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36 – Sneaking in

Shu Feng smiled lightly and said, “Let me go! Xiaoxue, most of the Goblins were killed already.

And although I can’t beat you, but my ability is obviously more suitable for reconnaissance.”

Ding Xiaoxue uttered, “Then I’ll let Liu Zhen and Zou Qiang go with you.”

Liu Zhen is a student of class 52 who awakened the gladiator class, while Zou Qiang is a student of class 58 who awakened the blade warrior class.

Both of them have far greater combat power than ordinary students.

Shu Feng waved the Black Crow in his hand and said with a confident smile, “No! I have this!”

Ding Xiaoxue’s eyes flickered with the shade of worry, and she urged, “Be careful!”

There are more than 200 students.

If Ding Xiaoxue is not in charge here, dozens of Goblins can annihilate all these students.

Shu Feng smiled lightly and strode towards the direction the Goblins came from together with Big Black.

When he left Ding Xiaoxue’s sight, Shu Feng waved his hand, and 14 Goblins appeared in front of him.

“The speed of synthesizing soldiers with Goblin corpses is much faster than without, and the resources needed are much lower.

Another 7 soldiers can still by synthesized.

The conversion rate is about halved.”

Shu Feng glanced at the resource list and showed a smile.

He willed, and the Soldier Synthesis Nest quickly synthesized 7 Goblin warriors.

Among the 14 Goblin warriors, there are 4 equipped with crude bows and arrows, 4 equipped with short blades, and the remaining 6 quipped with thick wooden clubs.

“Goblins are small fry monsters that really shouldn’t be synthesized in large numbers.

But with the way things are now, I can only rapidly synthesize these monsters to upgrade my combat power.”

Shu Feng looked at the 14 Goblin warriors, shook his head slightly, and gave an order, “Go and find the Goblin nest!”

The 14 Goblin warriors dispersed at once.

“Master! There’s blood here! And footprints! It should lead to the Goblin nest!”

Soon, a Goblin warrior ran over and reported to Shu Feng in Goblin tongue.

Shu Feng doesn’t understand the Goblin tongue.

However, thanks to a mysterious connection he has with the soldiers he synthesized, he can understand what the Goblin warriors are saying.

“Then assemble and set off!”

At Shu Feng’s command, the 14 Goblin warriors gathered immediately and followed the blood trail and footprints carefully.

Before long, a dense forest appeared in front of Shu Feng.

The 14 Goblins followed the blood trail and footprints for about 3 kilometers before a huge cave appeared before the.

At the entrance of the huge cave, there are 2 Goblins standing guard, one at each side of the entrance.

“I wonder if I can deceive them!”

Shu Feng is lying in the grass together with Big Black.

Thanks to the hollow demonic qi diffusing from Big Black, poisonous insects didn’t dare to approach him.


Shu Feng willed, and the 14 Goblins strode towards the cave.

“Goblin Ye, Goblin Ji, where are the human women Didn’t you go out hunting Why didn’t you bring human women back Goblin Shi and Goblin Mu have captured many young human women that can give birth to many children.”

A Goblin at one end of the cave’s entrance spoke carelessly.

“There were several experts among the humans.

We came back to report.”

Shu Feng controlled a Goblin to speak.

The eyes of a Goblin guard flashed with greed, and he said, “Experts Then lets ask lord shaman to deal with them.

With the help of lord shaman, those human women will be our slaves.

Furthermore, if we kill and eat all the men, we can become stronger.”

Shu Feng possessed a Goblin, looked inside the cave, and found no other Goblins.

“Do it!”

At Shu Feng’s command, 2 Goblins passing by the 2 Goblin guards suddenly covered the other party’s mouths respectively.

Another 2 Goblins hugged them.

Lastly, yet another 2 Goblins equipped with short blades stepped forward and stabbed the guards in the heart.

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed coldly: “There’s a shaman in this Goblin cave.

A caster.

He must be the first to be killed!”

Magic is strange and unpredictable.

Shu Feng doesn’t want to be killed by a spell.

The best way to deal with a caster is to kill them before they can cast spells.

Shu Feng willed and released the 7 Goblin warriors, which have been synthesized already.

He possessed a Goblin and walked carefully towards the abyss of the cave.

The cave is dark.

However, the eyes of Goblins have evidently evolved and adapted to dark environments.

As such, Shu Feng can see things clearly inside the cave.

After walking for more than 200 meters, a wide space appeared in front of Shu Feng.

In the wide space, there are dozens of Goblins using violence against a dozen plus human girls.

The crying and struggling human girls are students of Leijiang No.

3 Middle School.

“These damn animals!”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

He restrained his anger and, while observing the surroundings, manipulated a Goblin to speak loudly, “Shaman! Shaman! I have important information to report to you!”

“What is it! Speak!”

In front the most beautiful girl, a Goblin shaman whose face looks like a wrinkled orange turned around and spoke impatiently.

“Shaman! We caught a very beautiful human woman for you.”

Shu Feng manipulated the Goblin to speak loudly.

Several Goblins quietly headed towards the Goblin shaman.

The Goblin shaman uttered with an impatient expression, “Don’t bother me with such a trifle.

I want to enjoy this human girl.”

Just then, 6 Goblins rushed towards the Goblin shaman abruptly.

Before the Goblin shaman could react, 2 pairs of hands covered his mouth.

2 short blades stabbed him in the heart.

Furthermore, 2 wooden clubs slammed the Goblin shaman in the head, and his head caved in.

The rest of the Goblins rushed towards the Goblins using violence against the girls and hit them in the head.

In an instant, more than a dozen Goblins were either badly injured or killed directly.

Big Black’s figure flashed.

As if an arrow, he led the two tigers to charge into the midst of these Goblins and bite them like crazy.


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