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55 – Utter Defeat

The 55 Black Dog Hollows dashed into the army composed of Dark Elves and Goblins, knocked them to the ground one after another, and bit off their throats.

3 Goblins Chieftains, 10 Goblin Champions, and 30 Great Goblins rushed out of the woods and darted towards the more than 100 Great Goblins.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Arrows ejected out from the woods like shooting stars and killed the Great Goblins one by one.

Shu Feng frowned slightly and said, “Kamila! Stop it! We still have to destroy the lair of those monsters.”

Kamila has shot dead more than 30 Great Goblins, which consumed a lot of energy.

Shu Feng doesn’t want to lose this powerful long-range combatant before the decisive battle.

Kamila uttered with fierce flames burning in her beautiful eyes, “Shu Feng, you don’t have to worry.

My energy is enough to carry on.”

Mira, a Dark Elven little girl who looks to be only 10 years old, said with red eyes: “Brother Shu Feng, sister Kamila used the Hero’s Rune.

During three days, she will have the strength of a hero.

However, when the three days are over, she will die.”

Shu Feng asked, “Hero’s Rune What’s that”

Mira replied with bloodshot eyes, “The Hero’s Rune is a secret art passed down in our tribe for generations! Once you use the Hero’s Rune, you either awaken as a hero, or your life and potential will be burned and you will possess the combat power of a hero for three days.

Sister Kamila will die in three days.”

Shu Feng glanced at the majestic Kamila, and his eyes congealed slightly, “Hero! No wonder!”

In the World of Endorsas, the hero and braver classes have the most powerful evolutionary potential.

In theory, even a Goblin hero has the potential to evolve into a terrifying being comparable to a Dragon in terms of strength.

Of course, in the World of Endorsas, there are very few experts with the hero and braver classes.

Although Kamila is outstanding, but compared to a Dark Elven hero, she still has a long way to go.

She used the Hero’s Rune and thus is destined to die in three days.

With an expressionless look on her face, Kamila fired from her bow repeatedly.

She only stopped after firing 20 arrows.

Even though she used the Hero’s Rune, but she is not a real hero after all and will get tired.

The Black Dog Hollows knocked the remaining more than 100 Great Goblins to the ground one by one and ripped off their throats.

The 3 Goblin Chieftains brandished large clubs and sent Great Goblin flying one after another, breaking their bones.

The morale of the dozens of Parasitic Spider Demons collapsed, and they fled in different directions.

With Black Crow in his hand, Shu Feng’s figure flashed, and he charged towards the valley.

He only sent 10 Black Dog Hollows to hunt the Parasitic Spider Demon.

After all, the students in the valley are more important.

As soon as Shu Feng rushed into the valley, he saw the swarm of Parasitic Spider Demons climb towards the outside along the mountain.

“There are so many Parasitic Spider Demons!”

Shu Feng frowned slightly.

He didn’t shoot at the Parasitic Spider Demons.

“Shu Feng, you’re back at last! I was so scared! I almost lost my life!”

Pei Caiyi rushed into Shu Feng’s arms and burst into tears.

Zhong Jietong and Zhuo Qianlei took a step forward and looked at each other, and then Zhong Jietong silently turned around and walked in the direction of the injured people.

“Okay! There are still some people I have to see!”

Shu Feng gently pushed Pei Caiyi away and walked away.

Soon the casualties were tallied.

In this attack, 35 students were killed and 42 were injured.

The whole valley was filled with panic and fear.

Great Goblins quickly cleared the battlefield.

Kamila and 5 Dark Elven little girls came to the valley.

When Lin Jia saw Kamila coming this way, he whistled and gawked: “Feng, so that’s a Dark Elf! A big chest, long legs, and a beautiful appearance, she has it all!”

Compared to Ding Xiaoxue, Kamila is still slightly lacking in terms of appearance and temperament.

But she has a tall and curvaceous figure and exudes the air of an older sister.

Moreover, her identity as a fantasy creature only adds to her charm.

Zhuo Qianlei uttered with a strange look in her eyes: “Dark Elves! They’re so beautiful!”

“So beautiful! They’re Dark Elves!”

“They’re really Dark Elves!”


When the students saw Kamila and the 5 Dark Elven little girls, their eyes lit up, and they commented spiritedly.

Shu Feng introduced his friends to Kamila: “This is my friend Dark Elf Kamila! Kamila, these are my friends Ding Xiaoxue, Zhuo Qianlei, Lin Jia… Pei Caiyi.”

Kamila replied indifferently, “Hello!”

Ding Xiaoxue frowned, looked at Shu Feng, and asked, “What is she saying, Shu Feng”

Although they didn’t understand what she said, but they clearly felt Kamila’s offhand attitude and impatience.

Shu Feng said, “Kamila is saying hello.

Her village was massacred by those monsters, so she’s in a really bad mood at the moment!”

“Her village was massacred!”

Pei Caiyi and several other girls turned pale in the face, and the color of dread shimmered in their beautiful eyes.

They grew up in a peaceful environment.

The bloody scenes they saw in recent days made them realize the horror of this world.

Several girls looked at Kamila and the 5 Dark Elven little girls with sympathy in their eyes.

Kamila stared at Shu Feng, her beautiful eyes flickering with flames that can burn her and her enemy to ashes: “Shu Feng, when are we going to the monster lair and kill those monsters”

“Kamila, give me a minute.”

Shu Feng quickly told Ding Xiaoxue the information he learned when investigating the lair of the Parasitic Spider Demons.

After all, Ding Xiaoxue’s understanding of other worlds and hollow demons is far greater than his.

Ding Xiaoxue’s pretty eyes flashed with a dignified color, and she uttered, “We must destroy the monster lair immediately! Once the Hollow Demon Gate is opened, this place will be transformed into a demonic land polluted by hollow demonic qi.

It will become a bridgehead for Hollow Realm’s invasion.

At that time, even Spirit Grandmaster realm hollow demons will find it difficult to destroy the Hollow Demon Gate.”

“In fact, the best course of action would be to first investigate how many monsters there are near the Hollow Demon Gate, and the dispatch small teams and use the corresponding secret treasures to destroy the Hollow Demon Gate.

Unfortunately, we are pressed for time.”

“With every passing day, more hollow demonic qi will pour out of the Hollow Demon Gate, and the strength of the monsters will increase.

We have no time to wait.”

The Parasitic Spider Demons are the lowest level cannon fodder in Hollow Demon Realm.

Yet these cannon fodder possess Spirit Warrior realm power.

However, because they aren’t exposed to sufficient hollow demonic qi in this world, they are in a weakened state.


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