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32 – The Three Boundaries

Shu Feng’s Eyes shimmered with a dignified color, and he asked curiously, “Why are you asking this”

Gao Wen explained: “In general, when spirit force breaks through 90 points, the rate at which it increases will become very low.

The efficiency will drop by dozens of times.

Furthermore, it will become increasingly harder to make progress.

That’s because the stage of being has reached a limit.

By then, if you want to continue to evolve, you must break through and become a Spirit Warrior.”

“An ordinary spirit user will condense a spirit core and become a Spirit Warrior when their spirit force has reached 90 to 100 points.

After the 90 points mark, every additional 10 points represent a stage.

After the ordinary stage, there are the excellent, elite, genius, and paragon stages.

The higher your spirit force value is prior to condensing a spirit core, the firmer will be your foundation and the higher your achievements will be in the future.”

Shu Feng asked, “In that case, everyone must work hard at this point to upgrade their spirit force and reach the paragon stage, and then advance to the next realm, right”

“The importance of aptitude is reflected here.

For people with ordinary aptitude, it is impossible to break through the 100 points boundary.

If you ingest 1,000 Yuan Spirit Pills, you will be able to break through the boundary and reach the excellent stage.

If you want to reach the elite stage from the excellent stage, you will have to consume even more Yuan Spirit Pills.

“Back in the day, I also thought like this.

But after my spirit force reach 93 point, it wouldn’t rise any longer.

I was forced to condense the spirit core and advance to a Spirit Warrior.” Ma Jin sighed lightly.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled and said, “I condensed the spirit core and advanced to a Spirit Warrior at 141 points of spirit force!”

“141 points of spirit force!”

Except for Shu Feng, the eyes of the other three people of Flameguard flashed with shock.

Gao Wen’s eyes shimmered with an enigmatic shade, and he exclaimed in admiration, “Awesome! Xiaoxue, you have broken through the first boundary.

That’s amazing.”

“140 points of spirit force constitutes a boundary.

Even among paragon-level talents, few can break through this boundary.

The 140 points of spirit force boundary is called the first boundary.

Paragons who have broken through the first boundary have hope to attack the Spirit Grandmaster realm.”

“Of course, those who condense a spirit core while their spirit force value has reached 130, they also have hope to attack the Spirit Grandmaster realm.

It’s just that the success rate isn’t high.” Ma Jin saw the confusion on Shu Feng’s face and explained.

Gao Wen added: “After the first boundary, there is the second boundary and the third boundary, which are characterized by an increment of 10 points of spirit force.

If you break through the second boundary, you will have hope to attack the Spirit Venerable realm.

If you break through the third boundary, you will have hope to attack the Spirit Saint realm.”

By now, Shu Feng already knows that spirit user cultivation realms are divided into 7 realms, namely Apprentice Spirit Warrior, Spirit Warrior, Spirit Master, Great Spirit Master, Spirit Grandmaster, Spirit Venerable, and Spirit Saint.

To become the governor of a province, the minimum requirement is Spirit Grandmaster cultivation base.

Spirit Grandmasters are really rare.

The patriarchs of many spirit user families and leaders of some large spirit user forces only possess Spirit Grandmaster cultivation base.

Shu Feng mused: “As expected, Ding Xiaoxue is really amazing.

I have to work harder.”

Ma Jin gave a warning: “Feng, if you feel that you can’t raise your spirit force in the future, don’t force it.

That’s just the limit of your aptitude.

Don’t waste time on the impossible.

I’ve seen a lot of guys who wasted time and resources in the level-9 Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm, yet in the end failed to even enter the Spirit Warrior realm.”

For a genius like Ding Xiaoxue, advancing to the Spirit Warrior realm is a matter of course.

While advancing to the Spirit Master and Great Spirit Master realms is only a matter of time.

Only the Spirit Grandmaster realm will pose a challenge to her.

However, for spirit users with ordinary aptitude, there is more than 50% chance that their advancement to the Spirit Warrior realm will fail.

