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37 – Total Annihilation

The remaining dozen plus Goblins reacted and quickly picked up the weapons lying on the ground.

However, under the frenzied attacks of Big Black, one Goblin after another had their throats bitten off and turned into corpses.

More than 10 minutes later, the fierce battle finally ended.

The Goblins in the cave have been wiped out by Shu Feng’s army.

A flashlight lip up the dark cave, which made the dozen plus girls fall into a panic and huddle up together.

Shu Feng walked up to them with a smartphone in his hand and said, “I am Shu Feng from class 53, I am here to save you.

I killed all the monsters!”

The dozen plus girls, who were still in a state of shock, only cried.

Shu Feng frowned slightly, and then ignored them and asked the Goblin warriors to search the cave.

Before long, the Goblins discovered a hidden room behind the cave.

In the hidden room, there are more than a dozen Goblin younglings about 1 meter tall.

They trembled as they looked at Big Black.

Shu Feng ordered coldly, “Kill them all!”

The Goblin warriors rushed over and killed all the Goblin younglings.

After a search, another secret room was found.

In that room, there are three female Dark Elves with dug out eyes, sharp ears, and scarred bodies, tied up by chains.

There are white maggots crawling around their wounds, which emit a putrid stench.

Shu Feng sighed lightly and ordered, “Let me set you free!”

3 Goblin warriors stepped forward and inserted their blades into the hearts of the Dark Elves.

“Master, you may need this.”

A Goblin warrior respectfully handed Shu Feng a Goblin idol with rippling muscles, a ferocious face, and a wolf tooth club in the hand.

A prompt sounded in Shu Feng’s mind: “Found 132 points of faith force.

Should it be purified and absorbed Or should it be used to let the Goblin warriors evolve”

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he asked, “The purified energy can make me evolve To what extent”

“The purified energy can make the host evolve.

The evolution takes 8 hours.

The evolution is expected to raise all of the host’s attributes by 0.5!”

Shu Feng frowned slightly: “A 0.5 increase in all attributes This is too little.”

If it were in his original world, Shu Feng would have chosen to evolve himself without hesitation.

That’s because only by making himself evolve and become stronger, only then can he get more cultivation resources.

But in this strange world, Shu Feng just wants to make his combat power more formidable.

A 0.5 increase in all attributes is of little effect in actual combat, since he doesn’t want to charge into battle in the front.

Shu Feng asked, “To what extent can the Goblin warriors evolve”

“With the current resources, it is estimated that they will evolve into 1 Goblin Chieftain and 20 Great Goblins!”

Shu Feng was surprised, and his eyes flashed with a burning color: “That’s really efficient!”

In Endorsas World, Goblins are monsters subdivided in several categories, namely Goblin, Great Goblin, Goblin Champion, Goblin Chieftain, and Goblin King.

Great Goblins are generally 1.8 meters tall and are equivalent to strong humans.

Goblin Champions are generally 1.9 meters tall and possess far greater combat power that ordinary human soldiers.

Goblin Chieftains are generally 2 meters tall, possess combat power on par with that of Spirit Warriors, and can fight Ogres.

Goblin Kings are generally Spirit Master realm monsters and possess dreadful combat power.

In addition, there are still Goblin heroes! Goblin heroes can be weak and strong.

However, they have one thing in common.

They are paragons who have broken through the shackles of the race.

In theory, they have unlimited growth potential.

“The search has been completed! So let’s start the evolution!”

Shu Feng willed, and the 21 Goblins returned to the mysterious base.

Then, he had the mysterious base begin to extract the Goblin idol’s faith force and have the Goblins evolve.

Shu Feng gave an explanation to the girls in the cave, asked them to wait there, and left the two tigers behind to serve as guards, and then went back to Ding Xiaoxue together with Big Black.

“It stinks.

How can anyone live here”

“So dark! It’s too dark!”

“It’s disgusting.

It stinks.

I don’t want to live here!”


When the students of the 6 classes came to the Goblin cave, they started complaining.

Ding Xiaoxue, the four teachers, and the class cadres spent a lot of effort, coupled with the visual impact of the dozen plus miserable girls in the cave, they barely managed to make the spoiled students behave.

“Level 10.

So this is the upper limit of the villager class”

Feeling bored, Shu Feng sat at the entrance of the cave and quietly checked his status window, and then frowned slightly.

“Shu Feng.”

“Class, villager.

Growth rate 1.”

“Level 10.

You have reached the upper limit of the villager class.

Please change classes.”

“Skill, none.”

“Strength 13, agility 12, defense 13, physique 13, intelligence 14, psyche 16, magic force 0.”

“Charm 3, spirit force 67, soul force 7.”

“Unassigned points 9.”

In Endorsas World, when you kill an opponent, you can absorb their life energy and upgrade your level.

However, classes have level restrictions.

A villager can only be advance to level 10, and then they must go to a class change shrine, where they can accept a class change mission.

Upon completion of the class change mission, they will be bestowed godly grace by a god and be able to change to a different class and continue to evolve.

Although Ding Xiaoxue, Zhuo Qianlei, and the other heaven’s bonders have a much higher level limit than Shu Feng, but they still have a limit.

Only freaks with the hero class can have an unlimited evolutionary potential.

“Unassigned points can only be used on the six basic attributes.

Since I use meat shields and I stay in the rear, it’s better to add points to defense or physique.”

Shu Feng began to add points to defense.

Each unassigned point can raise a basic attribute by only 0.1 points.

After Shu Feng exhausted his unassigned points, his defense stat was upgraded to 13.9 points.

Every time he adds points, Shu Feng can feel a warm current spread throughout his body and strengthen his bones and muscles.

After completing a series of arrangements, Ding Xiaoxue, the heaven’s bonders, the four homeroom teachers, and the class cadres gathered together to discuss the future plan.

Zhang He, the homeroom teacher of class 53, pushed his glasses and asked, “Ding Xiaoxue, are we in Endorsas World, or on Blue Star”


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