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31 – Arrest

Zhang Ke hesitated for a moment, looked at Shu Feng, and said slowly, “Shu Feng, the three of them falsely accused you of stealing money.

The evidence is conclusive.

However, considering that you are all classmates, can you give them a break and not have them expelled We can give them a great demerit and keep an eye on them in school, what do you think”

Shu Feng replied, his face expressionless, “Headmaster, please handle this matter impartially and give me justice.”

Zhang Ke’s eyes glimmered with a complicated shade, and he sighed lightly and said, “Fine! Wang Mo, Zhou Changfeng, Xu Gang, you three stole your classmates’ property, and then framed your classmate.

This is a violation of school rules and the law.

As such, you are all expelled.

Tell your parents to come tomorrow to school!”

“No, headmaster, Xu Gang ordered me to do it.

Don’t expel me! I made a mistake!”

When Wang Mo came back to his senses, his expression changed greatly at once, and he screamed and wept loudly, with mucus and tears sliding down his face.

Zhou Changfeng turned pale and cried, “Headmaster, don’t expel me.

I made a mistake! I’ll never do it again!”

Xu Gang turned pale and cried loudly, “No! Headmaster, I didn’t do anything.

They conspired together and framed me! They framed me!”

“Headmaster Zhang, you have no right to expel these pitiful children! I will report this to the school board!!”

Xu Chenghai’s complexion changed greatly, and shouted loudly.

“Are you Xu Chenghai”

Two Anti-Corruption Bureau staff in uniform strode in and asked with a solemn expression.

An indistinct premonition welled up inside him, and Xu Chenghai asked, “Yes, I am Xu Chenghai.

What can I do for you”

“Come with us!”

The two Anti-Corruption Bureau staff uttered indifferently.

“I want to make a call, I want to make a call!”

Xu Chenghai’s face turned white, and he trembled and shouted.

“Go ahead!”

The two Anti-Corruption Bureau staff said flatly.

Xu Chenghai made a call and uttered with a panicked expression, “Big brother, it’s me! Anti-Corruption Bureau staff came for me!”

Xu Chenghai’s big brother is Xu Canghai.

Xu Canghai is the pillar of the Xu family and Xu Gang’s father.

He is a board members of Leijiang No.

3 Middle School and has a vast network of connections.

Xu Canghai’s angry voice came from the phone: “Who have you guys provoked They came for me, too!”

Xu Chenghai looked at Shu Feng in horror, a flash of incredulity in his eyes: “It’s him! How does he have so much pull How can a poor guy like his have so much pull”

Seeing that the situation was taken care of, Gao Wen smiled an said: “Let’s go, Shu Feng! Let’s have a get together! It’s my treat!”

Shu Feng responded, “Okay, big brother Gao Wen! But before that, I have to get my certificate! My ancient ink stick language has reached level-7.”

Ancient ink stick language is a very ancient language.

But in Flameguard, it is used as a code for one’s cultivation base.

When Shu Feng said that his ancient ink stick language reached level-7, he meant that his cultivation base has reached level-7 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.

Gao Wen’s eyes brightened and flashed with excitement, “Level-7! Great! Great! This is a big deal!”

Although level-7 Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base is nothing much in Gao Wen’s eyes, but it is already enough to enter the genius class of Shuijing High School.

If he has a stroke of luck and enters the paragon class, that would be even more impressive.

Shuijing High School is one of Qianyuan Republic’s three schools that cultivate spirit users.

As long as they don’t die prematurely, then most of the students that graduated the paragon class of Shuijing High School will be put in charge of a domain in Qianyuan Republic by the time they reach middle age.

If Shu Feng can enter the paragon class of Shuijing High School, he may become a bigwig of Qianyuan Republic in the future.

If you do Shu Feng a favor now, it might be really worth it down the line.

Ding Xiaoxue came over and asked curiously, “Big brother Gao Wen, it’s very lively here.

What happened”

Gao Wen chuckled, “It’s just some trifle! More importantly, Shu Feng’s ancient ink stick language has reached level-7.

We’re going back to headquarters.

Would you like to come together with us”

“Ding Xiaoxue uttered, “Alright!”

Beiling Street, Flameguard’s headquarters, the captain’s office.

“Feng, have you come to treat us to a meal”

Ma Jin sitting on a sofa put down a financial magazine in his hand and asked with a smile.

Shu Feng said gratefully, “Big brother Ma Jin, thanks you very much.”

Ma Jin grinned and said, “Shu Feng, for those mortals to try to frame us noble spirit users, that’s just asking for trouble.

As long as you haven’t done anything wrong, then even if I didn’t step in, captain and them wouldn’t let you feel wronged.”

Zhou Yang frowned slightly and said, “Ma Jin, mortals are also an integral part of this society.

Your tone seems to be tinged with classism.

It’s okay since it’s just us.

But if the higher ups hear you, it will be detrimental to your future.”

Ma Jin said carelessly, “I got it, captain.”

Zhou Yang asked helplessly, “Feng, what brings you here”

Shu Feng answered with a light smile, “Captain, I advanced to level-7 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.

I came to register my accomplishment.”

“Level-7 Apprentice Spirit Warrior! Great! Great! Well done! Ha-ha, Feng, I knew you could do it!”

Ma Jin’s eyes brightened and filled with excitement, and he laughed loudly.

Shu Feng awakened only 1 point of spirit force, while Ma Jin awakened only 3 points of spirit force.

They both had similarly bad cultivation aptitude.

Seeing Shu Feng’s rapid progress, Ma Jin is very happy.

It’s as if he’s seeing his past self receive help from people of high rank, have his cultivation base progress by leaps and bounds, and finally enter the paragon class of Shuijing High School.

“Well done!”

Zhou Yang smiled gently and quickly updated Shu Feng’s information: “From today on, your monthly salary will be raised to 70,000 credits, 3 Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills, and 3 contribution points.”

“Right, Xiaoxue.

You came to update you information, as well.

Have you advanced to a Spirit Master already”

When Zhou Yang’s words fell, everyone’s eyes immediately focused on Ding Xiaoxue.

Only Spirit Warriors can become official members of Flameguard.

Leijiang City has a population of hundreds of thousands of people.

Yet despite that, there are only 5 Spirit Warrior realm experts guarding the city.

This shows how rare Spirit Warrior realm experts are.

Ding Xiaoxue smiled sweetly and said, “I broke through just a few days ago and advanced to a Spirit Warrior!”

Gao Wen exclaimed, “Terrific! You’re really amazing, Xiaoxue.

When you become a big shot in the future, don’t forget about us.”

Ding Xiaoxue smiled brightly and said, “Don’t worry.

When I become a big shot in the future, I absolutely won’t forget about you!”

Ma Jin patted Shu Feng on the shoulder and said with a strange smile, “He-he, geniuses are in a league of their own! Feng, you have to work harder!”

Shu Feng nodded, a burning color in his eyes: “As expected of Ding Xiaoxue! She didn’t stand still while I was making progress.”

Gao Wen asked curiously, “Xiaoxue, what was your spirit force value when you advanced to a Spirit Warrior If it’s inconvenient for you to tell us, then treat it as if I didn’t say anything!”


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