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51 – Parasitic Spider Demons

“Sir Shu Feng, today I’ll be your guide!”

Shortly after Shu Feng arrived at the entrance of the Dark Elven village, he saw the fully equipped Kamila come his way.

Shu Feng uttered, “Okay! Let’s go!”

An hour after Shu Feng and Kamila left the village, a forest shrouded in strange gray fog appeared in front of them.

Escorted by 65 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, Shu Feng and Kamila quickly traveled through the forest.

After crossing two mountains, an overcast forest shrouded in strange demonic qi appeared in front of them.

Standing on a large tree, Kamila pointed to the forest shrouded in gray fog and said with a heavy expression: “It’s there! Several warriors of our village disappeared once they entered this forest.

My intuition tells me that it’s very dangerous there.”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with a dignified shade: “Of course it’s dangerous.

After all, that place if filled with hollow demonic qi.

For ordinary creatures, hollow demonic qi is a potent poison that can easily demonize them and turn them demonized creatures.”

Although Shu Feng joined Flameguard not long ago, but he has researched some common sense regarding hollow demons.

Some Spirit Grandmaster realm hollow demons are surrounded by dreadful hollow demonic qi.

As long as their hollow demonic qi is scattered, it can pollute ordinary people and transform them into all kinds of demonized creatures.

Only spirit users who can resist the hollow demonic qi dispersed by Spirit Grandmaster realm hollow demons won’t be polluted.

Shu Feng uttered, “Kamila, you can return.

I’m going to investigate this forest.”


Be careful.”

After finishing speaking, Kamila blurred into motion and disappeared into the woods.

Shu Feng arrived in front of a large tree and willed, and a Black Dog Hollow dug a hole in the large tree.

Shu Feng drilled into the hole in the tree.

The Black Dog Hollows spread in the surroundings and stayed alert.

Shu Feng closed his eyes and activated the master mode.

A Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow ran towards the forest shrouded in gray demonic fog.

“These are demonized Goblins!”

Hundreds of meters into the forest, demonized Goblins, who are larger, more muscular, and more fierce looking than ordinary Goblins, began to appear.

They are walking in a certain direction while carrying prey. 

There are dozens of Black Dog Hollows scattered among the demonized Goblins.

“It seems that there’s some kind of secret over there!”

Shu Feng looked pensive and ordered the Black Dog Hollow to follow the demonized Goblins.

After a while, a wide square appeared in front of Shu Feng.

On the wide square, there are sharp wooden stakes.

On the stakes, there are humans, Dark Elves, pig-faced Orcs, and Ogres, all emitting a strange and bloody air.

In the middle of the square, there are four blood-colored pillars.

Each blood-colored pillar is engraved with a terrifying monster with two ox horns on the head, an eye occupying almost half of the face, a pair of dragon wings on the back, a snake tail winding around the body, and a giant spider for the lower body.

The demonized Goblins dragged prey to the four pillars, cut their throats, and poured blood onto the four bloody pillars.

A strange mouth opened on the four bloody pillars and drank the blood.

Shu Feng creased his eyebrows.

An ominous foreboding surged inside him, “This looks like some kind of evil ritual!”

At this time, a 2.5-meter-tall Goblin King wearing a black cloak, with rippling muscles and a big black spider behind him, which seems to be integrated with him, strode out.

Behind the Goblin King, there are 20 Goblin Chieftains and 100 Goblin Champions following.

Each one of them has a big black spider lying on their back.

“There are large black spiders behind them! This is a kind of hollow demon called Parasitic Spider Demon!”

As soon as Shu Feng saw the big black spiders behind the Goblins, his eyes glimmered with a chill.

Parasitic Spider Demon is a kind of terrifying enemy that Qianyuan Republic’s spirit users have encountered in Erosion Realm and the three great worlds.

Once a Parasitic Spider Demon parasitizes a host, it can obtain all the memories of the host and integrate their own power with the power of the host and become extremely formidable.

If a pinnacle Spirit Master realm Parasitic Spider Demon parasitizes a pinnacle Spirit Master realm Goblin King, he can enable the Goblin King to break through the racial limit and evolve into a Great Spirit Master realm Goblin King.

When low-level Parasitic Spider Demons parasitize a host, there will be a large spider behind the host.

But when some high-level Parasitic Spider Demons parasitize a host, they will completely replace the host.

At that time, only a spider tattoo will remain.

Who knows how many Qianyuan Republic’s spirit users have accidentally fallen into the clutches high-level Parasitic Spider Demons.

The eyes of the parasitized Goblin King flickered with a scarlet gleam, and he asked, “Sallow, how are the preparations”

A Goblin Chieftain replied, “Sir Kunro, we still lack the souls and flesh of 400 intelligent creatures.

Sir Quad has discovered a human settlement with at last 100 people and went to capture them.”

The parasitized Goblin King said in a loud voice, “Well done! Once we complete the ceremony and open the Hollow Demon Gate, we can turn this place into a demonic land and usher our people into this world.

At that time, all of you will have made great contribution and will be rewarded.

You may even be rewarded by the respectable sirs and evolve into a noble!”

When these words well, the eyes of the Parasitic Spider Demons flashed with excitement, and they said uniformly: “I am willing to serve the sirs!”

Parasitic Spider Demons are divided into different levels.

Ordinary Parasitic Spider Demons are inferior beings that expose their spider body when they parasitize another.

As for noble Parasitic Spider Demons, they only leave a spider tattoo when they parasitize someone.

If a noble Parasitic Spider Demon orders ordinary Parasitic Spider Demons to die, they will have no choice but to commit suicide.

This is due to the strict hierarchy of Parasitic Spider Demons.

Becoming a noble is a driving force that prompts ordinary Parasitic Spider Demons to struggle all their life.


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