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34 – Strange Development

“Did the hypnosis fail”

Shu Feng was secretly surprised, yet remained calm and said in reply, “Maybe it’s because I’m handsome!”

Zhuo Qianlei gave Shu Feng a disdainful look: “You I hate to break it to you, but the word “handsome” really has nothing to do with you.”

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, a terrible earthquake broke out.

All the students present were knocked to the ground by the terrible earthquake.

Unsteady on her feet, Zhuo Qianlei also fell towards the ground.

“Be careful!”

Shu Feng hugged Zhuo Qianlei in his arms and executed a basic footwork.

As if his legs were weighted down by dumbbells, he stood steadily on the ground and didn’t fall.

The violent earthquake lasted for five minutes.

All the students have fallen to the ground.

Only Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue were still standing steadily.

“What’s that”

“Mountains, how come mountains have appeared there There were no mountains there before!”

“I’m not seeing things! There are mountains there!”


The students exclaimed suddenly.

Mountains appear around Qingling Reservoir abruptly.

“Shu Feng.”

“Class, villager.

Growth rate 1.”

“Level 1.”

“Skill, none.”

“Strength 13, agility 12, defense 13, physique 13, intelligence 14, psyche 16, magic force 0.”

“Charm 3, spirit force 67, soul force 7.”

(Charm 3, spirit force 46, soul force 7 — previous values)

“Unassigned points 0.”

A status window suddenly appeared in front of Shu Feng.

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with the shade of wonder: “This is a status window! Did I transmigrate to Endorsas World”

Endorsas World is a strange world where classes and skills reign.

People in this world can see a status window with their capabilities in a digitized form.

Furthermore, they can change classes in class change shrines and gain class related skills.

For example, the skills of the thief class include Stealth, Lockpicking, Backstab, and so on.

The skills of the cleric class include Heal, Purification, defensive spells, and other skills.

In Endorsas World, by killing monsters and humans, you will obtain strange energy and upgrade your level.

In this way, you can evolve to the limit of classes.

“Let go of me!”

Zhuo Qianlei blushed slightly, struggled in Shu Feng’s arms, and said thi.

Shu Feng released her.

“Villager! Level 1! What’s that”

“Could it be that we transmigrated! We all transmigrated into a different world!”

“Amusing, how amusing.”


Most of the students have been exposed to games and anime.

After detecting the changes in themselves, they started talking excitedly.

“Xiaoxue, did we transmigrate”

Shu Feng found Ding Xiaoxue, who is his senior in the world of spirit users, and asked curiously.

“Beats me.

I have never transmigrated before!”

Ding Xiaoxue gave Shu Feng an askance look, and then asked excitedly, “By the way, my class is swordsman and my growth rate is 10.

What’s your class”

Shu Feng answered, “Villager! Growth rate 1!”

Ding Xiaoxue comforted with a light smile: “Villager! It’s all right, Shu Feng.

99% of people in Endorsas World start out with villager as their class.

When you reach the upper level limit, you can go to a class change shrine to change class and obtain skills.”

“It hurts, it hurts, my head hurts!”

All of a sudden, Zhuo Qianlei turned pale, sweated profusely from her back, clasped her head with her hands.

Next, as if she woke up from a dream, she pointed at Shu Feng and uttered angrily, “I remember, I remember everything! Shu Feng, you are a member of Flameguard! You guys hypnotized me and tampered with my memories!”

Shu Feng said strangely, “Was the hypnosis undone How can that be”

Ding Xiaoxue said: “That’s because Qianlei awakened and became a skill user.

Furthermore, she’s a heaven’s bonder! Big brother Gao Wen’s hypnosis has no effect on spirit users.”

Heaven’s bonders are geniuses like Ding Xiaoxue who awakened a class without going through a class change shrine.

The growth rate of heaven’s bonders is much higher than that of ordinary class users.

Shu Feng apologized: “Zhuo Qianlei, it wasn’t up to me to hypnotize you.

This is a rule of the organization.

I’m sorry.”

Zhuo Qianlei smiled and uttered, “I forgive you!”

Ding Xiaoxue asked, “Qianlei, what class have you awakened”

Zhuo Qianlei raised her eyebrows and said with some distress: “My awakened class is shield warrior, my growth rate is 9, and my awakened skill is Primary Shield Manipulation.

This skill enables me to skillfully operate a shield to defend.”


“Murder! Murder!”

“Goblins, Goblins killed someone!”


All of a sudden, screams came from a mountain path.

Students ran this way helter-skelter, completely shell-shocked.

Dozens of green Goblins equipped with short blades, clubs, and crude bows and arrows rushed out and hunted the students.

The male student were knocked to the ground and killed directly.

The female students had their limbs broken skillfully, and then were dragged away.

Not unlike small children and Dwarves, the Goblins are about 1.2 meters tall.

However, they are armed with short blades and other weapons and are extremely aggressive as well as seasoned fighters.

Faced against such foes, the middle school students, who came from a peaceful era, were utterly defeated and fled in confusion.

Shu Feng’s gaze congealed, and he pulled out a Black Crow and uttered with a dignified expression, “Xiaoxue, let’s go together! We have to take care of them, or else things will become troublesome!”

Goblins are small fry monsters in Endorsas World.

In a one-on-one fight, villagers can kill them using weapons.

However, the greatest highlight of Goblins is that they operate in groups.

If the dozens of Goblins aren’t dealt with, their numbers will only increase.

“Let’s go! I’ll cover you!”

Ding Xiaoxue’s pretty eyes flickered coldly.

She pulled out the wooden sword she carried with her and pressed a button, and a sword emitting a dark sheen appeared in her hand.

Next, she took the lead and rushed towards the Goblins in a heroic fashion.

Shu Feng willed, and two tigers appeared beside him.

A tiger and Big Black rushed towards both sides of Ding Xiaoxue, while the other tiger remained next to Shu Feng as a meat shield.

Although Shu Feng is already a level-7 Apprentice Spirit Warrior, but he has little combat experience.

Having a meat shield next to him makes him feel more at ease.

“I’ve got it!”

Zhuo Qianlei looked at the backs of Shu Feng and Ding Xiaoxue and gritted her teeth.

All of a sudden, her eyes brightened, and she stepped forward in sudden big strides and picked up a steel frying pan.

As soon as the steel frying pan entered her hands, Zhuo Qianlei had a feeling of familiarity, as if the frying pan were an extension of her body.


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