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50 – Evolution

Zhang Jing asked with an expectant look on her face, “Can we return home after going to the human world”

Shu Feng responded, “Xiaoxue, what do you thing”

In terms of insight, Ding Xiaoxue has surpassed Shu Feng by far.

Gazes full of expectation fell on Ding Xiaoxue.

Ding Xiaoxue replied with a dignified expression: “Many of Endorsas’s natives harbor ill will towards people from other worlds like us.

Once it is revealed that we have come from another world, we may be captured and reduced to slaves.”

The expressions of Zhang Jing and them changed dramatically.

Naturally, they understand how terrible it will be if they are reduced slaves.

No matter what era it is, slaves have no rights and are at the mercy of others.

Ding Xiaoxue said slowly, “The worst part is that we don’t understand this world’s language.

As soon as we open our mouth, the fact that we come from a different world will be exposed.”

Everyone present looked gloomy.

This is a different world.

No one can speak the language of Endorsas World.

If you can’t speak nor understand a language, it is practically impossible to take a step in a civilized society.

Shu Feng uttered, “I can speak the language of Endorsas.

I studied it by myself not long ago.”

Zhuo Qianlei’s beautiful eyes brightened: “To even speak the language of a different world, this guy is really something else.”

The class cadres saw Shu Feng in a new light.

“The civilization of Endorsas is about at the level of Europe’s middle ages.

The only difference is that there are class users as well all kinds of fantastic races and terrible monsters here.

Furthermore, due to the invasion of Hollow Realm, there are all kinds of hollow demons here.”

“To move freely in Endorsas, we must first become a freeman.

Without the status of a freeman, we’ll be persecuted as fugitive slaves by the local feudal lords wherever we go.”

“That is to say, if we want to go back to Blue Star.

We must send some elites to sneak into Endorsas World and find ways to contact the people of our world.

Furthermore, they must be people of our Qianyuan Republic.

Only then can we return Blue Star.”

“This signifies that we must establish a camp.

After all, we will have to stay in this world for a long time.”

Ding Xiaoxue gave a methodical analysis.

Zhang He sighed slightly, “It’s the only way!”

The eyes of the rest of people darkened.

After discussing the next course of action for a while, everyone dispersed to convey the details of the meeting to the other students.

In the small valley, simple tree houses have been built.

As a main combatant, Shu Feng was assigned a simple wood house.

Lin Jia asked excitedly, “Feng, are Dark Elves beautiful”

Shu Feng answered, “Very much so! Just like in legends, Dark Elves are very beautiful.”

Lin Jia suddenly revealed a strange smile and asked, “Are there any more beautiful than Ding Xiaoxue”

As the No.

1 school beauty of Leijiang No.

3 Middle School, Ding Xiaoxue is a true beauty standing above countless girls.

“There’s none!”

Shu Feng shook his head.

Kamila’s figure flashed in his mind.

Although Kamila is sexy and beautiful, but she is still slightly lacking when compared to Ding Xiaoxue.

Pei Caiyi came over with a smile: “What are you talking about I want to join you!”

“Shu Feng, tell me about your adventure today!”

Zhuo Qianlei also walked over with a smile.

She and Pei Caiyi looked at each other, and faint hostility filled the air between them.

“What a coincidence, everyone is here.

Shu Feng, I heard you were invited into a village of Dark Elves.

Were those Dark Elves beautiful”

Wang Lu came over with a smile, followed by Zhong Jietong and Cui Jing.

With the several girls sitting together, it gave off a sense of the period where the Three Kingdoms [1] coexisted.

After a chat, everyone went back to their tree houses to sleep.

In the middle of the night, Shu Feng climbed down his tree house and sneaked out of the valley.

“Sure enough, this guy has secrets!”

In a tree house, Ding Xiaoxue looked at Shu Feng’s back quietly, and then closed her eyes.

Every spirit user has secrets, and Ding Xiaoxue is no exception.

She naturally won’t dig into the other party’s secrets and provoke his annoyance.

“Start the evolution!”

As soon as Shu Feng entered the mysterious base space, he immediately stepped into the Soldier Synthesis Nest.

Countless mucus gushed out, shrouded Shu Feng, and formed a black egg, and wisps of mysterious pure force poured into him and began to strengthen his body and soul.

8 hours later.

Following a crisp sound, Shu Feng strode out of the black egg.

“Shu Feng.”

“Class, villager.

Growth rate 1.”

“Level 10.

Reached the limit.”

“Skill, none.”

“Strength 18, agility 16, defense 17, physique 17, intelligence 18, psyche 20, magic force 0.”

(Strength 16, agility 14, defense 15, physique 15, intelligence 16, psyche 18, magic force 0 — previous values)

“Charm 5, spirit force 124, soul force 16.”

(Charm 4, spirit force 103, soul force 12 — previous values)

“Unassigned points 0.”

Shu Feng willed, and strings of data emerged.

A burning color flashed in his eyes: “The spirit force has reached 124 points, which is close to the first boundary! The physical constitution is also close to the level of a Spirit Warrior realm hollow demon.

I’m getting stronger and stronger.”

“However, although my physical constitution is impressive, but I still should play safe.

It’s best to leave the fighting to them.”

Shu Feng’s gaze fell on the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows and his eyes glimmered with satisfaction.

In Erosion Realm, Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows are regarded as mere cannon fodder.

However, when 60 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows work together, they constitute a terrible force that can wipe out a Goblin tribe without suspense.

Shu Feng mused, “Let’s first clear the path to the human world, and then sweep away the Goblin tribes in this mountain range and use their idols to enhance my strength.”

Early in the morning.

“Jing-jing, take a look, has Shu Feng become more handsome again”

Wang Lu took a sip from her bowl of mushroom soup and looked at Shu Feng sitting with the boys not far away.

Cui Jing nodded and said, “He has indeed become more handsome.

He used to be quite plain in class.

Now it seems like he’s becoming increasingly more handsome and refined.”

Wang Lu’s eyes glimmered, and she uttered with an up-to-no-good smile, “Jietong, why don’t you go talk to him.

This guy has a crush on you.

So long as you agree to be his girlfriend, he will not refuse you.”

Zhong Jietong clenched her pearl-white teeth, and her pretty eyes shimmered with the shade of stubbornness: “I won’t go!”

“It looks like this guy has become stronger again.”

Ding Xiaoxue took a sip of mushroom soup and looked closely at Shu Feng, and her beautiful eyes flickered with curiosity.

Although she doesn’t have the ability to see through the cultivation base of others, but her martial intuition is very keen.

She can tell that Shu Feng has changed again.


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