Once the advancement fails, the ordinary spirit users will basically only be able to engage in some administrative work and their career ladder will become narrow.

Zhou Yang uttered, “You can both apply for a handgun! Do you want to apply”

Shu Feng’s eyes brightened, and he said, “Yes! I want to apply!”

Shu Feng’s physical constitution has soared and his strength ha reached 13 points, which is higher than that of special forces soldiers.

When he uses the Black Crow, he can hit the bull’s-eye of a target 30 meters away most of the times.

Ding Xiaoxue shook her head and said, “I’m quite clumsy.

Specializing in swordsmanship already takes up all my time.

I don’t want to be distracted by learning gunmanship.”

Zhou Yang smiled lightly and said, “A single specialization! This is a cultivation style that leads directly to a great path.”

Ma Jin warned, “Shu Feng, a single specialization, this is a cultivation style that only genius can use.

If we ordinary spirit users practice cultivation in this way, we won’t be able to last long and will turn into a pile of bones.

Making full use of your awakened ability is the right path.”

For a genius like Ding Xiaoxue, her spirit force increment is 2 to 3 points per day.

She can cultivate spirit martial arts and quickly become strong.

But for ordinary spirit users like Ma Jin and Shu Feng, if they don’t use guns, they stand no chance in front of swordsmanship geniuses like Ding Xiaoxue.

Shu Feng smiled and said, “Big brother Ma Jin, don’t worry.

I’m quite clear about my strengths and weaknesses.”

After calling You Meng and Gongsun Hai, Shu Feng and his party went to the Pagoda of Gathering Stars and had a feast to celebrate Ding Xiaoxue’s successful advancement to the Spirit Warrior realm.

Xu Gang’s father, Xu Canghai, was sent to prison for tax evasion and hiring gangsters to harass people.

Xu Chenghai was sent to prison for corruption and bribery.

Xu Gang was expelled from school.

After the Xu family suffered such a blow, its enemies rushed out of the woodwork and besieged it, causing the Xu family to suffer greater losses.

Wang Mo and Zhou Changfeng were also expelled from school and disappeared.

On the other hand, Shu Feng jumped from a humble character bullied by others to a mysterious school idol-level figure.

No one dared to provoke him any longer.

Now many girls have a secret crush on him, which is due in no small part to his soaring charm.

Nevertheless, Shu Feng’s everyday life hasn’t changed much.

He still studied earnestly and cultivated Spirit Cultivation Method 2.0, Thirteen Styles Body Tempering Method, gunmanship, and hand-to-hand combat in order to improve his strength.

Beiling Street.

“The bullets are so expensive!”

As Shu Feng browsed the bullet section on the spirit user shopping center, his eyelids jumped wildly.

A Spirit Energy Bullet with purification ability costs 100,000 credits and 1 contribution point.

A Demonbreak Bullet costs 200,000 credits and 2 contribution points.

Although these Spirit Energy Bullets are expensive, but they are extremely powerful.

After a spirit gun user advances to a Spirit Warrior, they will be able to add spirit force to spirit guns and, coupled with all kinds of Spirit Energy Bullets, display fearsome destructive power.

In this world, if a spirit gun user hits the opponent with a shot, they can deal a sever injury to or incapacitate an enemy of the same realm, or even kill an enemy of a higher realm.

This is because there are all kinds of powerful spirit guns and all kinds of Spirit Energy Bullets of different use.

After hesitating for a while, Shu Feng bought a Purification Bullet and a Demonbreak Bullet as his trump cards, and then bought 40 ordinary bullets, 20 Armor-Piercing Bullets, and 10 Exploding Bullets, all for for Black Crow.

Ordinary bullets are cheap and cost 100 credits per bullet.

Armor-Piercing Bullets cost 10,000 credits per bullet and can pierce through ordinary armored vehicles and kill the enemy.

Exploding Bullets cost 50,000 credits per bullet and can achieve an effect similar to a grenade.


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