heaven’s bonder.

It’s a shame, but it takes too much origin force to evolve into a hero and a braver. 

In the World of Endorsas, people with the hero and braver classes are paragons with nearly unlimited growth potential.

“Kamila! I’ll save you!”

Shu Feng strode up to Kamila, placed his hands on her, and sent her into the base space.

“Have her evolve into a hero!”

Shu Feng willed, and mucus surged in the Soldier Synthesis Nest, enveloped Kamila, and formed a black egg engraved with countless mysterious runes.

Zhuo Qianlei asked, “Shu Feng, what’s going on What should we do now”

“Signal! There’s a signal! We’re back at Blue Star! We’re back in our world!”

Zhong Jietong took out her smartphone and turned it on.

All of a sudden, her eyes flashed with the shade of elation, and she cried out excitedly.

Shu Feng borrowed Zhong Jietong’s smartphone and made a call to the headquarters of Flameguard.

Before long, a helicopter appeared in the distance.

“Shu Feng, Ding Xiaoxue, you two are still alive! That’s great!”

Ma Jin alighted the helicopter.

After seeing Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue, his eyes glimmered with delight, and he strode over, patted Shu Feng on the shoulder, and uttered with a bold smile.

Zhou Yang, Gao Wen, and the other team members alighted the helicopter, as well.

Zhou Yang’s eyes shimmered with a solemn color, and he asked, “Shu Feng, what happened here Give me a brief report.”

Shu Feng told Zhou Yang what happened here.

Ding Xiaoxue added a few things, as well.

“Hollow Demon Gate Those accursed hollow demons wanted to open a Hollow Demon Gate in our city It’s fortunate that they didn’t succeed! Otherwise, Leijiang City would be finished!”

“Shu Feng, Xiaoxue, you two did a good job.

I will report to the higher-ups.

The organization won’t treat you unfairly.” Zhou Yang’s eyes flashed with wary, and then he praised.

Shu Feng said, “Captain, what will be of Zhong Jietong and them Will they have their memories tampered with”

“They have been baptized with the power of the World of Endorsas and have some spirit abilities.

The heaven’s bonders can be absorbed into Flameguard and be recommended to enter Shuijing High School.”

“As for the ordinary people, after signing a non-disclosure agreement, we can teach them the Spirit Cultivation Method and let them engage in civil servant work.” Zhou Yang.

Shu Feng asked, “I promised a Dark Elf to take care of the only five Dark Elven survivors of her village.

How does the organization deal with people from other worlds”


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