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5 – The Thee Great Worlds

“Level-1 Apprentice Spirit Warrior’s spirit force value ranges between 1 to 10 points, level-2 Apprentice Spirit Warrior’s spirit force ranges between 11 to 20 points, and so on.”

“Once spirit force value breaks through 90 points, you can start to condense a spirit core and advance to a Spirit Warrior.”

“As soon as they awaken as spirit users, some freaks possess such an incredible amount of spirit force value that they can directly form a spirit core and advance to a Spirit Warrior.

If those freaks go to Endorsas World, they can obtain the hero or braver class and gain powerful skills.”

After finishing her explanation, Ding Xiaoxue gazed at Shu Feng with an expectant look on her face.

‘Ask me what’s my aptitude’ is written all over her pretty face.

Shu Feng asked, “What’s your aptitude”

Ding Xiaoxue answered proudly, “Great question! When I awakened, I had 65 points of spirit force! I’m currently a level-9 Apprentice Spirit Warrior, only a step away from becoming a Spirit Warrior.”

Shu Feng showed a look of worship and praised: “That’s awesome!”

Ding Xiaoxue walked into a building with Shu Feng, pointed to a machine similar to a touch screen device with palm-shaped indentation on the surface, and said, “Put your hand on the indentation and you’ll be able to test your spirit force.”

Shu Feng put his hand on the indentation.

All of a sudden, he felt a strange fluctuation scan his body.

A mechanically synthesized voice came from the machine: “Shu Feng, 15 years old, spirit force value 1.”

Ding Xiaoxue comforted: “This amount of spirit force value is a bit low.

However, Shu Feng, you don’t have to be disheartened.

99.99% of people in the world can’t awaken as spirit users.

From another perspective, you are much luckier than 99.99% of people in the world.”

Shu Feng smiled lightly and said full of confidence: “Ding Xiaoxue, you don’t have to worry about me.

I’m already satisfied that I was able to become a spirit user.

Besides, I will catch up to you in the future and become a Spirit Warrior.”

Shu Feng has a hunch that if he puts the various machines in the mysterious space to good use, his future is bound to be extraordinary.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled sweetly, looking lovely beyond belief, “Okay, I’ll be waiting for you to catch up to me!”

Guided by Ding Xiaoxue, the two crossed three alleys, and a 19-story-tall luxury building appeared in front of them.

In front of the luxury building, there are 2 four-meter-tall stone lions.

“Xiaoxue, who is this”

A stone lion’s eyes turned.

As if it changed from a stone into a living creature, it stared at Shu Feng and asked curiously.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled sweetly and said, “Uncle Big Stone, he is Shu Feng, a schoolmate of mine.

He just awakened.

I brought him here to join Flameguard.”

“Go in!”

The stone lion nodded, and its eyes stopped turning, as if it had changed back to stone.

“They are”

Shu Feng gazed at the two stone lions with a shade of curiosity in his eyes.

He saw such beings for the first time.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled and explained, “They are uncles Big Stone and Lil’ Stone from Grunt World.

They are guardians of Beiling Street.”

The buildings interior is simple, practical, spacious, and bright.

At the front desk, there sat a young and beautiful receptionist dressed in an office uniform.

The beautiful receptionist asked strangely, “Xiaoxue, you’re here And this is”

Ding Xiaoxue replied, “Older sister Meimei, he is Shu Feng, a schoolmate of mine.

He just awakened and became a spirit user.

I brought him to join Flameguard.

Is the captain here”

Zhou Meimei replied, “The captain is in the office.

Come here and check in!”

Ding Xiaoxue and Shu Feng came to the front desk and swiped their ID cards on the card reader.

After checking in, they took the elevator and arrived in front of an office on the ninth floor.

Ding Xiaoxue knocked on the door of the office.

“Please come in!”

A resonant voice came from the other side of the door.

Ding Xiaoxue pushed open the door.

Behind the desk of a simple office, there sits a refined-looking man wearing glasses and a suit.

The man has short hair.

The man in a suit smiled gently, looked at Shu Feng, and uttered, “Xiaoxue, it’s you.

And this is”

Ding Xiaoxue responded, “Captain, he is Shu Feng, a schoolmate of mine.

He newly awakened as a spirit user and wants to join Flameguard.”

The man in glasses and a suit smiled gently and uttered, “Hello, student Shu Feng.

I am Zhou Yang, the captain of Flameguard’s Leijiang City branch.

I’m glad to meet you.”

Shu Feng said, “Hello, captain Zhou Yang.

I am Shu Feng.”

Zhou Yang asked with a gentle smile, “Can you tell me what your ability and spirit force value are”

Ding Xiaoxue uttered promptly: “Introduce your ability briefly.

You mustn’t tell anyone everything about your ability.

Or else, once your awakened ability is exposed, there will be enemies who will specifically target the weaknesses of your ability.

There are plenty of experts who have been killed after exposing the weaknesses of their ability.

Shu Feng heaved a sigh and said: “My ability should be related to beast taming.

I can control beasts.

My awakened spirit force value is 1.

My current spirit force value is also 1.”

After hesitating for a while, Shu Feng added: “I may be able to control hollow demons as well.

But this is only a vague feeling I have and has yet to be confirmed.”

Ding Xiaoxue’s eyes brightened slightly, and she said excitedly, “You can control hollow demons! Shu Feng, it seems that your awakened ability is pretty good! Although your spirit force value is low, but your awakened ability has great potential.”

“To be able to tame beasts and control hollow demons, that’s a pretty good ability.

However, your spirit force value is 1, which is equivalent to level-1 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.

According to the regulations, we can only give you the treatment of a level-1 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.”

“Level-1 Apprentice Spirit Warrior’s monthly wage is 10,000 credits, a Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill, and 1 contribution point.

Every time you go out on a mission, you can get a supplement of 10,000 credits and at least 1 contribution point.

As a special talent, after signing the contract, you will get a 20,000 settlement fee.”

“At present, we have explored Grunt World, Endorsas World, and Xuanwu World of the three great worlds.

“Grunt World is a world focused on magic.

Endorsas World is predominantly focused on skills.

Xuanwu World is focused on martial arts.”

“After exploring the three worlds and analyzing their mysteries, including our world’s spirit gun user, we developed four paths leading to the summit that use spirit force.”

“The four paths leading to the summit are magician, class skill master, martial artist, and spirit gun user.”

“Among the four paths, three are simulated paths developed after analyzing other worlds’ paths that use our world’s spirit force, so they are not perfect.

If you want to set foot on the summit via those three paths, you must go to the three great worlds respectively.”

“Spirit gun user is our world’s path and it focuses on the cultivation of spirit force, the use of awakened spirit abilities, and the employment of extraordinary spirit guns and spirit bullets in fights.”

“You can choose one or even four of the four paths to practice cultivation.”

“However, among the four paths, skill user requires you to have advanced to the Spirit Warrior level and formed a spirit core in order to be able to practice cultivation.

Therefore, in the early stage, you can only choose a basic path from among the other three paths to practice cultivation.” Zhou Yang explained.


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