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39 – Black Dog Hollow Pack


The head of the heaven’s bonder Liu Dong was immediately bitten off by the Black Dog Hollow, and a large amount of blood spattered on Zhang Yuan’s face.


Zhang Yuan’s expression changed, and she unleashed a blood-curdling scream.

Another Black Dog Hollow rushed out, bit Zhang Yuan in the neck, and severed her neck.

“Someone screamed! What should we do”

At the entrance of the cave, the countenance of the other student guard changed greatly, and he trembled, completely disoriented.

“What else can we do We have to inform Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue! You stay here! I’ll go inform them!”

Zhou Hai turned on the flashlight function of his smartphone and ran into the cave.

“I’ll go, too!”

The other student’s expression changed greatly, and he shouted and rushed into the cave, as well.

“Shu Feng, Ding Xiaoxue, it’s bad! There’s, there’s monsters outside!”

Zhou Hai ran madly and shouted with all his strength, and his voice echoed in the cave.

“I’m going to fight!”

Shu Feng got up from between the two beautiful girls, took out the Black Crow, and strode towards the outside.

Ding Xiaoxue, Zhuo Qianlei, and several other heaven’s bonders equipped with watermelon knives and wooden spears gathered and walked towards outside of the cave.


“Save me! Save me!”


As soon as Shu Feng reached the entrance of the cave, he saw students fleeing towards the cave and Black Dog Hollows chasing after them.

One after another, Black Dog Hollows threw them to the ground and bit off their throat.

A large amount of blood splashed on the ground.

Upon seeing this scene, the heaven’s bonders felt cold all over and shivered, an their eyes flickered with fear.

“Shu Feng, let’s go save them!”

When Zhuo Qianlei saw her schoolmates die miserably in front of her, her countenance changed, and she said anxiously.

“No! We’re not strong enough! There are more than 30 Black Dog Hollows outside! We are seriously outmatched in terms of combat power! The only thing we have going for us is the cave.

Once we leave the cave, we’ll all be killed by those Black Dog Hollows.”

“If we die, all the other students in the cave will die, as well!”

Shu Feng shook his head and rejected categorically.

“We’re just going to watch our schoolmates be killed in front of us Shu Feng, your’re too cruel.”

Sun Xiu, a heaven’s bonder who awakened the warrior class, shouted, and his eyes secretly skimmed across Ding Xiaoxue’s body.

He is an admirer of Ding Xiaoxue.

He is envious of Shu Feng and wants to slander him in front of Ding Xiaoxue.

Shu Feng frowned slightly, glanced at Sun Xiu, and said in a cold voice, “Fine! If you don’t have the heart to watch, then go out and save them!”

Sun Xiu immediately turned red in the face and shouted, “If I had the ability, I wouldn’t be as cruel as you! I wouldn’t watch with my hands folded while my schoolmates are dying!”

Ding Xiaoxue frowned and shouted, “Enough! Sun Xiu! We have little combat power to begin with.

If we go out to fight, only death will await us.

If you want to die, then you can die yourself.

Don’t drag everyone else down together with you.

Now shut up! If you don’t shut up, then get lost! Don’t wreck the unity of the team!”

Feeling both ashamed and angry, Sun Xiu fell silent and clenched his teeth.

Ding Xiaoxue looked at the dozens of Black Dog Hollows in the distance with worry and said, “Shu Feng, we are short of manpower.

I’m afraid we won’t be able to hold the entrance of the cave.”

In a one-on-one, two-on-one, three-on-one, or even four-on one, Ding Xiaoxue can kill the Black Dog Hollows in an instant.

However, there are dozens of Black Dog Hollows rushing this way.

Even though Ding Xiaoxue has advanced to a Spirit Warrior, she will be torn to pieces if she confronts them.

Zhuo Qianlei and the other heaven’s bonders have pretty good potential.

Unfortunately, none of them has real combat experience.

They basically have no combat power.

“Don’t worry! Come out, my summoned beasts!”

Shu Feng waved his hand, and a two-meter-tall Goblin Chieftain with rippling muscles and 20 Great Goblins appeared at once.

In this Goblin army, there is also a Goblin shaman.

Ding Xiaoxue looked at the Goblin soldiers that appeared in the cave, and her beautiful eyes lit up and flashed with the color of curiosity: “Shu Feng, I’m really curious, what spirit ability have you awakened!”

“Zhuo Qianlei, you all step back! If you stay here, you’ll only be in the way!”

Shu Feng smiled faintly and turned to Zhuo Qianlei.

“Okay! Let’s go!”

Zhuo Qianlei made a prompt decision and said thusly to the other heaven’s bonders.

Aware that they lack combat power, the heaven’s bonders returned to the cave obediently.

After the dozens of Black Dog Hollows slaughtered all the students outside and ate their bodies, they stared at the cave.

A Black Dog Hollow bigger than other Black Dog Hollows, with a small horn on the forehead, shrouded in hollow demonic qi, appeared, glanced coldly at the cave, and issued a long howl.

The dozens of Black Dog Hollows suddenly charged at the cave.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Six Great Goblins fired from their bows, and arrows ejected and slammed into six Black Dog Hollows at once, making them stop for a moment.

The other Black Dog Hollows rushed towards this side rapidly.


The Goblin Chieftain, who looks like a two meters tall mountain of muscles, gripped a bulky wooden club and hit a Black Dog Hollow in the head.

The hollow demon was blasted more than a dozen meters away and turned into a corpse with a caved in head.

Several Black Dog Hollows tried to pounce on the Goblin Chieftain from the side.

A dozen plus Great Goblins brandished short swords and wooden lances and attacked these Black Dog Hollows.

A short sword held by a Great Goblin stabbed into a Black Dog Hollow and barely pierced through the other party’s fur.

The Black Dog Hollow opened his mouth and bit off the throat of the Great Goblin.


At the moment when the Black Dog Hollow killed the Great Goblin, Shu Feng pulled the trigger and blasted apart the head of the Black Dog Hollow with one shot.

Against a mobile target located far away, Shu Feng’s chances of hitting the target are low.

But against a semi-fixed target located 5 or 6 meters away, Shu Feng is all but guaranteed to hit.

On the other side, a Great Goblin had his neck bitten off by another Black Dog Hollow.

With a flash of a sword ray, the head of the Black Dog Hollow separated from the rest of the body.

Ding Xiaoxue appeared there and slashed at the another Black Dog Hollow.

The Great Goblins are basically no mach for the Black Dog Hollows.

However, they are extremely fierce and don’t fear death.

Even if their throat is bitten off, they will hug the enemy tightly and allow Shu Feng, Big Black, or Ding Xiaoxue give the finishing blow.


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