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52 – Rescue

Shu Feng’s heart stirred: “Not good! Xiaoxue and them were discovered!”

The Goblin King used the hollow demon language, which only hollow demons can understand.

It’s generally safe to communicate in this language.

As such, he didn’t expect that a Black Dog Hollow nearby would eavesdrop on the conversation.

“I must go back to save Xiaoxue and them! Then gather everyone’s strength and wipe out these Parasitic Spider Demons in one fell swoop.

Only then will we have a chance at survival.”

In the tree hole, Shu Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes shimmered with a cold shade.

Once the Hollow Demon Gate is opened, who knows how many strange and powerful hollow demons will come here.

In front of a true hollow demon army, Shu Feng’s Black Dog Hollow army will collapse at the first blow.

However, Shu Feng has read many books and understands the principle — encircle an enemy post in order to attack reinforcements coming to its aid. As long as he assembles a superior force and wipes out the hollow demon forces again and again, then he’ll be able to slowly build this force up.

Shu Feng quickly led the Black Dog Hollow army around him to withdraw the way they came from.

Before passing Grunewald Village, the muscles of 2 Black Dog Hollows tasked with exploring the way suddenly tightened and their eyes flashed with a scarlet gleam.

They stared at Grunewald Village and transmitted a sense of danger.

“Grunewald Village is in danger! Do I save it”

Shu Feng frowned.

His thoughts revolved, and he made a decision: “I must save it! By killing the monsters in Grunewald Village, it will weaken the enemy and increase the underlying strength of my army.

Furthermore, I’ll be able to get the gratitude and friendship of the Grunewald Village.

They can provide assistance during the offensive.”

In Grunewald Village, Kamila is the best marksman.

With her superb skill in archery, she can display incredibly strong combat power.

In addition, the other Dark Elves of Grunewald Village are also great marksmen and can easily shoot enemies 100 meters away.

They are a considerably strong force.

“However, I don’t have to go in myself!”

Shu Feng drilled into a tree hole dug by a Black Dog Hollow, activated the master mode, attached himself to a Black Dog Hollow, and commanded 30 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows to attack Grunewald Village.

The other 30 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows stayed outside as reinforcements.

If there’s some incredibly strong monsters in Grunewald Village, then Shu Feng will retreat with his remaining soldiers.

“Mutts How did these mutts come here”

A gorgeous Dark Elf with a big spider lying on the back came out, looked at the Black Dog Hollows rushing towards Grunewald Village, and spoke with a frown.

“They should be looking for food! These feral mutts haven’t been domesticated yet! As such, they will attack even us!”

A Dark Elf with a big spider lying on the back frowned and fired from her bow.


As if a shooting star, an arrow hit the head of a Black Dog Hollow and lodged into his head.

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the speed of the Black Dog Hollow suddenly doubled, and they moved in a zigzag and rushed towards the Dark Elves.

“Not good! These mutts have already evolved to the 1st tier! Go call the commander! Tell him bring the Dog Taming Bead to control these mutts!”

The countenance of the Dark Elf who fired the arrow changed greatly, and she retreated briskly.

The figure of a Dark Elf parasitized by a Parasitic Spider Demon blurred, and she shot towards the village.

The other 10 parasitized Dark Elves fired arrows at the Black Dog Hollows.

The 30 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows were very fast and moved in a zigzag, yet five of them were still shot by the parasitized Dark Elves.

Despite being shot, the ferocious Black Dog Hollows still continued to rush towards the Dark Elves.

After a few breaths of time, the 30 Black Dog Hollows rushed into Grunewald Village.

A Black Dog Hollow lunged, knocked a Dark Elf to the ground, and bit off the other party’s throat, and blood sprayed out.

The Parasitic Spider Demon jumped off the Dark Elf and hurriedly escaped to another place.

Since the Parasitic Spider Demon and the Dark Elf were linked, when the Dark Elf died, the Parasitic Spider Demon suffered sever damaged.

But as long as he escapes and cultivates for a few days, he can recover.

The Black Dog Hollow lunged again and tore the Parasitic Spider Demon to pieces with his teeth, and a large amount of green mucus broke out in his mouth.

The 30 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows quickly dealt with the 10 parasitized Dark Elves, and then rushed towards the village.

A 2-meter-tall Goblin shaman with rippling muscles and equipped with a scepter inlaid with a black gem appeared in Grunewald Village.

The Goblin shaman, who has a big black spider behind him, is followed by 5 Goblin Chieftains and 10 beautiful Dark Elven warriors.

The 5 Goblin Chieftains and 10 Dark Elven warriors each haw a big black spider behind them.

“Mutts! Get down!”

The Goblin shaman took out a bone bead engraved with a mysterious distorted demonic pattern and shouted softly.

A strange ripple rose from the bone bead and spread in all directions.

The 30 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows trembled abruptly and transmitted a sense of fear to Shu Feng.

“What spell is this Sure enough, casters can’t be underestimated! Any caster has the ability to reverse the tides of a battle.”

Shu Feng’s heart stirred.

Every caster has uncanny magic powers that should not be underestimated.

Even if it’s a Spirit Master realm powerhouse, if they aren’t careful, they may be toppled by a Spirit Warrior realm caster.

“Kill them all!”

Shu Feng’s eyes shimmered frigidly, and he ordered.

The eyes of the 30 Black Dog Hollows flashed fiercely, and they shot towards the Goblin shaman.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The 10 Dark Elven soldiers fired from their bows, and 10 arrows pierced into 10 Black Dog Hollows.

One of the arrows hit a Black Dog Hollow in the eyes and killed the hollow demon.

At this time, the other 29 Black Dog Hollows reached the parasitized powerhouses.

The 5 Goblin Chieftains brandished their wooden clubs and attacked the Black Dog Hollows.

Bang! Bang!

5 Black Dog Hollows were smacked away by the 5 Goblin Chieftains.


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