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54 – Surprise Attack from Behind

When these words fell, the eyes of the parasitized Goblin Chieftains flashed with greed.

In the Parasitic Spider Demon society, nobles stand at the top, while ordinary Parasitic Spider Demons are just cannon fodder and tools without any rights.

To evolve into a noble is the greatest desire of these Parasitic Spider Demons.

Without the restriction of the 5 Black Dog Hollows, the 200 Great Goblins charged towards the entrance of the valley.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

20 plus arrows flew out from the valley and shot towards the Great Goblins.

Along with splatters of blood, 10 Great Goblins were shot, and they trembled.

Their eyes glimmered with a ferocious, and they continued to rush towards the entrance of the valley.

The Goblin bows are small and possess short range and weak power.

Unless a arrow hit a key point, it can’t kill the Great Goblins.

With a flash of a sword ray, the head of a Great Goblin flew high into the air, and blood spurted out.

Ding Xiaoxue equipped with a sword blocked the entrance of the valley.

As if a flood dragon, the sword in her hand unleashed sword rays and sent flying the head of one Great Goblin after another.

The entrance to the valley of demonized rats is really narrow, only allowing two people walking side by side to pass through.

Ding Xiaoxue blocked the path of the Great Goblins by herself.

Arrows kept ejecting out from behind Ding Xiaoxue and hitting the Great Goblins.

At the same time, Great Goblins fell to the ground one after another.

Pagos smiled frigidly and ordered, “Fire arrows!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

With cold gleams in their eyes, the 30 parasitized Dark Elves fired from their bows, and arrows shot into the valley.

“Save me!”


“It hurts!”


9 boys were hit by the arrows.

3 died on the spot, while the remaining 6 fell to the ground and screamed and struggled in pain.

When the other boys saw this scene, their morale collapsed, and they fled in different directions.

For those boys, to see their friends die miserably in front of them, this scene is just too cruel and terrifying.

Zhuo Qianlei gritted her teeth, took out a whistle, and blew it, and then pointed to the Dark Elves.

The eyes of the 5 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows flashed fiercely, and they shot towards the 30 Dark Elves.

The whistle is a tool Shu Feng left to command the Black Dog Hollows.

Once used, it can enable one to command the 5 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows to attack the enemy.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The 30 Dark Elves turned and fired from their bows, and 30 arrows flew out.

The 5 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows dodged, and only 3 of them were hit by arrows.

They rushed into the midst of the Great Goblins, knocked 5 Great Goblins to the ground, and bit off their throats.

The rest of the Great Goblins surrounded the 5 Black Dog Hollows and attacked them with different kinds of weapons.

The Dark Elves also fired from their bows, and arrows shot towards the 5 Black Dog Hollows like meteors.

Without the threat of archers, the pressure on Ding Xiaoxue was finally alleviated.

“Spiders! Black spiders! A lot of black spiders are coming from behind!”

“Spiders! They’re so spiders!”


Suddenly, screams of panic came from the valley.

Parasitic Spider Demons the size of a washbasin climbed out of a mountain of the valley and rushed towards the students.

When a Parasitic Spider Demon landed, it opened its mouth, and a white spider thread ejected out and landed on a boy.

The Parasitic Spider Demon pulled the spider thread and dragged the boy to in front of it.

“Help me!”

The boy’s eyes shimmered with fear, and he shouted.

When the other students saw the swarm of Parasitic Spider Demons, they screamed and retreated briskly.

The Parasitic Spider Demon pounced on the boy on the ground, stabbed the boy in the back with its mouthpart, ejected strange mucus, and began to parasitize the boy.

“Save me!”

“Help me!”


Bursts of shrill screams came from the crowd.

“Attacks from both inside and outside! Is this where it all ends”

Ding Xiaoxue brandished her sword and slayed a Great Goblin.

When she heard the screams coming from behind, despair welled up in her heart.

Pagos grinned and revealed yellow teeth: “It seems that we will be able to capture her without using magic.”


Just then, an arrow flew out of the woods, hit the Parasitic Spider Demon behind Pagos and nailed it to the ground.

“Enemy attack!”

Both shocked and outraged, the 10 Goblin Chieftains beside Pagos turned around and looked behind.

55 Black Dog Hollows rushed out of the woods and darted towards the Goblin Chieftains.

“Damn mutts! Kill them!”

With a fierce glimmer in their eyes, the Goblin Chieftains shot towards the Black Dog Hollows.

After the Goblin Chieftains were parasitized by the Parasitic Spider Demons, their strength soared and reached the level-3 Spirit Warrior realm.

The 10 Goblin Chieftains are enough to fight the 55 Black Dog Hollows.


As if a shooting star, an arrow hit a Goblin Chieftain in the eye and pierced into his brain.

The Goblin Chieftain shook slightly and fell to the ground.

The Parasitic Spider Demon behind him fled in a flurry.

The 55 Black Dog Hollows lunged at the 9 Goblin Chieftains and bit and tore at them madly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

One after another, arrows flew out from the woods and shot towards the 9 Goblin Chieftains.

Of the 9 fired arrows, 3 hit the eyes of 3 Goblin Chieftains, while the other 6 hit the heads of the Goblin Chieftains, stabbed into their brains, and killed them.

“Awesome! Kamila’s archery is amazing!”

Shu Feng looked at Kamila standing on a big tree with astonishment in his eyes.

To be able to hit the eye of a Goblin Chieftain 200 kilometers away, her archery is magnificent.

Even some of the top marksmen of Qianyuan Republic cannot accomplish this.

When the 9 Goblin Chieftains died, the 55 Black Dog Hollows darted towards the 30 Dark Elves.

“Shu Feng! He came! Shu Feng came to save us! Hold on! Everybody, you have to hold on!”

Zhuo Qianlei’s eyes flashed with elation, and she shouted.

“Shu Feng! He came!”

“Shu Feng is back! Hold on a little longer!”


The eyes of the students of Leijiang No.

3 Middle School glimmered with excitement.

With their morale greatly boosted, they gripped various weapons and resisted the attacks of the Parasitic Spider Demons.


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