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38 – Night Raid

Ding Xiaoxue said, “I don’t know! I can’t tell which world we are in!”

Zhang he asked, “Can we return to our world from Endorsas World”

Gazes full of expectation focused on Ding Xiaoxue.

Transmigration into a different world sounds interesting, but in fact, it is very cruel.

If you have awakened a class like the hero or braver, which have cheat like skills and abilities, only then is it possible to thrive in this different world.

Most of the people present are ordinary people.

But even the heaven’s bonders, most of them like their lives on Blue Star.

No one wants to live in a cave where they can’t even take a shower.”

Ding Xiaoxue responded, “We can! However, the precondition is that we find a point of contact from our world.

That is to say, we must cross this mountain range and come into contact with this world’s human civilization.”

Upon hearing Ding Xiaoxue’s words, everyone was a little relieved.

As long as there is hope, that’s good.

Zhang Jing, the homeroom teacher of class 54, uttered with a grave look on his face, “Our supply of food and water won’t last long.

The small brook extending across Qingling Reservoir has already dried up.

We need another source of water.”

When they heard these words, everyone frowned.

Food and water are a great issue.

In particular, there are nearly 200 students here.

Shu Feng said flatly, “Regarding food, there are some roots, mushrooms, and salt in the Goblin cave’s storage.

Tomorrow we must organize students to learn to identify edible food in the forest.

As for a source of water, I can think of a way to find it!”

As soon as he said this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

They saw Shu Feng with new eyes.

Ding Xiaoxue uttered, “Tomorrow we’re going to establish a camp with this cave as the core.

Then with this camp as the base of operations, we’re going to explore the surroundings.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with the proposal, followed by a series of discussions about the details.

“Shu Feng, thank you for saving me!”

Zhong Jietong walked up to Shu Feng, sat down beside him, and expressed her gratitude, a tired expression on her face.

Zhong Jietong’s class is cleric and she mastered the divine spell Heal Minor Wounds.

She just used this divine spell three times to treat three girls and is exhausted.

Shu Feng smiled and replied, “We’re classmates, there’s no need to stand on ceremony.”

Zhong Jietong’s eyes flashed with the flames of revenge, and she stared at Shu Feng and asked, “Shu Feng, what organizations can spirit users like us join if we want to become stronger”

Shu Feng responded, “I can recommend you to Flameguard! After joining Flameguard, you can enter Shuijing High School for further education.

Shuijing High School is one of the three organizations of Qianyuan Republic that cultivate spirit users!”

Zhong Jietong asked curiously, “Shu Feng, what is your spirit ability”

Shu Feng uttered indifferently, “Zhong Jietong, asking a spirit user about their awakened spirit ability is one of the taboos of the spirit user community.

Unless the other party takes the initiative to tell you themselves, it’s very impolite to ask this question.”

The awakened spirit abilities of spirit users come in all sorts of shapes and forms.

If the details of the opponent’s spirit ability become known, it will become easy to deal with the other party.

Zhong Jietong apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know!”

Shu Feng said, “It’s alright!”

“Hello, Shu Feng, I am Pei Caiyi, the cultural recreation committee member of class 55.

Can I sit here”

Pei Caiyi, who has a pair of long legs, snow-white skin, and a graceful bearing, who obviously received a rigorous model training, walked over with a smile and asked this.

Pei Caiyi is not only the class beauty of class 55, but also the cultural recreation committee member and one of the class cadres of class 55.

Her class is villager just like Shu Feng’s.

Zhong Jietong raised her eyebrows, yet didn’t say anything.

Shu Feng said, “You can!”

Pei Caiyi’s pretty eyes glimmered slightly, and she asked with an innocent expression on her face, “Shu Feng, I don’t know anything about Endorsas World.

Can you you teach me some things about it”

“I don’t know much about Endorsas World.”

Shu Feng proceeded to tell Pei Caiyi and Zhong Jietong all the information he knows about Endorsas World.

At the entrance of the Goblin cave, there are two boys sitting on the ground and looking around.

They are sentinels set up outside the cave.

In fact, the real sentinels are Big Black and the two tigers hidden next to the Goblin cave.

The student are arranged as sentinels in order to cultivate their vigilance.

“Liu Dong, why have you come out”

When a student guarding the entrance heard the sounds coming from behind, he turned around and saw less than a dozen of boys and girls come out of the cave.

“Zhou Hai, the cave is dark and smelly.

It’s not a place for people to stay in.

We came out to get some fresh air! This is a different world! On the first day in a different world, we have to stay in this smelly cave.

When looking back, this will be such a terrible memory.”

A somewhat handsome, 1.7-meter-tall boy wearing name-brand clothes uttered with a slight smile.

Zhou Hai said with a worried expression, “But Ding Xiaoxue and Shu Feng said that it’s dangerous outside.”

Liu Dong replied confidently, “It okay! I’m a heaven’s bonder, of the gladiator class, and I have mastered the skill Primary Fighting Technique.

If Goblins do come, I can kill them with one punch.

Besides, I want them to come and many at that.

Once I kill them, I can upgrade my level and become stronger.”

Gazes of admiration focused on Liu Dong.

Once they awaken, Endorsas World’s class users will master a skill, and their strength will soar.

Liu Dong has surpassed many students in terms of strength.

Liu Dong patted Zhou Qiang on the shoulder and uttered, “We won’t go too far! We’ll just take a stroll nearby and get some fresh air! Zhou Qiang, I’ll take good care of you once I gain some levels!”

Zhou Qiang hesitated for a moment and said, “Okay! But don’t take too long!”

As if they were pardoned, the less than a dozen of students rushed out of the Goblin cave and breathed the fresh air outside.

Liu Dong pulled a beautiful girl into a grove.

“Brother Liu Dong, you must protect me!”

Zhang Yuan, a pure looking girl, gazed at Liu Dong pitifully and uttered softly.

“Okay! Yuan-yuan, as long as you are my girlfriend and give yourself to me, I will protect you!”

Liu Dong hugged Zhang Yuan, and his hands began to wander.

Zhang Yuan’s pretty face turned slightly red, yet she didn’t refuse Liu Dong.

In this strange world, more than a dozen people have died in one day, and more than a dozen girls were violated.

This really frightened Zhang Yuan.

Since she isn’t friends with Shu Feng, she can only seduce the heaven’s bonder Liu Dong, who has a crush on her.

Just as Liu Dong and Zhang Yuan entangled with each other, a pair of red radiances appeared in the underbrush.

There was a rustling sound in the underbrush, and a Black Dog Hollow ejected abruptly and bit Liu Dong in the neck.


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