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57 –  Slaying the Goblin King


Kamila fired from her bow, and an arrow shot towards the Goblin King like a shooting star.

The Goblin King brandished the steel axe in his hands and brushed Kamila’s arrow away lightning fast.

A Goblin Chieftain took this opportunity to come forward and attack the Goblin King with his battleaxe.

The Goblin King leaned to one side and evaded the Goblin Chieftain’s battleaxe, and then slashed down with his steel axe and cleaved the Goblin Chieftain in two from top to bottom, and a large amount of blood gushed out.


A Goblin shaman raised his staff and pointed at the Goblin King.

A gray radiance fell on the Goblin King.

At the same time, black hollow demonic qi appeared on the Goblin King’s body, and the hollow demonic qi and the spell cancelled each other out.

Shu Feng frowned slightly: “His magic resistance is really high!”

Compared to the Goblin King, the Goblin shaman is too weak.

His spells can’t deal with the other party whatsoever.

A Black Dog Hollow lunged and bit the Goblin King in the lower leg, and his sharp teeth broke through the Goblin King’s leg armor.

The Goblin King’s eyes glimmered fiercely, and he cleaved the Black Dog Hollow in two with his steel axe.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shu Feng changed to Armor-Piercing Bullets and shot at the Goblin King.

The Armor-Piercing Bullets ran through the Goblin King’s heavy armor, and blood spatters appeared on his body.

If they were hit by an Armor-Piercing Bullet, an ordinary person would have suffered serious damage if no died outright.

But not the Goblin King.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Goblin King glared at Shu Feng standing 100 meters away, drew a hatchet hanging from his waist, and threw it with all his might.


Shu Feng had a premonition of danger and jumped aside.

3 Black Dog Hollows guarding Shu Feng leaped and shot towards the hatchet.

The hatchet slammed into a Black Dog Hollow and pierced into his body, and then the Black Dog Hollow knocked heavily into Shu Feng.

The spirit force membrane formed by the Spirit Shield Art protecting Shu Feng collapsed in an instant, as if he was hit by a warhammer, and he fell to the ground and spewed out blood.

If it were not for the fact that he’s comparable to a Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow in terms of physical constitution, that he activated the Spirit Shield Art, and that a Black Dog Hollow blocked in front of him, he would be seriously injured if not dead by now.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

More than a dozen Goblins fired arrows at the Goblin King, and the arrows ricocheted from the other party’s heavy armor.


An arrow ejected out like a shooting star and lodge into a wound pierced open by Shu Feng, and blood sprayed out.


A Goblin shaman pointed with a scepter.

Magical fluctuations surged, and a white spider web appeared out of thin air and swept towards the Goblin King.

With a ferocious flash in his eyes, the Goblin King brandished the steel battleaxe, channeled black hollow demonic qi, unleashed a brief axe ray, and cut the white spider web apart.

At this time, 3 Black Dog Hollows lunged and bit the Goblin King in the thigh, 

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shu Feng took advantage of this opportunity to fire Armor-Piercing Bullets like crazy, and blood splashed all over the Goblin King.

The Goblin King swung his steel battleaxe and cut the 3 Black Dog Hollows in two.


An arrow ejected out like a shooting star and stabbed the Goblin King in the eye, and blood spattered out.

The Goblin King shrieked, swung his steel battleaxe, and, while cutting down the Goblins in his way, rushed towards Kamila.

Kamila’s eyes shimmered with intense killing intent, and she jumped back with great dexterity, opening the distance between her and the Goblin King.


Just then, the parasitized Goblin shaman guarded by the Goblin Chieftain pointed at Kamila abruptly, and a gray radiance hit the other party.

Kamila trembled slightly.

As if carrying a mountain on her back, Kamila’s movements became very slow.

After all, she isn’t a real hero and her level isn’t high.

She doesn’t have the fearsome magic resistance of a high-level hero.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Goblin King took out a hatched and threw it with all his might.

The hatchet slammed into Kamila, who is located 300 meters away, and blasted her a dozen plus meters away.


A Goblin shaman subordinated to Shu Feng pointed to the Goblin Chieftain guarding the enemy Goblin shaman.

A gray radiance shone, and the Goblin Chieftain trembled and became sluggish and tired.

A Black Dog Hollow ejected out and knocked the Goblin Chieftain to the ground.

Another Black Dog Hollow rushed forward, knocked the Goblin shaman to the ground, and bit off the opponent’s throat.

The Goblin King smiled ferociously, ignored the battle taking place in the rear, cut down the monsters blocking his way, and charged straight towards Shu Feng.


Shu Feng gritted his teeth, took out the Demonbreak Bullet, loaded it into the magazine, pointed at the Goblin King, and pulled the trigger.


The Demonbreak Bullet hit the Goblin King in the left abdomen.

The Goblin King’s heavy armor flashed with black light, and then dimmed at once.

The Demonbreak Bullet ran through the Goblin King’s heavy armor and disappeared into his body.

“No! It hurts!”

The Goblin King screamed miserably, struggled frantically, and trembled.

At the same time, black smoke rose from his body.

The Demonbreak Bullet contains Gold Essence, a precious material lethal to demonic creatures.

It is one of Shu Feng’s hidden trump cards.

As long as an ordinary Spirit Warrior realm hollow demon is hit by a Demonbreak Bullet, they will die without the shadow of a doubt.

Herein lies the terror of Blue Star’s spirit gun users.

“Heart Moon Flow Sword Art! Moon Flash!”

Ding Xiaoxue shot forward, surged with spiritual force from all over her body, and unleashed a sword strike.

As if a bright moon rising, a sword ray streaked across the Goblin King’s neck.

The Goblin King’s head rose high in the air, and then fell on the ground.

At the same time, a large amount of blood gushed out of its headless body and spattered on the earth.

A Black Dog Hollow rushed over and tore the large spider on the back of the Goblin King apart.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the Goblin King died, Shu Feng immediately fired from the Black Crow a number of times, and Exploding Bullets slammed into the midst of the Parasitic Spider Demon army and exploded.


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