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40 – Victory

The Goblin Chieftain is extremely ferocious.

He brandished the large wooden club and blew away one Black Dog Hollow after another.

Without the Goblin Chieftain as the mainstay, Ding Xiaoxue would have to play the role of the meat shield, and the fight would be very challenging.

Although the Great Goblins’ combat power is far higher than that of ordinary Goblins, but they can only serve as cannon fodder.

They are not a match for the Black Dog Hollows.

When more than 50 Black Dog Hollows have died, the 20 Great Goblins were no more, while the Goblin Chieftain was covered with claw wounds.

As if she was fished out of water, Ding Xiaoxue was sweating profusely and gasping for breath.

The bones of the Black Dog Hollows are as hard as iron.

Every time Ding Xiaoxue kills one of them, she must use spirit force to strengthen the steel sword in her hands, or else the sword’s edge would have been dented already.

When the remaining 10 Black Dog Hollows engaged with Big Black and the Goblin Chieftain, the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow, who has been standing still all this time, suddenly rushed towards the Goblin Chieftain at twice the speed of a cheetah’s sprint.

After the period of fierce fighting, the Goblin Chieftain was fatigued.

He was basically not a match for the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow.


Shu Feng barked.

The Goblin shaman, who has been hidden in the dark all along, recited a strange incantation and pointed at the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow with the scepter in his hand.

A gray radiance fell on the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow at once.

The eyes of the lightning-fast Black Dog Hollow glazed over, and his movement stagnated for a moment.


Shu Feng shot the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow and blew open a big hole on his body.

The powerful impact blasted the Black Dog Hollow a few steps back.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Goblin Chieftain came forward and brandished the large club, and the large club slammed heavily into the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow and blasted him a dozen plus meters away.

Shu Feng shouted, “He’s not dead yet!”

Since the prompt of an increase in soul force hasn’t appeared, Shu Feng realized that the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow didn’t die.

Ding Xiaoxue shot forward and slashed the head of the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow with her sword.


When Ding Xiaoxue’s sword slashed the head of the Black Dog Hollow, it entered the other party’s flesh by a bit and got stuck.

At this time, her spirit force was already depleted.

With a scarlet gleam in his eyes, the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow lunged at Ding Xiaoxue.

Lunging and biting is the modus operandi of Black Dog Hollows.

It is both simple and ferocious.

Once the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow reaches Ding Xiaoxue, he will bite her throat.

Even though she know’s the modus operandi of Black Dog Hollows, but Ding Xiaoxue, who has nearly exhausted her strength, could hardly resist the other party’s attack.


A gunshot rang at this critical time, and another bloody hole appeared on the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow’s body.

As the same time, an intense impact knocked the hollow demon back.


Then the third shot rang.

When the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow was only 5 meters away from him, Shu Feng pulled the trigger again, and finally blasted the hollow demon’s head apart.

Ding Xiaoxue gasped for air, pulled out her steel sword, and, without any hesitation, walked into the cave.

She has exhausted her spirit force and physical strength.

If she stays here, she will only be a burden.


The Goblin shaman pointed at a Black Dog Hollow with the staff in his hand.

A gray radiance fell on the Black Dog Hollow, and the hollow demon suddenly froze.

The Goblin Chieftain pulverized the other party’s head with the wooden club.


Shu Feng fired again and blew open a big hole in a Black Dog Hollow’s body, crippling the other party’s combat power.

Under the siege of three Black Dog Hollows, a tiger had its throat bitten off and died.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Without being stingy with the bullets, Shu Feng fired repeatedly, and bloody holes appeared on the Black Dog Hollows one after another.

Whenever a Black Dog Hollow was hit by a Black Crow bullet, a large hole appeared on his body, and his combat power decreased by 90%, and then either the Goblin Chieftain or Big Black killed him.

Shu Feng hid behind the Goblin Chieftain.

As such, the Black Dog Hollows that lunged at him were blown away by the Goblin Chieftain.


With a gunshot, an Armor-Piercing Bullet hit a Black Dog Hollow’s head, easily pierced his head, and ended his life.

“Out of bullets! This battle is too costly.”

When he heard that prompt indicating an increase in soul force, Shu Feng was relieved.

He then gritted his teeth, began to collect the bodies of the Black Dog Hollows, and transferred them to the mysterious base space.

“There are 65 bodies of Black Dog Hollows in total.

With them, I can refine 32 Black Dog Hollows and 1 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow.”

“Trash like Great Goblins basically can’t compare to Black Dog Hollows.”

“The corpses of Great Goblins, who had their throats ripped off by Black Dog Hollows, still can be used.

However, only one-third of the invested soul force can be retrieved.

This means that I can restore 7 Great Goblins.

The harvest of this battle is pretty good.”

Shu Feng gasped for air, yet his eyes were full of joy.

Great Goblins, who are comparable to adult human men in terms of combat power, are no match against Black Dog Hollows.

If it were not for the fact that Shu Feng is a spirit gun user and is equipped with a Black Crow, he would have been torn to pieces by the Black Dog Hollows already.

“Spirit gun user is really formidable! It’s a shame, but I don’t have many bullets left.

I must conserve them!”

Shu Feng frowned.

After going through two intense battles, he had only 19 Armor-Piercing Bullets, 10 Exploding Bullets, 1 Purification Bullet, and 1 Demonbreak Bullet.

“In the future, I’ll have to use Big Black and them as much as possible and stay put until a key moment.”

Shu Feng made up his mind and walked towards the cave.

Inside the cave, there is faint light released by a smartphone’s flashlight.

Everyone is looking at the cave’s entrance, filled with expectation and anxiety.

Ding Xiaoxue, who has already exhausted her physical strength and spirit force, has almost no combat power remaining.

If several Black Dog Hollows come in, then the more than 100 students present will become their prey.

Accompanied by heavy footsteps, Shu Feng entered the cave.

“Shu Feng! It’s Shu Feng!”

“He’s alive! We won!”

“That’s great!”


Inside the cave, the students rejoiced, cried tears of joy, and laughed happily.


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