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45 – Level-9 Apprentice Spirit Warrior

“If I want to evolve, I have to enter the base space.

This valley is well hidden.

It’s just right for me to undergo evolution in here.”

Shu Feng willed and left Big Black outside, while he himself went into a cave, and then entered the mysterious base space.

“Use the demongod force to make me evolve!”

Shu Feng went into the Soldier Synthesis Nest and ordered.

Mucus ejected inside the Soldier Synthesis Nest, shrouded Shu Feng, and formed a mysterious egg, and a tremendous amount of mysterious energy poured into his body.

Shu Feng operated the Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0 and absorbed the mysterious energy, and his physical constitution improved at a rapid pace.

Around Shu Feng, there are other eggs formed from mucus.

Those are his soldiers who were bitten by the demonized rats and need to be healed.


3 hours later, a crisp sound came from Shu Feng’s egg, and he emerged from within the mucus.

“Shu Feng.”

“Class, villager.

Growth rate 1.”

“Level 10.

Reached the limit.”

“Skill, none.”

“Strength 16, agility 14, defense 15, physique 15, intelligence 16, psyche 18, magic force 0.”

(Strength 13, agility 12, defense 13, physique 13, intelligence 14, psyche 16, magic force 0 — previous values)

“Charm 4, spirit force 103, soul force 12.”

(Charm 3, spirit force 67, soul force 7 — previous values)

“Unassigned points 0.”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with a burning color, and his heart beat wildly: “My spiritual force has reached 103 points! My physical constitution has also improved greatly! If I want, I can condense a spirit core now and advance to a Spirit Warrior!”

Once he advances to a Spirit Warrior, Shu Feng will really become a spirit user.

His monthly income will rise to 100,000 credits.

At the same time, he will be admitted to the Shuijing High School’s paragon class and receive a lot of care.

Additionally, Spirit Warrior realm is the minimum requirement to adventure in Erosion Realm.

If a spirit user who hasn’t reached the Spirit Warrior realm goes to Erosion Realm, they can only stay in human settlements and cannot adventure elsewhere.

In addition to a large increase in salary, Shu Feng’s status in Flameguard will be upgraded, and he will gain various privileges once he becomes a Spirit Warrior.

As a Spirit Warrior, Shu Feng can pay 3% less tax than ordinary people.

If he violates the law, the severity of the crime will be reduced by one grade.

Additionally, Spirit Warriors have privileges in all aspects when it comes to the Flameguard organization.

Of course, if hollow demons or other monsters appear, Spirit Warriors of Flameguard must step forward and fight the hollow demons and protect ordinary people.

“Although my physical constitution has soared, but if I don’t use Black Crow, I can’t beat Big Black.

I am not a match for Ding Xiaoxue.

If I don’t have a terrain advantage, then even if i use Black Crow, I am still not a match for Ding Xiaoxue.”

Shu Feng quietly assessed his combat power, and his eyes glimmered with a scorching color: “I finally am going to catch up with Ding Xiaoxue.”

“Why did you come back so late Here, this is your dinner!”

As soon as Shu Feng returned to the camp, Zhuo Qianlei came over and handed him a roasted chicken and a rice ball.

Zhong Jietong got up and took a few steps, but then saw Zhuo Qianlei.

She silently walked to a side, took out a simple rice ball, and ate quietly.

Shu Feng took the roasted chicken, took a bite of it, and said while eating: “I just exterminated the nest of demonized rats! The environment over there is a little better than here! We can move there tomorrow.”

Pei Caiyi walked over and asked, a worried look on her face, “Shu Feng, do you think we can go back to Blue Star”

Shu Feng answered resolutely: “I think we can! So long as we don’t give up, we will be able to return to Blue Star.”

“What are those”

Shu Feng looked towards the outside of the Goblin cave and saw the bodies of several large boars.

Zhuo Qianlei uttered proudly, “Xiaoxue took several people to hunt! Xiaoxue’s swordsmanship is amazing.

With one sword strike, she sliced a large boar weighing hundreds of kilograms in two.”

Shu Feng’s eyes glimmered with admiration: “As expected of Ding Xiaoxue, a true genius! She didn’t miss the chance to improve herself.”

Ding Xiaoxue waved to Shu Feng from a distance: “Shu Feng, you’re back.

Come here, let’s have a meeting!”

After a simple meeting, everyone decided to move to the valley of the demonized rats.

The valley is spacious, has caves, and is close to a source of water.

If the only path into the valley is guarded, you can effectively defend against all sorts of enemies.

Additionally, the inner area of the valley isn’t small, and the land is fairly fertile.

As a last resort, an area can be cleared for cultivation.

The curtain of night fell.

Within the underbrush, 3 hyenas smelled the scent coming from the boar carcasses and headed towards the Goblin cave.

Suddenly, 3 Black Dog Hollows appeared in the underbrush and bit the 3 hyenas.

3 glaring bloody holes appeared on the 3 hyenas.

They just started struggling, when the 3 Black Dog Hollows lunged at them and easily bit off their throats.

Black Dog Hollows appeared like ghosts, pounced on the 3 hyenas, and ate them.

During the night, a dozen plus beasts were attracted by the smell of the the boar carcasses, but they have all become prey of the surrounding Black Dog Hollows.

The next morning, after breakfast, the group migrated to the valley of the demonized rats.

At noon, the group arrived at the valley and began to tidy up the place.

Shu Feng chose to go explore alone this time.

Shu Feng was accompanied by 50 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows.

Whenever beasts appeared, they were torn to pieces by the Black Dog Hollows.

In these woods, there are also many mosquitoes and poisonous insects.

The mosquitoes and poisonous insects avoid the Black Dog Hollows.

The Black Dog Hollows diffuse hollow demonic qi, which is more effective than insecticide.

3 Black Dog Hollows were walking in the woods.

All of a sudden, their noses twitched and their muscles tightened.

They transmitted a warning to Shu Feng in the rear.

“There’s a smell of blood in front! Head in the direction of the smell of blood! Try not to expose yourselves!”

Shu Feng willed and ordered.

This time he went into the woods to make contact with intelligent creatures and collect information, so that he can decide on the next course of action.

The 3 Black Dog Hollows nimbly drilled into the underbrush and, as if ghosts, stealthily moved in the direction of the smell of blood at a rapid pace.

After hundreds of meters, the 3 Black Dog Hollows lied down in the underbrush and transmitted the things they saw back to Shu Feng.


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