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53 – Work Together

The other 29 Black Dog Hollows took advantage of this opportunity to rush directly towards the Goblin shaman.


The expression of the Goblin shaman changed greatly, and he pointed with the scepter in his hands.

A huge spider web appeared out of thin air and sealed 4 Black Dog Hollows.

Since the spider web is very though, the 4 Black Dog Hollows could not free themselves.


In the next moment, a Black Dog Hollow rushed over and bit the Goblin shaman on the thigh, snapping his thigh.

A Black Dog Hollow rushed over and bit off the Goblin shaman’s throat.

A Black Dog Hollow lunged, bit the Parasitic Spider Demon on the Goblin shaman’s back, and tore him to pieces.

After the Goblin shaman died, Black Dog Hollows knocked the 10 parasitized Dark Elves to the ground and tor off their throats.


A Goblin Chieftain roared, blasted a Black Dog Hollow away with a swing of his club, and escaped frantically.

He just took a few steps, when despair welled up in his eyes.

30 Black Dog Hollows appeared abruptly and rushed towards the 5 Goblin Chieftains like a tide.

After a Goblin Chieftain blew away 2 Black Dog Hollows with his wooden club, a Black Dog Hollow tore apart the Parasitic Spider Demon on his back with a swing of the claw, and he screamed and fell to the ground.

3 Goblin Chieftains tried to escape, but then Black Dog Hollows lunged at them and tore apart the Parasitic Spider Demons on their back.

The last Goblin Chieftain persisted for a while before a Black Dog Hollow lunged at him and tore the Parasitic Spider Demon behind him to shreds.

When the Goblin Chieftains died, the Black Dog Hollows quickly disappeared into the village and searched everywhere for the enemy.

Inside Grunewald Village, there are desiccated corpses of Dark Elves everywhere.

When he saw the bodies, an anger rose inside Shu Feng.

The Dark Elves received him warmly the day before, but now they have become desiccated corpses.

“Found them!”

In a wooden house, Kamila was bound by spider webs, her arms and legs spread apart.

Her beautiful eyes are full of anger.

Next to her, there are 5 Dark Elven little girls, between the ages of 8 and 12, bound by spider webs.

Shu Feng stepped into the wooden house and waved his hand, and a Black Dog Hollow came forward and bit off the spider webs binding Kamila.

As soon as the spider webs were broken, Kamila rushed out like crazy.

Shu Feng sighed slightly and waved his hand, and a Black Dog Hollow lunged and bit off the spider webs binding the Dark Elven little girls.

“Boo hoo! Brother Shu Feng, my mother was killed by those monsters!”

“Brother Shu Feng, you have to help us take revenge!”


When the Dark Elven little girls were rescued, they pounced on Shu Feng and cried loudly.

They are all smart and know that only Shu Feng, this powerful beast tamer, can avenge them.

Shu Feng raised his eyebrows and shouted sternly, “Stop crying! I’ll think about it.

Now come with me!”

Ding Xiaoxue and them may be in trouble.

Shu Feng doesn’t have time to appease these cute Dark Elven little girls.

The Dark Elven little girls became obedient after being shouted by Shu Feng.

When Shu Feng walked out of the wooden house, he saw Kamila with a green bow in her hands, a mysterious rune resembling a moon on her forehead, tears of blood sliding down her face, and a fearsome aura diffusing from her.

Kamila has a tranquil expression on her face, yet her pretty eyes seem to be burning with two flames: “Shu Feng, thank you for saving us! I have something to request of you!”

Shu Feng asked, “What is it”

Kamila uttered slowly, “I’ll leave them with you.

Please take good care of them until they turn 18.

There is still a jar of Chromatic Bee honey in the village.

It is your reward for taking care of them.”

Shu Feng frowned and asked, “Are you going to take revenge”

Kamila gnashed her teeth, and her pretty face distorted and and her beautiful eyes filled with hatred: “I am! Those damn monsters destroyed my village and killed my mother.

Even if I have to burn my life, I will kill them all.”

Shu Feng uttered, “Alright! I accept your request.

But I hope you will work together with me.

After all, our goals align.

I also have to kill those monster.

Only then will I be able to cross the path leading to the human world.

If you and I work together, we’ll be able to display higher combat power and have greater chances of killing those monsters.”

Kamila pondered for a moment and responded decisively, “Okay!”

Near the valley of demonized rats, there are 5 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows patrolling the area.

In the valley, the teachers are organizing students to marinate various kinds of dried meat and build the crude tree houses to be more solid and beautiful.

They plan to live here for an extended period of time.

“Woof! Woof! Woof!”

A Black Dog Hollow suddenly tightened his muscles, looked in the direction of an underbrush, and barked.

“Enemy attack! Come with me!”

Ding Xiaoxue raised her slim eyebrows, grabbed her sword, and shouted loudly, an imposing glimmer in her eyes.

Tho heaven’s bonders who awakened their skills as well as more than 20 strong boys took up arms and followed Ding Xiaoxue.

As soon as she arrived at the valley’s entrance, Ding Xiaoxue saw a swarm of Great Goblins, each with a Parasitic Demon Spider on the back, pour out of the woods not far away.

The 5 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows charged into the midst of the swarm of Great Goblins and bit off the throat of 5 Great Goblins, and then ran outside the swarm of Great Goblins and gazed at them like tigers watching their prey, looking for a chance to strike.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All of a sudden, 30 Dark Elves emerged from the woods, and arrows shot towards the 5 Black Dog Hollows like shooting stars.

After the arrows came raining down, one or two arrows appeared on the 5 Black Dog Hollows, and blood dripped down.

The Black Dog Hollows retreated quickly.

“Sir Pagos, why don’t you use magic As long as you use magic, we can easily kill those 5 black dogs.”

Behind the 200 Great Goblins, a Goblin Chieftain asked a Goblin shaman with a big spider lying on the back.

The Goblin shaman stared at Ding Xiaoxue with greed and said, “Those black dogs are just ants! They aren’t qualified to enjoy my magic! But that woman is different.

If we capture her alive and sacrifice her to his majesty the demon king, we may be able to become nobles!”


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